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Poesia épico Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos. © Michael W. Taylor 2022 ©

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The Box

I'm the man in the box.

If these four walls could talk.

Birds of a feather,

travel in flocks.

A slave to the hands on the clock.

These haters can all kick rocks.

I come from unbreakable stock.

Herds kept together,

So willing to tether themselves

to the butcher's block.

The school of hard knocks,

Got your heart on the catwalk.

Tougher than leather,

Immune to the after shock.

Asleep in the ivy and the

poisonous Hemlock.

Head in the clouds like

Jack and the Beanstalk.

(1 bar break)

Corrupted by TikToc.

I'm watching them sleepwalk.

Political doubletalk...

Rothschilds and Murdock.

Amazon, Overstock.

HipHop and Punk Rock.

Another one died on a

Hollywood side walk...

If this keeps up,

We're gonna run out of chalk.

The smoke still lingers from the Glock.

Destroying personas like Tupac.

( 1 bar break).

Get your mind out of the gutter,

get your soul out of hauk.

Babylon's invaded

The city of Antioch.

Trapped in a box,

Like you're hooked on the

Crack Rock.

Trapped like a fox,

Being hunted by a hawk.

Strong like an ox,

But you bray like a donkey.

You must be from the boondocks,

Quit gaulking at me.

(1 bar break)

From Sydney to Bankok...

We've been kicked in the crotch.

It seems all the gaurds

fell asleep on their watch.

From Trump's golden tower,

and the old McDonald's arch.

The Soldiers of Decay still march.

I'm living in a box,

Shadow boxing with myself.

When the cock crows thrice,

Denied the greatest source of wealth.

Don't let the hungry mice

destroy The Book on the shelf.

And take your stupid pronouns

and go play with yourself.

Living boxed in,

A closed minded thinking.

Better cash your chips in,

your battleship's sinking.

Thinking you could win,

by staring at a goat.

You're the one that feeds

on alfalfa and oat.

Let's take a vote, and make

a box to put them in.

Let's see who changed the

boxes in the voter's ballot bin.

Let's analyze the program,

When did all this begin?

Life is not a square,

You've got to rock n roll to win.

So won't you come in,

If you like the enclosure.

Im trying to bust out,

and I need the exposure.

I'm like a four leaf clover,

when I'm flowing like water.

Don't come any closer,

when you're hearing me holla.

Walla Walla bang bang,

dang, the tang is spiked.

Not alota hanky panky

when the room is mic'ed.

The face on the box,

He's better off in a muzzle.

Government gridlocks,

are apart of the puzzle.

Surrounded by

Witches, Demons and Warlocks.

Crowned the King of The Box.

Written by: Michael Taylor

October 4th. 2021 ©

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