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The story of D'aklahren pilot St'rajhahr, his human wife Adriana, and his family.

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Placing An Ad

Blargho Alpha One

Federation Directorate territory

Deep Space


“Now that I filled that out, ladies, let's have a look around.“, she said to her coworkers after she'd finished filling out her profile on GalaxyMatch, a dating site that matched folks of all species from all over the galaxy.

She scrolled through pictures of men the site had thought might interest her, then suddenly stopped. An alien man, a D'aklahren, had caught her eye. He was a widower.

The man had ridges on his nose from the bridge most of the way down. The ridges lay flat against his nose. He also had ridges by his temples and chin, and had pointed ears.

He had emerald-shaped markings three rows across framing his face that went down his neck and the outside of his arms, all the way to the tips of the outside of his smallest finger.

She assumed the same markings went down the outside of his legs to the tips of his smallest toes.

He had a chestful of hair, deep brown eyes and medium length dark brown hair.

“He's gorgeous! And kinda dreamy! Oh, he's 60 though.”, she said, disappointed. She looked at the picture once more.

“You don't want to click on him. Look. He's been a member of GalaxyMatch for six months and hasn't had one view. It's one thing if he'd just joined a couple days ago and had no views but...six MONTHS? Honey, he's a loser!

”It says here he's declined to post his annual income. Don't waste your time on someone like him!”, one of her coworkers said.

“Oh! Here's his video. I know he's far too old for me, but I want to watch the video anyway.”, Adriana said, pressing Play on her small-screen. Adriana all but swooned at the sound of his deep resonant voice!

”Hello. I'm St'rajhahr Ze'otokh. Please don't let my age scare you off. I'm still actually fairly young; barely even middle aged. Sixty in D'aklahren years is comparable to 25-30 in human years. Our lifespan is typically 175-200 years.

”About myself. I'm a fighter pilot, and I teach advanced alien flying techniques at our Federation's Academy. I'm a widower. My wife died ten years ago.

"I've got six adult kids and am a grandfather several times over. I'm probably as big a kid as my grandkids are!

“I'm told I'm funny, and a good extra man to have at dinner.

“GalaxyMatch says to tell you what I'm looking for in a woman.

“I'd like someone who's smart, funny, kind and loyal. I'm an animal lover so I need someone who likes dogs, cats, etc.

"She doesn't have to be a great beauty, either by D'aklahren standards or other races' standards.

"Inner beauty is far more important than outer beauty, at least as far as I'm concerned.

”My likes? I'm a coffeeholic. My kids and coworkers joke that I practically mainline caffeine.

"That might not be as much of a joke as they think it is. I probably do mainline caffeine.

“I like food, coffee obviously, flying obviously, traveling, fishing, hiking, candles and incense thanks to my late wife getting me hooked on them, music, video games, and gardening.

“I can be stubborn, but I assure you my intentions are always honorable. I'm a good man, and will treat you very well.

“Due to my work, especially at the Academy, I unfortunately can't relocate out of our Federation territory. I'd need you to come live with me on D'aklahr, my home world, if things progressed to marriage.

”GalaxyMatch says I should tell you my income. Sorry, but I'm not comfortable giving out that kind of personal information right away.

”If you'd like to get to know me more, you can apply within here at GalaxyMatch, or message me directly at my personal stream link, d'akfedfremdlahr/alienflyguy.

“My grandkids came up with that username. My work stream link username is more dignified, much to their disappointment.

“It might take a few hours for me to answer depending on if I'm at work or not, but I'll definitely answer you.

“Anyway, I hope to hear from you if you're interested. Have a great day and stay safe.“

”Oh, he looks and sounds adorable! He's easy on the eyes too!“, Adriana said, obviously smitten by him.

”That might be so, but he's just not a good match.“, another coworker replied.

At home later that evening, Adriana was eating dinner and decided to go back on GalaxyMatch.

She couldn't get the D'aklahren man out of her mind. There was just something about him.

She touched up her hair and makeup then recorded a video stream.

She then clicked ”Connect“ on the app, and attached the video to the "Connect" notification that told him she wanted to get to know him.

She wasn't sure what time it was by him on D'aklahr, but hoped she wasn't waking him, especially if he had to work early the next morning.



Pr'atahr System

D'aklahren Federation territory


St'rajhahr was finishing up a midnight snack and a glass of iced coffee after arriving home from a formal military soiree and bar-hopping afterwards with fellow officers when he received a notification from GalaxyMatch on his large-screen.

”GalaxyMatch? I'd forgotten all about that site! What's it been now...six months since I joined there and not even one Connect Request until now?

“Hmm...let's see if I can remember my password. Oh that's right. I remember now!”, he said, putting in his password.

His account had a notification from a woman on Blargho Alpha One, a planet in Federation Directorate in the Tertiar Quadrant.

“Wow! This human woman's pretty! Let's see...her name's Adriana. What a nice name! I've never heard of a name like that before.

”According to her profile, she's 28, divorced, no kids, an animal lover, and works as a licensed cosmetologist, nail tech, and esthe... hmm...esthetician. I guess that's how you say that word. I've no idea what that is! I'll have to look it up in abit on D'aklahr-Pedia.

”She loves coffee! Good for her! That's a definite plus as far as I'm concerned! She likes traveling, gardening, music, hiking, cooking, and candles.

"She sounds like a winner! So far, anyway. Wow! She just signed up today!

“Let me check out the video she sent.”, he said, clicking on the link to the video stream attachment. He sat there, totally enthralled. She was even prettier than her profile picture!

She was fairly slender and curvy, quite buxom, with reddish blonde hair that came down just below her chest.

