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Do you have a woods at the end of your garden? Well, i think its time for you to move, after reading this short story...

Suspense/Mistério Todo o público. © Written and Published by Emily Barlow on 16th July 2022
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The Woods Behind My House!

My friend and I were trapped between the killer. At that point I knew we wasn’t going to survive. As everything started to fade away, I knew my time was up. It all started when we were having a sleepover at my house and the power went out and we had nothing to do. Behind my house and the abandoned, rusted shed at the end of the garden are the woods. The one woods where no-one comes back alive, as everyone says. As the wind blew and the rain battered my bedroom window, the light started to flicker back on again.

“Strange?” questioned Jenny

“It must be the ghosts who haunt the woods” I said jokingly.

Jenny just shook her head at me and looks outside. When suddenly, she let out a loud cry.

“Do you see him?” Jenny said in a cry.

“There isn’t anything out their Jenny.” I said in a confused voice.

I walked away from the window and Jenny explained what startled her. A man in a black hood, and bright green eyes. He held a knife, with thick blood dripping from it. I don’t know what to say at this point, apart from we had to go to the wood’s tonight.

After a couple of hours trying to convince Jenny to go to the wood’s, we were finally ready to go. The wind blew through our long hair. We approached the woods and the trees whistled in the wind. The wind pushed us in, this was it no going back now. The eyes of monsters stared down at us; red, green, blue the colors of these eyes were endless. The winding path, so muddy, that the mud was going up our legs. Suddenly there was the sound of steps coming from behind us. We started to run; we knew we couldn’t look back. There was a loud bang. Were we getting shot at? We had to look behind us, and as we did, there was a deer laying still, dead, not moving in the middle of the muddy path we had just walked upon. Jenny and I looked at each other, disturbed. As we looked back in front of us to keep moving, there he stood. The man, wearing black and a hood, holding not just a knife but a gun too.

“I've been waiting for you two, for a while now” he said in a gruff voice.

I knew his voice, but I couldn’t work it out, it sounded like my dad, but couldn’t be. He’s away on a business trip. Before I got to ask, he pulls on the trigger of the gun, not pointing at me but my only friend Jenny. He looks at me and starts to sing a lullaby my dad would sing. He points his knife in front of me, charging at me. At that point I knew we wasn’t going to survive. As everything faded away, I knew I was dead. I never would know who was behind that black hood.

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Emily Barlow I'm 17 year old girl who is currently studying Art and Design at College. I love write, mainly Scary stories and a little Romance I hope you like my Stories!!!!

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