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Danny O'Brien, an online business worker lives on the outskirts of town living in an apartment that looks over the river. One morning Danny leaves home to sort out a few things when he finds himself getting lost and bumps into a stranger that doesn't seem to be human.

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 The Day I Meet an Reptilian


My name is Danny Stewart, I would like to tell you a story about what I had noticed one day when I was walking by a dumpster, It was bizarre,

Strange, I guess you can say, It happened on a Saturday and I was in the city, I was trying to find a building I had to run irons but was struggling to find,

I was walking around walking through streets trying to find it but had got lost, I had asked one person but he was a bit odd, I remember he told me to walk down one alleyway, so I did, coming to one alley and I had stopped at the top of the footpath staring down, and that's when my decision changed when I walked down there and came around the corner, what I saw and experience that changed my whole life completely.

Before I keep writing I want you to know if you're going to read my book, I want you to understand that what I'm saying and telling you is the truth, you might not believe me but I warn you, it's your choice to keep reading or not, So let's begin.

Chapter 1. Saturday morning

It was like no ordinary day, It was Saturday morning, I lived on the outskirts of town, I had got out of the shower got dressed, combed my hair, and put on my shoes, I walked out to the kitchen table where I grabbed my stencils and placed them in my backpack, grab an apple, I looked at the clock on the wall when It was 07:35 am, walking out the door I headed towards the city walking down the street as I stared across the town, Making my way down the incline I arrived down at the ferry dock standing waiting for the ferry to arrive, the ferry arrived I got on standing at the bow of the boat, looking around, staring at the scenery as the ferry cruised along, I stood there comforting with a clear mind knowing I things to do but It will be fine, well that's what I thought, arriving at my stop I got off and walked along the pier as I made my way towards the tall high scrappers that overlook the city.

Finally, I arrived in the city Stopping in time square where I took my bag off going through my bag and searched for the address that I had to go to, finding the paper I stared at the address 12 George street,

I walked off in search of the address, crossing the road and entering the mall, as I looked around walking along, I found an information booth down the bottom of the mall and I spoke to the female behind the counter, I showed her the address and she looked it up on the computer as she told me it was four blocks over, I thanked her and grabbed the paper as I walked off.

I walked down the footpath as I made my way to the set of lights, standing waiting to cross my first set of lights, the light turned green as I made its way across, I had walked two blocks when I came across a small park with a water feature in the middle of it, stopping to take a look I stared at the 18th century, water foundation, the water was coming out what looks like a pipe that had colors making a rainbow stream, I was amazed by the structure when I looked at my watch as I realize the time," I better keep going, So I walked off walking across the park and down the footpath as oncoming traffic was driving by, approaching the curb I cross the street, starting at the street signs when I stared down one road that was a small Incline and saw a driver sitting in his vehicle, I didn't want to disturb him but I thought if I don't find this building I'm going to be late, so I decided to walk along side of the car when I gently tapped on thee drivers window, The man jumped as he looked at me, I reacted quickly,"sorry I didn't mean to scare you but can I ask you something, The man wind down his window half way and said," what can I do for you, I told him I was lost and I needed help with directions," Oh ok! Sure what is it," Can you tell me where this place is, I showed him the piece of paper with the address, "yeah you're not far from it, walk up the street on your left there is an alleyway walk through there, it will be like a zig-zag but it will take you to the other side, it's the fastest way, he told me," Oh Ok, Thank you, I replied, I turned around when he tells me," but be careful when you go that way, he said, I looked at him with a frown when I asked Why, the man stared at me then drove away suddenly, raising my eyebrow I couldn't understand why he drove away so fast, watching him disappearing around the corner I turn around staring at the alleyway as I headed towards it, I stood at the begging of the alleyway looking down as I walked on.

Staring all around, I looked up at the buildings around me noticing feeling the area felt strange, I had never been down an alleyway maybe it was me, maybe there was something not right about it, I walked around the first corner carefully analyzing everything around me, then I spun around looking behind me as I walked on, It was when I stepped out, arriving at the second corner getting closer to the end when I came to the corner I quickly stopped noticing somebody, a male was standing near an industrial bin, watching him he had his head tilted back with his mouth wide open when he raised his hand, and that's when I saw it a rat hanging by it's tail between his fingers as he places Vermont into his mouth, I freaked out stood frozen when I got a boost of shock stepping back behind the corner leaning against the wall as I can hear the crunching sound from the man chewing on the rat,

