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Evie was twelve and all she wanted in life was for the world to end.

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Evie was twelve and all she wanted in life was for the world to end. After school she'd sit for hours in front of her computer playing Global Thermonuclear War until it was time for bed. When everyone told her the game she was playing was unwinnable Evie told them she knew. But still she wanted to play it because the Apocalypse was something that terrified her. She thought that if she managed to play one million times then maybe she'd start liking the Apocalypse and not be so frightened. You'll turn into an old woman by the time you play those many games, they told her. For sure, thought Evie, but by then she felt she'd be able to tell the world about her father, and the way he liked to play with her.

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wow! That's sad. We have to make every day count, and the future is how we make it, the past is gone, every day is a beautiful new experience, live it to the fullest and make good memories. good writing i look forward to your next story