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Spiritual Inspiration and observation of these end times.

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Our Prophecy

The concrete's cold but

there's heat on the street.

Plenty of posions but there's

nothing to eat.

People defeated, been cheated

in life.

The tension is thick, it could be

cut with a knife.

The strife and the stress,

compounded by a lack of rest,

can test the best of us...

constantly oppressed.

Get up! Get dressed. Go change

the scene.

Opportunity for change is the

American dream.

But it seems like fear is an

anchor for most.

You know the end is near...

Homelessness from coast to coast.

Who's guarding the post?

Infiltration is inevitable.

Who is the host of this

incredible travesty?!!

It's terribly sad to me.

There's no answer in sight.

Another course of tragedy...

Gave up the fight.

This is a global plight,

and no one is exempt.

Everyone's got a story...

It's not only mein kampf.

Everybody struggles against

a system if it's rigged.

They control the fire while

we're all still rubbing twigs.

I figured you would probably

find me here...

Grinding my chalk on the blackboard.

Writing these sentences over again,

But they all seem to get ignored.

I'm bored with this spiraling loop

that were in.

It's the same old thing everyday.

Everywhere I look, I see the pain

within the eyes that are on display.

No, I'm not ok with this, and you

shouldn't look the other way.

Some people just need a hug

and a kiss...

Give a little love today.

A smile can last a while and warm

the heart like a furnace.

Two people sharing stories pouring

coffee from a thermos.

Walk a mile just to dial in how it

feels to move your feet.

It only takes a little while to

understand the beat on the street.

It goes, One for the law that's been

engaged in crime.

Two for the judges that never have

the time.

Three for the Congress people

bought by The Man.

Four for the bankers and their

New World Order master plan.

I've had all I can stand,

And I know this ain't the way.

Put your hands together...

Bow your heads and pray.

Pray for the aflicted...

You don't wanna know their


Pray for the stray dog that's

abandoned in the rain.

Pray for our governments,

that their corruption must cease.

Pray for each other and don't

take the Mark of the Beast.

At least I have the freedom still

to worship the creator of all.

If we don't leave this Mammon


All of mankind will fall.

Don't ignore the call, you're not

just one, we are an army.

Put on the Armor of Victory,

and no one will harm either you or me.

You're formally invited...

The powers that be have been

preying on humanity.

People are weak when they are

divided, but together we are


Come help us fulfill Our Prophecy.

Written by: Michael W. Taylor

May 13th. 2022 ©

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