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After a coup which sees the deaths of the Haakonian Emperor, the Empress, and their children, the Emperor's brother, Prince Taakhonh, and a maid, Teemha, become Emperor and Empress. Together with the B'Hati, they work to quell the coup and restore the monarchy.

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Haakonian Empire Territory


The Emperor's younger brother, Prince Taakhonh, was 30 years old and a widower.

A newly-hired maid, Teemha, was there to straighten up his apartment one morning.

“Good morning, Your Highness. How are you today? I'm Teemha, and I'm here to clean your apartment. I was told you like to sleep in on the weekend. I'm sorry I'm so early. It's my first day and I forgot. I'm very sorry.”, she said, curtsying.

Taakhonh was shirtless and obviously just out of the shower. He was wearing denim pants and dark blue athletic shoes.

“It's nice to meet you, Teemha. No harm done. I've been wide awake two hours and had my morning run already.

”I probably shouldn't have had those last two double caffeinated carbonated drinks late last night.”, Taakonh replied, smiling as he towel-dried his hair. She smiled as well.

Teemha was 5'1" with long reddish-blonde hair she'd braided and put up in a bun. Strands of hair hung down, framing her face. She wore the traditional Haakonian ear cuff, chain and dangly earring in her right ear.

She was wearing a dark blue tank top, denim pants, and bright purple athletic shoes.

While she straightened out his sheets and comforter, they chatted abit. He offered to help her, but she said she could manage. She did thank him for his offer, though.

Teemha found him to be quite charming, polite, and very easy to talk to; things she never expected from a royal.

She also thought he was much more handsome in person than in pictures and video. She was quite smitten.

He was quite smitten by her as well. She was polite and demure, yet he could tell she had a strength and courage that rivaled his.

Suddenly screams and sounds of phaser-fire erupted.

“What's that?”, she asked.

He looked out the door, then quickly closed it and locked all the apartment doors.

“Stay away from the doors as well as all the windows.”, he said, taking her hand in his and leading her to the bathroom.

“I'm not exactly sure, but something bad is definitely going on. We need to pack some of my clothes and toiletries, then get out of here.”

The two quickly packed clothes and toiletries, collected pillowcases from her cart then, with his phaser in his hand, discreetly left his apartment.

A few minutes later, they came across the bodies of his brother, sister-in-law and their children. They were all dead.

Realizing this meant that he was now the Emperor, he retrieved his brother's signet ring and sister-in-law's ring set from their bodies in the hallway. He put the signet ring on.

At that moment, he officially became the Emperor.

When they came to the room housing the Imperial Family's jewelry, they put as much of the jewelry and tiaras into pillow cases, then made their way to her room.

While she quickly, and quietly, collected her meager belongings, attackers ran past her room, yelling his name.

The attackers had suddenly realized they had forgotten about him, and that he was probably still alive. They were determined to find and kill him, not realizing they'd just run right past the very room he was in!

After Teemha had collected some of her clothes and belongings, they swiftly, and very discreetly, headed to the palace armory, where he grabbed several weapons and handed her his phaser.

They then escaped through ancient tunnels to safety.

While in the tunnels, he told her that she was now the new Empress, based on her loyalty to him during the crisis. She asked him why.

“If you were with them, Teemha, you'd have let them know I was with you when they went past your room. You didn't.

”Nor did you give up my location at any time before or since. You could have, and would have, if you were with them, but you didn't. By not alerting them, you quite literally saved my life.”, replied Taakhonh, putting the Empress' signet ring on her finger.

Coming out of the tunnels, they swiftly commandeered an Imperial shuttle and made their getaway, flying to his secret cabin hideaway hidden deep in a forest near some mountains half a world away.

He'd made sure to put the shuttle's cloaking device on seconds after starting the craft, keeping it on the entire flight to the cabin.

“We'll stay here while I figure out our next move, as well as whom we can trust.”, he told her when they landed.

