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A Non Fairy Tale

Humpty Dumpty sat on a tuffet,

Putting his shell on display.

Along came a spider and told

him to stuff it,

His shell fell apart, just like

somepeople I see today.

I want your approval.

See what I've done?

I do it for acceptance.

I don't do it for fun.

I do it because I'm addicted,

Indoctrinated from kindergarten.

I do it because I'm conflicted,

as my moral heart starts to harden.

I have learned to hate myself.

I hate my state, I hate my wealth.

I hate my country, I hate my dad.

I lost my sibling but I am glad.

I must have all the attention

for me and me alone.

I love my life on social media...

It's better than a telephone.

I can be whatever I want, I sometimesdress up for the act.

I leech on others energy, and whoeverI can attract.

One day, I could be female, the next amovie star.

I can pretend I'm ready for you, as longas you have money and

a really nice car.

Whoever you are, I need you to see me,

I'm not happy when I'm by myself.

My misery can't live without


I'll even dress up like an elf.

I black out my windows so no

onecan see in.

My skin has lost its color, even

though I am an African.

I am the pasty whiteness that

looks dead and devoid of blood.

I am just a keyboard warrior...

In real life, my name is mud.

I am just a catfish here to prey

on your hopes and dreams.

Ill respond with make up on...

Nothing's what it seems.

No more reality. A digital disguise.

A man made diety with billions

of eyes.

A new form of slavery, our souls arethe prize.

Input the Binary to code our demise.

Non Playable Characters and

pronouns for girls and guys.

Manufactured characatures

and people in suits and ties.

Welcome to the machine...

with this chip we do baptize.

Bow before the A.I. anti christ,

Let's watch The Beast rise.

Face the Book of corporate spies.

Tik-Tok challenge...

Another one dies.

A social experiment. The lord of

the flies.

Haunting laughter, silent cries.

What is the truth,

when everyone lies.

More and more cults, with

more and more alibis.

Less chance of a revolt, when

you keep them all hypnotized.

Blood written words...

said their goodbyes.

If you are wise, you will head this

clever warning.

You can't go blind into the storm

and stay oblivious to the chaos


Here I am imploring you.

When you're online...

Watch what you do.

The web is exactly that,

and we are the prey.

Don't let spiders come along,

and ruin your curds and whey.

Written by: Michael W. Taylor

May 16th. 2022 ©

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