Jeremy Robison

I short story explaining a tragic experience in my life

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The Day It all Ended

This story starts in December of 2020 my 16 birthday. My name is Jeremy I live in Hutchinson a small town in the center of kansas. It's my 16 birthday a cold day in winter freshly fallen white snow.

I sometimes hate that my birthday is in winter cause my favorite thing to do is to grill but when its 21°F out you don't want to be outside, So me and my mother stayed inside made hot chocolate and listened to music which was one of our favorite things to do. My mother had gotten gaoute and couldn't really walk very well so we stayed at our friends house so she had more help cause I wasn't enough but I did everything I could to help her.

A couple months later in July of 2021 my mother had gotten a bit better and started working again she had done the same thing for like 15 years cleaning residential buildings. Which put alot of stress on her body so she would come home and start drinking whiskey to help with her body aches and pains. She always would hit on the wall. between our rooms and demand I get her ice water, I never said no because she was my mother I cared alot about her. The one thing she failed to do was just listen to me I never came out to her as bisexual because she wouldn't have cared or supported me in any of the choices I made. I used to run away from the house a lot I liked to get away from her so I could be myself and have to deal with her condescending attitude and mentally abusive behavior, as much as it stressed her out and she would cry wondering where I was I just wanted to get out of the house but I loved her so much that's why I never ran away for good. In July Me and my friends Christian and Cade cleaned up our garage so we had some where to get away from our lives and could talk about anything and supported each other. One of my fondest memories of July was the day we lit up our fire place and just through random stuff in like a squeeky unicorn we found and we stood around it as it let out its last squeak. That is the last good memory I have from that house. Then August comes around it's the 4th a nice day my brother had stayed over for like a week just to give me company and what happend that day I will never forget.

I had a flat tire on my bike it was like 4PM and my mother worked nights so I didnt think much of her sleeping all day. I went in her room to ask her if I could use the car to go to walmart I shook her and screamed but she never woke up I fell to the floor in tears screaming for my brother from the living room. It's been a year now and I still miss her everyday I have finally excepted that shes fine but she will neve be gone from my memories. Love you mom I'll see you some day.

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