He activated the cabin's cloaking device so they couldn't be seen. He kept the shuttle's cloaking device on as well.

“This is a cabin I built by hand years ago. My father suggested it after an attempt on his life. He knew my brother would be protected as Emperor, but my wife, children and I would not.

”He told me building this cabin would offer my family and myself protection in case of an attempt such as what happened today.

“It's odd, Teemha. I'm just the 'spare' in the ancient saying 'an heir and a spare'. I was never supposed to become Emperor. I pray I'm wrong, but something's been nagging at me.

”Why weren't my brother and his family protected? Security's there all the time. Why didn't their security detail protect them?“, he said as they brought their belongings into the cabin.

”Do you think their detail was part of all this?“, Teemha asked him.

”I hesitate to say this but yes, I'm afraid it's very possible!“, he replied.

Taakhonh told her they should have a Joining so they could legally be Emperor and Empress despite not having been coronated yet.

He was Emperor no matter what, but they needed to be married for her to be his Empress.

Minutes later they said their Joining vows and were not only legally married, but she was now officially Empress Teemha, Empress of the Imperial Haakonian Empire.

Hours later, he live streamed his citizens and the revolutionaries from inside the shuttle so as not to give away their location.

“My beloved citizens, this is your Emperor, Emperor Taakhonh. Your Empress, Empress Teemha, and I are alive and well, as you can see.

”This morning our beloved Emperor, Empress, and their family were all killed in a vicious, cowardly attack, a blatant attempt to overthrow our monarchy.

”I'm not in the Imperial Palace at the moment but, nonetheless, I AM your Emperor. I have the Imperial Signet Ring, as you can see here, and am coordinating the retaking of our Palace and government.

“I have in my possession the bulk of the Imperial jewelry and tiaras.

”Your new Empress and I were both determined that no cowardly insurrectionists would be able to destroy our monarchy's most valued treasures if at all possible.

“I'm offering clemency to those who abandon the coup and return home now. This is a one-time offer, good only for twenty four hours. Go home to your families now, and face no charges. To those who continue, I promise you the death penalty.

”You will be shown no mercy, just as our beloved Emperor, Empress, and their young children were shown no mercy. You will suffer as they suffered! That is not a threat. It is a PROMISE!”, he said.

The next day he monitored chatter and reports about the coup. The news wasn't good.

The bodies of the late Emperor and his family were displayed hanging from the palace gates. At that point, Taakonh finally grieved, breaking down into sobs.

Teemha comforted him as best she could, sobbing as well. He'd been running on pure adrenaline, and his warrior's training, up until that moment.

They clung to each other as their new reality hit them hard for the very first time.

He was no longer The Spare, destined to take a back seat to his brother, sister-in-law, nieces and nephews. He was the Emperor.

She was no longer a lowly member of the palace housekeeping staff on her first day of work at her new job. She was the Empress.

Teemha hadn't been a huge monarchist. She could care less one way or the other if there was a monarchy or not, but she did like and respect the Imperial Family. She believed very strongly in tradition, and Haakonian tradition stated there was to be an Imperial Family.

In an unexpected twist of fate, she now found herself smack dab in the middle of that tradition. She was now married to the Emperor!

She'd shared his bed and had made love to him several times the night before...and that very morning as well!

Four days later, towards mid-morning, they heard shuttles flying overhead.

Taakhonh took a quick look outside and saw Imperial shuttles pass over the cabin. It was obvious they were looking for them.

“We should get out now while we can. If they've somehow detected our heat signatures, they'll be coming back for us very soon.”, he said.

They then hurriedly packed the shuttle with all their belongings, including the Imperial valuables they'd rescued from the palace, and flew into space. He kept the cloaking device on until they were safely in space, well past the planet's solar system.

Every once in awhile he'd put the shuttle cloaking device on...just in case they were to come across any patrols. The news on the cabin large-screen had said there was a ten million Krohner bounty on each of their heads. They were wanted throughout the Empire.

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