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'I hear them calling for you, I feel the waves getting started. It's a rush inside I can't control, your eyes keep pulling me in," Alec whispered as he placed his head against mine. I sighed as I held onto him, "I know, but your fire is burning deep within my soul," I replied "I wish it wasn't true, but the whole world wants a piece of you. My heart keeps fighting for you. I'll win this, I'm going to make it through," Alec replied as he kissed the top of my head. ~~~~ Being innocent in a pack left things entertaining, also being half witch and half wolf. She was extordinary and powerful, Alison Gracelyn has been in the Blue Moon since she was a baby, Alison never thought her mate could be... Alec Boardwin of the Moon Valley pack, everyone feared him and his pack but when his eyes meet hers, destiny intwines and he instantly falls for her. But when other packs try and take her, or want a piece of her. It's up to Alec and his pack to protect her at all costs.

Erótico Para maiores de 21 anos apenas (adultos).

#possessive #domanice #inkspiredstory #alphamale #adultfiction #friendship #Explicit #kidnap #trust #Luna #alpha #adventure #action #vanilla #erotica #hybrid #mates #witch #werewolf
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Alison Gracelyn:

Standing 5'4" tall, this cream skinned woman has an anxious feel about her, and she has a small birthmark on her back which resembles the shape of a person.

Her mid-back length, straight, black hair, currently dip-dyed half way with shades of caramel, is worn in a pompadour. It is receding.

Her warm green eyes are narrow and she has thin eyebrows.

She has a thin neck, slanted shoulders, long arms and gentle hands, a slender torso, a typical waist, wide hips, weak legs, and average-sized feet.

She often wears old, feminine clothes that are mostly colourful and slightly too big. She is usually seen wearing a specific sarong. She is holding a mirror.

Werewolf form:

Pericing green eyes, with a seal pelt. Her fur is medium and coarse. Short hair. Large ears and her tail is long a straight. Her snout is short and slender, while her legs are short and muscular. She's also self-sufficient, resentful, predictable and fanciful.

Inner wolf name:


Witch powers:

Alchemy, atomoskinesis, telekinesis and pryomancy

Alec Boardwin:

Standing 5'10" tall, this fair skinned man has an unremarkable feel about him.

His medium-length, curly, black hair, currently dip-dyed almost the full length with shades of avocado, is un-styled.

He has a uniquely styled, perfectly shaped moustache. He has a lean face, a hooked nose, angled lips, and his soft black eyes are little.

He has a long arms and large hands, a muscular torso, a narrow waist, and strong legs. He has pierced both upper ears. He has multiple tattoos on his torso, left thigh, back, right hand, right arm and left hand.

Werewolf form:

His wolf form has black eyes and a grey pelt, with varying designs along his body (alphas will have this). His fur is long and velet, standing tall on his muscular legs, he's pretty heavy. Large ears and a large, patterned tail.

He has a short and thick snout, they are calculating, sentimental, seraphim, dependent and scary.

Inner wolf name:


Sonia Thompson:

Standing 5' 3" tall, this fair skinned woman has a relaxed feel about her, and she has a small wound on her right leg.

Her shoulder-length, curly, black hair, currently dip-dyed half way with shades of magenta, is wild. She has a perfectly shaped moustache.

She has a long face with a cleft chin, a small nose, large ears and full lips.

Her piercing grey eyes are round, and she has thin eyebrows. She wears reddish blush, a natural-looking foundation for an immaculate look, reddish lipstick, subtle eyeliner and colourful eyeshadow.

She has narrow shoulders, long arms, a slender torso, narrow hips, and long legs. She has piercings in five places: both earlobes, her navel, her tongue, both eyebrows and both nostrils.

Werewolf form:

Her wolf has grey eyes and a beautiful blonde pelt, that has a design of a crow on the back piece. Her fur is fluffy and long, she's average sized and a little on the skinny side.

Her ears are small but tail is medium sized, straight and coarse. She has an average sized snout. She also has short and muscular legs. She's disputatious, expedient, callous, and providential.

Inner wolf name:


Erik Johnson:

Standing 5' 8" tall, this dark skinned man has a focused feel about him.

His fine, brown hair is closely shaved and currently dyed completely orange.

He has a square face with a pointed chin, a turned-up nose, large ears and narrow lips. His mysterious light brown eyes are wide, and he has thick eyebrows.

He has short arms, a thick torso, and short legs.

Witch abilites:

Necromancy and shape-shifting

Brooklyn James:

Standing 5' 2" tall, this dark skinned woman has an out of place feel about her. A particularly notable feature is her dirty nails, and she has a cut on her right cheek which she always tries to hide from view.

Her shoulder-length, curly, salt and pepper hair, currently dip-dyed half way with shades of violet-blue, is usually neatly braided. It is receding.

She has an angular face, a narrow nose, and very thin lips. Her soft light blue eyes are narrow and she has smooth eyebrows. She wears garish eyeliner, complimentary eyeshadow, subtle lipstick, excessive foundation and natural-coloured blush.

She has toned arms, a thin torso with defined muscles, short legs, and large feet. She has piercings in three places: her left eyebrow, her upper lip and her right earlobe. She has a watercolour tattoo on her right arm.

Witch abilites:

Enchantments, astral protection

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