I tried not to listen as I was curious so I peeked my head around noticing him chewing the tail of the rat hanging from his mouth, suddenly he stopped turning in my direction when I hide behind the wall, I closed my eyes breathing in waiting for a few seconds when I slowly open my eyes and looked back up the alleyway then turning peeking my head out one more time, very slowly I looked out noticing the male scavenging through the rubbish when I watched him then moved back when I told my self," I have to proceed to get passed him, I whispered to myself as I told my self" all I have to do is walk by quickly and don't look at him,

Hesitating for a second I then peeked out again watching him as I took steps and walked briskly past him, the man reacted quickly jumping back as one of his hands had blood on them, he looked at me as I turn back at him, stopping standing there looking at him, when he stared straight into my eyes, as he took two steps forward, I freaked out as I said," I didn't see anything, He frowns at me as his face changed from skin to scaly skin, I freaked out as I walked off hurrying to the end of the alleyway.

Reaching the top of the alleyway, I quickly turn around when I noticed the man walking up the path, I walked on crossing the street as I reached outside the building I needed, Standing at the entry before I walked in I looked back noticing the man standing on the footpath staring over to me, my heart was pounding fast as he kept his eyes on me, I walked into the building starting around when I stood staring out the window watching the man still standing there looking over, Closing my eyes I took a breath in when I felt a hand touch my shoulder, I jumped as I got frighten, turning around a lady was standing there," Sorry did I scare you, she replied, Yeah sorry, I replied, asking me how can she assist me, I told her, " I have papers that needed to be a sign by my agent, " of course ,- what Is your name, she asked, as I stood there staring out the window watching the man, I told her," my name is Danny Stewart, she told me to wait here, as I stood still staring out the window looking at the man, a cold chill came over my body like he knew I was staring at him.

The lady came back telling me to come over to the seats and take a seat until I get called, I walked over sitting down as she told me," It won't be long, I smiled and said," thank you to her as she walked off, I turned my head to look over the window and that's when I realized through the glass I noticed the man had gone,

My name was called and I got walked towards another female as she asked " Danny, I replied, "yes, the lady pointed to a room and said," wait in there and your agent will be with you, " ok! Thanks, Sitting in the room I waited for the agent' he arrives not soon after and I did what I had to do sorting out my business, signing forms and giving information when my agent said," well I think that it, I get you to sign this last form then you can be on your way," I nodded my head as we shook hands saying thank you, then I left the room.

Making a way into the lobby I froze as I spotted the man in the distance standing in the corner staring at me, I started back and my nerves were shaken, Trying to stay calm I looked away, starting to walk towards the door as the man started to walk towards me, I hurried out the door as he stopped and stared at me, I turned around as I approached the footpath noticing the man coming out from the building and standing in front of the door as the feeling of intimidation was upon me, I looked away as I walked on crossing the road as one car beeped the horn, crossing over I turned back staring at the man as he was walking towards me, I headed along the path as I came to a street that had a small slop, walking down the hill, I turn again as I noticed the man still following me,

I started to get more freaked out as I kept looking over my shoulder, arriving down at the bottom of the street I saw a lot of people walking in a crowded area so I walked fast to get involved with them hoping I would lose the man, For a second I lost sight of him until A clearing appeared and I noticed him standing there looking into the crowd, Thinking I had lost him I quickly turn and kept on walking when the crowd started to clear, Not sure what to do I panicked and moved to the side stooping behind a wall that was next to an alleyway, Suddenly there he was standing in front of me staring at me, I breathed rapidly as I was a concern for my safety, I looked around when I decided to walk off hurrying down the alleyway, the man was still following me, I rushed through the alleyway when I came around a corner stopping suddenly, wall stopped my path, I looked around couldn't find any way around, I turned around as I heard the sounds of heels slapping the cement as they went long, Peeking around the corner I spotted the man walking down, stepping back he approached and came around I stood near the wall staring when my heart was pounding fast, the man stood in front of me staring at me when I watched his eyes change, I freaked out his pupils went in and out no ones eyes can do that, his skin started to change color and looked scaly, he stood their staring at me not moving a muscle, I panicked breathing deeply when I slide against the wall when I bumped into garbage bins my hand felt the texture of something hard, I stared down It was a piece of wood the man stared watching me as I grabbed it and held it in my hand, he tilt his head side to side, staring at me, I reacted in response, " what do you want, he didn't say a word but stepped forward as I raised the wood he quickly stopped and said," do you think you can hurt me," one way to find out, I said reacting swinging the wood hitting him in the side of the head.

I watched him fall to the ground as I panicked, " oh shit! I can't believe I did that, Stepping over him I ran off around the corner and made my way to the top of the alleyway, Stopping as I noticed vehicles going by I looked back, taking a deep breath, people were walking past me as they stared at me, I turned around looking around when I walked off.

To Be Continued

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