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He loves to hunt down his preys, torture them slowly and snap their life threads from the circle - in other words, he loves to kill them. Born into the great Ameilo family has it's up and downs, especially when their youngest child is a satan on earth, he started the game, the one that made people - both male and female die in the process, he himself was a challenge, one that he was sure no single person could overcome. She was a professional assassin, one that killed without a reason, but just did it for the money. Lives of humans meant nothing to her, until she decided to play the devil's game. Erotic sparks fly, and blood shed occurs more. Would she win the game or eventually end up six feet under?

Romance Erótico Para maiores de 21 anos apenas (adultos).

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The family dined peacefully, and for a while, they actually looked like a normal one. Not a home that ran illegal drugs, murdered people and sold out slaves. The serene arena they had managed to keep was instantly disrupted at his arrival, his mere demeanor was enough to make the air tense.

"Where is Angelo?" He asked calmly, walking two steps closer to them. He seemed very relaxed now, but everyone knew that the storm had just started,

No one replied because they didn't know where the youngest Ameilo was.

"I asked a question, where the fuck is Angelo?" He yelled this time, his voice echoing through the walls,

A maid got frightened and dropped some plates on the ground, her face visibly paled up, and she looked like she could faint any moment from then on. There was silence for about fifteen seconds until all hell broke loose.

His stunning and electrifying gray eyes burned with a never-ending fury, his gaze lashing out on the poor maid harshly, he swiftly walked up to her and grabbed her neck, holding her above him.

"Enzo we can talk about this" A woman pleaded, her voice like a knife cutting through the thick tension. She had very light blue eyes, at a look one would think they were akin to crystals,

"Di che cazzo vuoi che parliamo? (What the fuck do you want us to talk about?)" He shouted, anger dripping from his every word.

"Angelo would be back by tomorrow," The woman said softly, her eyes on the floor,

"What??" He bellowed, throwing the maid on the ground.

"We tried to convince him but he said he wasn't coming today" She continued, her voice monotone,

"You b-" He started saying but was caught off by a woman who seemed to be older than all of them in the room.

"Vicenzo! Ascolta tua moglie! (Listen to your wife!)" She scolded, walking out of the room abruptly,

"You" he pointed at his wife, "you raised a dipshit and spoiled him in the process"

"Hey, you may be allowed to insult me but never ever call my son names" She answered back, her voice strong this time, her blue eyes darkened slightly - like the ocean in the middle of a rainfall after a bright and sunny day.

"Who gave you the audacity to talk back at me?" He questioned, his eyes zeroing in on her like she was his next prey,

"Papà, che cazzo? It hasn't gotten to this level of insanity" His eldest son Matteo cut in before his father could do anything to his mom,

"Call that Piccolo bastardo and tell him I want his arse right here by this time tomorrow, or I will stuff bullets into each and every of his little puttane and send him a nice documentary on it," He said, climbing the grand notches.

"Someone call Angelo, that boy has put us through enough stress" His mother moaned, her hands pinching her brows.

"I'm on it" The second child, Giorgio replied to his mother.


"Sei un debole e continuerai ad essere debole a meno che non ci lavori sopra (You are weak and will continue to be weak unless you work on it)" A man said, whipping the girl who was landing blows on the punching bag with much effort.

He was a tall man with a huge body build, with a face that would tell you he was probably in his early fifties and a long goatee that scared the fuck out of little children. He had a grim line painted on his face as he watched sweat drip from his daughter's face, still, he wasn't satisfied. He wanted more power, he knew she had more strength.

"Punch it harder" he yelled, whipping her again,

"But Papà-" She tried to say but was instantly cut off by him,

"Shut up and punch that bag"

A figure came into the basement, his presence stopping all the action immediately, the girl fell to the floor faintly, her breath coming out in hard gasps.

"Young Don Matteo-" Her father started in a sugary voice,

"Quit the pleasantries. I am here to talk to your daughter so leave us" He said curtly.

"As you wish sir" The man walked out of the room, his aura following after him,

Matteo studied the girl that lay on the floor before him, waiting for her to catch her breath. After a while it seemed she had stopped gasping for air, he walked over to her and gave her a bottle of water which she gulped hurriedly.

