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Single mom Seylah Jones and her one-year old son Liam, without his father in the picture, are moving back to her home town. She left four years ago and it's her first time back since, she's feeling optimistic and excited to raise her son where she grew up and be surrounded with familiar faces again. That is until she goes into her new job and discovers her boss is none other than her high-school ex of three years, Roman Arison.

Romance Romance adulto jovem Para maiores de 18 apenas.

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Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home

"This is it, baby. We're home." Seylah whispered softly to a sleeping Liam.

She pulled into the driveway of her parents house and grabbed the diaper bag and sleeping baby, then walked up to the door and knocked.

"Ron, they're here!" she heard her mother squealing from inside the house and then heard the heavy foot steps of her father and the antsy ones of her mother. They opened the door, both with tearful eyes.

"You're home." her mom cried out happily.

"My baby and her baby." her father cooed.

"I missed you both so much." Seylah said tearfully.

"Okay, give me that sweet boy. Daddy will help you unload the car." her mom Leslie said softly crying as she reached for Liam. Seylah handed her sleeping son to her mom and then reached to hug her dad.

"It's so great to have you both home!" Ron her dad said.

"It's amazing." she cried as she hugged her dad tightly.

The two unloaded the car and brought all the belongings into her old bedroom that her parents made remodeled taking out the wall between it and the guest bedroom until she had the money to afford a place of her own for Liam and her.

"Thank you, dad!" Seylah said as she stole another hug from her dad. They walked into the living room and saw Liam awake and playing with her mom.

"Hey, angel! Did you have fun with grams?" She asked Liam in her baby talk.

"Say yes, mommy. Grams is so sweet!" Seylah's mom cooed.

"What time do you have your interview tomorrow?" her dad asked as he reached to play blocks with Liam.

"Seven in the morning. Are you still able to keep Liam?" she said.

"Of course, I'm retired dear. What do you expect me to do? Sit at home, bored and alone?" her mom Leslie said with a laugh.

"Momma, I'm just trying to be respectful of you and if you had plans." Seylah said seriously.

"If he's ever too much for you, I can enroll him in daycare. There's a good one, that will be on the way to work for me." Seylah said sweetly.

"Oh, that's not necessary. Only might need it for when Daddy and I go up to the cabin. Otherwise, I'm good with this lovey guy." her mom cooed and playfully pinched Liam's cheeks.


Seylah's POV

It's five in the morning and Liam is still asleep. Yesterday with my parents playing with him wore him out. Usually, he's awake by now. I've been checking every few minutes to make sure he's not awake and just being quiet. He's just laying there peacefully, sleepy sighing and lightly snoring away. My heart breaks at times looking at my beautiful boy knowing he'll never have his father around. I don't understand how Simon could just walk away when we found out I was pregnant. The ultimatum he gave me between him or the baby. We were together a month after starting school. I thought we'd been together long enough for us to do this together. While Liam wasn't planned. I couldn't part with him the second I knew I was pregnant. So, Simon left. It's a shame. I know I have enough love for him to make up for an absentee father. My dad will be there as a positive male role model too. He will always know that he is so loved. I don't know how I'll tell him about his father someday. I've questioned what I'll say when the day comes. Should I say his father died saving people in a burning building? Should I say he was from another country a one-night thing I never learned his name? I don't want to paint a bad picture of the father he'll never know. It's hard.

"Good morning, my love." Seylah said lightly to Liam waking up. He just cooed in return.

"Let's go bring you to your grams. Mommy has to finish getting ready for her interview, so she can earn some money and get us our own place to live." she said sweetly as she picked him up and placed kisses on his face.

"Oh, good morning, Liam." Leslie said happily when she saw them.

"Morning, Mom. I need to finish getting ready and head out, there's breast milk in the fridge for while I'm out today." Seylah hurriedly said as she gave Liam to her mom.

"Okay, dear." Leslie called out kindly.

Seylah finished getting ready, ran downstairs to kiss and say love you to Liam. Within a minute she was in the car and headed to her interview. She got there with ten minutes to spare, she walked in and went to the receptionist and let them know she was here for the interview. She waited five minutes and was called in for her interview.

"Good morning." a soft older lady said as she led Seylah to the conference room.

"Good morning." Seylah replied respectfully.

"I will be conducting the interview for the realtor position you applied for. The boss is out today. To get you started, do you have copies of your realtors license and a copy of your state issued ID?" the woman said kindly.

"Yes, of course, Mrs." Seylah paused.

"I'm so sorry. My name is Gayle Smith." she chuckled.

"Forgive me, I haven't had my morning coffee yet." Gayle laughed.

"It's completely alright." Seylah said whole heartedly as she passed the copies of her license and ID.

"I see you have a local address. Jones, that name sounds familiar. Do you have family here?" Gayle asked sweetly.

"I do, my parents Leslie and Ron." Seylah said lightly.

"Oh, you don't say. Your mom and I get together some weekends to do quilting." Gayle said happily.

"Such a small world!" she said happily.

"I see here you have amazing referrals! Honestly, you're so kind and have the best referrals. Knowing your parents and how great they are I am going to go on a whim and give you this job, in good faith. I trust you won't let the company down!" Gayle said in excitement.

"Thank you, so much!" Seylah said with gratitude.

"We do have one final step, you have to close a deal on a house today, Then the job in one-hundred percent yours, set in stone!" Gayle said happily.

