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It calls to you.

It's deep inside your head.

It follows you around.

It's something left unsaid.

Imbedded, causing dread,

Plausible cause to be misread.

It's possible this is all optional,

Probable flaws, jaws spread.

Mislead into a strong desire.

When walking in circles,

The feet get tired.

Like a bird on a wire in

a lightning storm.

Conforming to suggestions

that are way beyond the norm.

A not so rare form of an

unwanted independence.

Alone, forlorned in a self

induced prison sentence.

It doesn't make sense to

keep chasing your tail.

Success is the outcome

from times you have failed.

Life is a hammer...

Don't be a nail...

and get your concience outta jail.

Male or female, this is our plight.

Personal reflection helps us do right.

Don't play in the darkness...

Stay in the light.

You're not alone.

Seems we all fight these


It's a part of you...

but who is in control.

It'll only bring you down,

If you don't see it's goal.

Uncomfortable with the role,

there's no console for the soul.

Defeated, swallowed whole,

Take the bait that's in the golden


Enroll in self loating 101.

We do it for addiction,

we dont do it for fun.

Like a moth to the flame,

just to gain its own destruction.

What can you obtain from

decadence and corruption.

It needs no introduction, 'cause

everyone knows it's name.

A professional in seduction,

As it sucks you into the game.

It'll leave you in shame, and

make you question existence.

Listless and lame from it's

endless persistence.

Life is a trial, smile in the

face of temptation.

You can do it with determination.

Self elation can easily go astray.

Do not choose to look the other way.

Don't play in the darkness...

stay in the light.

You're battles your own,

but we all have to fight these


Written by: Michael Taylor

May 25th. 2022 ©

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