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The world is beautiful and amazing beyond the minds comprehension, but is what you are seeing really what is in front of you? Or is your mind hiding something for your own wellbeing?

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The flowers of the spring fall as the summer wind blows, and what comes must go away. The perceiving of time is an irrelevant assumption that is only a technicality in the way of helping finding out the unknown. The great world has many wonders beyond our compre beautifulhension that we are yet to explore because in this level of existance our minds cannot begin to imagine what lies beyond the unknown.

In the summer the flowers blow with the wind as the sun shines down. Rain is rare and when it happens it is a blessing given to all of the life on earth including plants and other beings.

The island of Sonatra is fictionally known for being beautiful during this time of the year and is a wonderful world of things far beyond imagination. The amount of rain and other simplistic yet very needed technicalities and the pure luck of the fields bring everything there great wonders and things to explore, create, and make to give the mind the conprehension it needs to explore the rest of the world.

So many trees and beautiful flowers grow around here that even seeing it for yourself sometimes can not even be believable with the fact that your eyes are seeing this right now.

But are they really?

Are you being decieved?

Is your mind protecting your wellbeing whilst seeing something that you aren't supposed to know of?

The fact of the comprehension needed to be able to even see and believe the great mass of insane purities and many great wonders might be turning your thoughts into brighter ones with the fact that only your brain truly knows what you are seeing, and has to decide whether it wants you to see that or not. Your brain seems to switch the entirety of the grousomeness that you are seeing in front of you into something beautiful and bizzare which you can feel, see, hear, and smell. Your brain is the one that truly decides what you are seeing in a matter of keeping your comprehension levels only down to the point that you need to use to be able to understand what you are currently seeing.

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