"Sounds amazing! I won't let you down. Do you have a copy of the listings and prospect buyers?" Seylah said eagerly.

"Yes, let me collect that. I'll be right back!" Gayle said sweetly as she exited the conference room.

A few minutes later she returned with the list and showed Seylah where her office will be.

"Okay, it's just the one sale you need to make and if you can convince them to close on the deal today the job is yours." she reminded Seylah again.

Seylah opened the small folder to a name she hasn't seen in a while. Roman Arison. Shit, she thought to herself. My ex-boyfriend from high school. We didn't end on good terms but maybe he's hopefully over that. It has been four years. She took a deep breath and dialed his number on the sheet.

"Hello." A low voice answered on the other end of the line.

"Hello, Mr. Arison, this is Miss Jones from Son's and Son's Realtors. I was wondering if you have time today to look at the property you've been interested in." Seylah said in her friendliest voice.

"Yes, Miss Jones. I'm available now actually. I will meet you over there." he lowly and hung up the phone.

Seylah's POV

Please, don't let him hold a grudge. I need this job to support Liam and myself. I am driving faster than I'd like to but I'd rather he not beat me there. I don't want to give him any ideas that I'm incapable, to get him to ask for a different realtor. I get to the property and notice I beat him there. I get the keys out and make sure the estate is ready for showing. I notice some mud clumps inside the house on the floor as you walk in but hear a car pulling up so I quickly grab them and toss them outside into a planter and walk down the stairs to greet him.

"Good morning, Mr. Arison." I say in my most respectful voice.

"Seylah." he says as he nods.

"Is there any places on the estate you'd like to see first?" I asked kindly.

"The stables and the barn, then the tour of the house." he said lowly. God he's going to hold a grudge, I thought to myself.

I walked us over to the stables and was prepared to act like I've been here many times and am experienced at this property.

"Here is the lovely twenty stall stable. Are you interested in having livestock kept here? Or plans to renovate the space?" I asked nicely.

"Horses, I'm looking to start breeding and selling." he said in a low tone again.

"You can see this stable was recently finished, equipped with new stall doors and flooring. There's an upstairs space as well." she said kindly when she spotted the stairs.

"Let's take a look." he said lowly as he gestured me into the direction.

I guided the way up the stairs and opened a door to reveal a loft.

"Is this stable so far meeting your buying requirements?" I asked sweetly.

"It's perfect so far. Do you still ride?" he asked curiously.

"I haven't in a long time unfortunately." I say lightly.

"Shame. Show me the barn." he said lowly.

I walked him out of the stables and around to the barn.

"Here the barn has fresh paint, so minimal work needed of upgrade to get your operations started sooner." I say optimistically. To which Roman just nodded. They walked around the barn and she continued to point out strong features.

"Show me the house." he said lowly. With that they walked out of the barn and up to the house and entered it. She prayed for the best hoping there wasn't a mess hiding anywhere like there had been at the entrance when she arrived. She pointed out good features inside the house as well. They got to the master bedroom and bathroom, she was pointing out the amazing view and all positive notes when she heard the bathroom door shut.

"Is there any other things you can offer me to buy this place?" he asked lowly as he glanced her head to toe.

"I'm afraid, I don't understand what you mean Mr. Arison." I say with hesitation and confusion.

"I see you've changed your hair." he said lowly as he brushed a strand away from my face.

"Roman, please." I muster out nervously.

"Please, what?" he said in a domineering tone.

"Please, let's keep this professional." I muttered softly.

"Hm, shame. Well, I'm unsure about some factors on this property if I'm not given proper incentive." he said smugly.

"Okay, well if that's all, I'll show you out and lock up the property." I say lowly on the verge of tears knowing she was out a good job opportunity.

She exited the master bathroom and waited for him at the entry way.

"You got the job, just had to make sure you weren't the same seductress you were in the past." he said lowly as he walked by her.

"You start tomorrow. Say hello, to your boss." he said lowly.

"I don't understand." I say in confusion.

"I am the owner of Son's and Son's. You start tomorrow and you answer to me." he said coldly and walked out.

Roman's POV

Damn it, what was I thinking giving her the job? The bitch who broke my heart. Well, I'll make it my mission to make her hate her life. Walking in as beautiful as the day she left me. Her dark brown hair cascading loosely on her back and her perfect round ass swaying perfectly in her pants suite. Her short five-foot four-inch frame so damn taunting to feel how her short body compares to mine again. God how her lips look just as plump and pouty as always. I could've fucked her right there like we always did in the past. Her hazel eyes attracting every bit of light making them glow. Her breasts bigger and fuller now making me want to rip them out of her shirt and press my dick between them fucking them until I cum all over her face. Damn, I need to get laid. If she's going to be my daily view at the office I'll need to discover a form of distraction.

Seylah's POV

Roman is my boss. Ugh, I feel like he'll find every way possible to make my life hell. Age has done him good. Five o'clock shadow, tan skin, his tapered wavy light brown hair, my goodness his crystal blue eyes drive me crazy. His muscles more sculpted than in the past. His six-foot three-inch height making him tower over me, his domineering ways still prominent. Ugh, I need a cold shower. Maybe even to find a new realtor job somewhere else, depending on how working under him pans out. I need this job now though so I can provide for Liam and myself. I'll stick it out until something else is available.

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