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Spiritual Prophetic Poetry/Lyrics written in a Hip Hop fashion. Written by: Michael W. Taylor 2022 ©

Poesia Todo o público. © Michael W. Taylor 2022 ©

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God In Man

What is this? Where am I?

Something's not quite right.

I ask again, where am I?

There's not much love in sight.

This is more than our plight,

It's a fight for our soul.

Possessions for salvation.

The Great Divide...

A sinister goal.

I'm watching prophecy


Truth's been sold.

The plan is old.

Changing everything we know.

Unfold the scroll...

The final blow.

Woe to you oh sea and earth,

Your womb is cursed,

The penance owed.

He who may be last, is first,

The plot reversed,

against our foe.

There will be an end to he and all

that follows with him.

Where we go inevitably,

Reaction from decision.

A spiritual collision

in dimensions unforseen.

Caught between what's right

and wrong in a hostile world

that's bitter and mean.

Dreams have turned to nightmares

as the population grieves.

It's not over yet, he's got more

tricks up his sleeves.

Sidetracked by consumerism.

Steal their independence.

Make a hundred dollars and

they give you Fifty Cents.

If they moan and holler

give them stimulus checks.

Wanna be a balla you gotta

first wear their dress.

Well I'm not impressed.

It's time to face these issues.

Get some things off my chest.

I'm tired of having to wear

a bullet proof vest.

My rhyme will remind you...

Life is a test.

We're guests that just don't get it...

Everything's on loan.

You are where your heart is...

That is your home.

We belong to something greater

than anything we could imagine.

The universe's Creator...

A piece of it is deep within.

What was the cost of the very

first sin?

Eternity lost, a coin tossed in

the wind.

A barcode embossed, and a

Faustian bargain.

Information overload.

Syntax error... The end.

Death is the latest trend

my friend.

The end.

I hope you're ready for what

Hell's gonna send.

The end.

The choice was made,

Deny God in man.

The end.

Now how do I get back

to where I began?

The End.

Written by: Michael W. Taylor

May 4th. 2022 ©

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