She was barefoot, sitting on her sofa, and wearing a pink top with cats on the front, plus pink athletic shorts. Her fingernails and toenails were painted bright red.

“Hello, St'rajhahr. I'm Adriana. I'm from Blargho Alpha One in Federation Directorate territory, Tertiar Quadrant.

”I saw your profile here on GalaxyMatch earlier today while I was at work, and thought I'd send you a Connect Request. I hope it's not too late to send this to you. I'm not sure of the time difference between Blargho and D'aklahr.

“I'm a licensed cosmetologist and nail tech. I'm a licensed esthetician as well, but the salon I work out of doesn't offer those services.

”I'm also a small business owner. I work out of my home as an Independent Consultant for two companies selling wax melts, wax warmers, and various home decor products.

“I love most animals, especially dogs, cats, and birds.

"Unfortunately, our building property management doesn't allow pets of any kind here. We can't even have a goldfish.

”Your work sounds interesting. When I heard you say you teach alien flight techniques, it didn't occur to me at first that you probably meant Federation Directorate techniques as well.

"I never considered myself to be an alien, but I guess I'm as much an alien to you as you are to me.“, she said, smiling ever-so-slightly and blushing.

”Anyway, I'd love to get to know you if you'd like to get to know me.My work stream link is fdblargho.cedrap/StylesByAdriana, and my personal link is fdblargho.cedrap/hairstylegal.

“You can stream me on either one of those, or here on GalaxyMatch if you'd prefer.

”I love your username by the way! Your grandkids came up with a good one! Have a great weekend! Sincerely, Adriana”

He immediately sent a live stream request to her personal link. Within 30 seconds she appeared onscreen.

”Hello Adriana. I'm St'rajhahr. I hope you don't mind me streaming you this late. I couldn't wait until morning to stream you!“, he said.

Adriana looked at him, her jaw open. Her breath was completely taken away by his physique!

He was sitting on his sofa. His dress uniform shirt was unbuttoned all the way and open.

A fan of chest hair on men, she nearly jumped through the large-screen to play with his chest hair!

He had ALOT of chest hair, and abs so rock-hard you could bounce a feather off of them!

“You don't have ridges or markings. I'd heard humans didn't have them. I thought the pictures and videos I've seen of your kind had simply taken them out, but I see they haven't. You really have no markings or ridges!

”You don't have brown or black hair like we do, either.”, St'rajhahr said to her. He was completely enthralled by her.

“I'm sorry for gaping at you like that. I didn't expect someone your age to look that good shirtless!

"That didn't come out right... about your age, that is. I've seen guys my age at the complex's pool that don't look one tenth as good as you do!”, she replied, blushing deeply.

“It's alright. I looked at you the same way when I saw your picture and video a few minutes ago! Thanks for the compliment, by the way.”, he said, smiling broadly and blushing deeply as well.

“You're welcome. What time is it there?”, Adriana asked.

“It's a little after 1am. I just got home a little while ago from a formal military soiree and afterparty bar-hopping with fellow officers. What time is it by you?”, St'rajhahr asked.

“It's 9:30pm. I just got home abit ago myself. What did they serve at the soiree?”, asked Adriana.

“We had porter steak, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, salad, beef noodle soup, dinner rolls, chocolate cake and unlimited drinks. I drank several Spring Buzzes, my favorite drink.

”I drank in moderation, though. Well, somewhat in moderation! We warriors like to drink, you know.”, he replied, smiling broadly.

“Everything sounds delicious!”, she replied, smiling broadly as well.

“What did you have for dinner tonight?”, he asked her.

“I had a dipped beef platter, apple pie a la mode, and caramel iced coffee.

"I'm off work tomorrow, so I'll be making a big pot of spicy meat soup. It'll cook on my stove all day.

”It's quite cold here, as always. I picked up a few bags of apples and cans of pumpkin tonight on my way home from work, so I'll be baking tomorrow while the spicy meat soup's simmering.”, she replied.

“Everything sounds delicious. Is apple pie similar to Apkha?”, he asked.

“I think so. It's been extremely popular on Earth as well as on all Federation Directorate planets for centuries.

"A la mode means served with ice cream. I'm going to be making apple crisp, pumpkin bars, pumpkin bread, and lots of other things.”, Adriana said.

They chatted for another hour. They knew, beyond any shadow of a doubt, they'd found their soulmates that night!

The age difference didn't bother them. They were completely enthralled with each other.

St'rajhahr was basically the equivalent of her age as far as youthfulness was concerned.

Although a father of grown children in their 30s and 40's, and a grandfather several times over, St'rajhahr wasn't even close to middle age in D'aklahren years!

They live streamed twice weekly for the next several months, and messaged each other daily.

They sent video streams as well, showing each other their everyday lives.

Like most D'aklahrens, he'd started a family at a young age.

St'rajhahr and his late wife had married at 16 and became parents a few months later, shortly before their 17th birthdays.

They'd had six children, 4 boys and 2 girls, before she passed away at age 52 from a virus. He was now a grandfather 6 times over, with a few more on the way.

Adriana, on the other hand, had been divorced for five years. She'd had 3 children, two boys and a girl but, in a violent rage, her ex-husband killed their children then himself in a murder-suicide.

He'd attacked them one day when she'd gone to his house to pick their kids up after a weekend visitation with him. She'd arrived just minutes after the carnage.

Adriana moved out of her house days later, after her children's funeral. She'd decided to let his family take care of his funeral.

She immediately put her house up for sale, keeping several mementos of her kids.

She moved to another province, renting a two-bedroom apartment not too far from a salon she'd found work at.

Adriana told St'rajhahr all of this, not wanting to keep any secrets from him. He told her all about his past as well.

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