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Chapter one

Bridgetone High School. Where there more protégées families send there children. During the past years, there has been wide criticism of the the school selection process and the board started a program to pay intuition to five students of unprivileged houses to come and school with the elites. That's where we fund Ethan Hephaestus steward




"DON'T CALL ME THAT." Ethan responds to his mother. "Why did that woman name me that".

He yawns as he moves away fro the bad sheets.



He wakes to prepare himself for probably the most interesting day of his life


The air was cold, hitting his face like a cold reminder of what hell was coming to him in the next one hour.

"How the hell did a end up here" he signs as he glances and beautiful structure not believing he could see such ever in His life

Ethan was raised in the town of Elton Rich and his life was never easy and his was mother working continuously hard to provide for them, and the town didn't make it easy as they were heated which comes from what his father did years ago.

Did he know what he did? No.

But every time he asked, it brought tears to his mother's eyes. He did not want that.

But getting back on track. He glances at the beauty in front of him. He blinks and stare at the paper with his acceptance letter in front of him.

When he applied for the bursary to study he didn't think he would be accepted but here we are.

As he moves closer to the school, laughterand giggling around him from students around as they throw him glances with ugly facial expression which states " trash is not welcomed here".

"I really didn't want to come here" a hollow laughter escapes his lips

"You're not crazy right?" He turns around to see a black haired boy with green eyes looking at him with a raised eyebrow "I know you're poor but crazy now".

Fuck it. I already hate this guy.

"Hey, I'mjoking" he raises his hands in surrender "you're new here, I don't believe I have seen you around".

Yeah" he replies as he scratches the back on his hand "I'm new"

"Well kid" he puts his hand around his neck and rattle his hair" let me the first to welcome you".

"I'm zack" he smiles "welcome to this shit hole"

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