"Ombra," He said lightly, but firmly,

"Don't call me that" Her voice came out in a strangled way,

"But it's your name, isn't it?" He argued further,

"I told you not to call me that!" She yelled, her voice echoing throughout the room.

"Calm down, I'll call you Andrea then. I have an assignment for you"

"What is it?" She shrugged, sitting up from the ground,

"It's concerning Angelo," He said,

She gave out a short but humourless laughter. "Even when he's not here he is still pulling the strings"

"It's not like that" He shook his head,

"Then what is it?" She asked,

"He just wants everything to be prepared before he comes back"

"He's coming back?" She asked, her sepia coloured eyes widened,

"Yes and apparently he doesn't like the face of some people, that's where you come in"

"What's my business with Angelo's preferences?"

He brought out a picture of a guy that looked like the most carefree person on earth, his hair was dyed navy blue and he had multiple rings all over his face, in total he looked like he was in his late twenties.

"Do you know this kid?" Matteo asked, after letting her assess his picture,

"I think I do.." she wondered, "Old Maximus kid?"


"But that man is sweet, why would you wanna hurt his kid?"

"He had a brawl with Angelo while he was in Canada, he caught him-"

"Probably executing someone" She completed his sentence for him,

"Sì" He facepalmed, "and he threatened to spill, so now Angelo wants him gone before he comes back"

"And I'm literally the only person to do your dirty work for ya?" She stood up, dusting her joggers,

"Name your price"

"I want a new Bugatti"

"Anything else?"


"You'll get your car after your job is successfully done"


He left the room, allowing her to be clouded In her own thoughts. Angelo was coming back, and she knew it wasn't for the best, The third Ameilo tended to control everyone she knew, even his own father, he was a manipulative human being and he found pleasure in doing so.

When her mother just died, she and her father came to live with the Ameilos, fully aware of the business they ran. They thrived on their power, wealth, and Influence on the country and beyond. What she didn't expect was the terror that proved to be Angelo Ameilo.

They never really got along, Even if she was just a few years younger than him. Angelo was the kind of person that didn't have patience, his charm could make you fall at his feet but she wasn't having any of that. She was a strong woman who believed that males and females should have equal rights and she spent a greater part of her life trying to prove Angelo wrong.

Until when he travelled around the world a few years back. He did his own illegal dealings too, like running drugs and killing when there was the need, which made him all the more dangerous.

She could still envision that mischievous look in his azure blue eyes with silver specks, this was going to be bad - Even for her.

She walked out of the basement in preparation for her job in the evening, this was going to be a very long night.


She wore her black stiletto heels to match with her sexy black cocktail bandage dress, it had a low V cut on the neck side, revealing a lot of cleavages.

She let her rich dirty blonde hair cascade over her shoulders, weaving a part into a single braid, she was good to go.

The nightclub was loud and wild as usual, earlier she had met Matteo and he told her that she could find the Sapphire-haired freak at the club, he was very easy to find because as usual, he stood out among the crowd of weirdos.

"Hey baby" She drawled out when she walked up to him, her hand trailing from his chest downwards, "care to dance?" She asked,

He nodded eagerly following her to the dance floor, they danced and drank for a while before he got highly intoxicated, she used that opportunity to pull him outside.

"Pumpkin pie, we are going to your place yes?" He struggled to say, the alcohol getting to his brain,

"No" She smirked, "You are gonna die and I'm going to watch you die a slow and painful death, I would've made it quicker but I really don't have anything to do at home"

"What?" He asked, his mind still not comprehending what she had just said,

"Oof. It's useless explaining to you"

She drew out a dagger from her dress, the initials A.A engraved on the spear point lace knife, she smirked again, she was pretty sure he had forgotten about this.

Which one last glance at the sharp object, she held his neck, strangling him in the process and tearing his skin with the dagger, emitting a scream from him. But no sound came out as she choked his neck, indirectly crushing his vocal cords.

His eyes rolled to the back of his head, as he slumped on the ground, but she knew he was still alive,

"Ouu baby, but we're not done yet" She giggled, thrusting the object into his thigh, he gave out a loud and piercing sound yet again, blood gushing out of the deep wound.

"I've always wondered why my mom named me Ombra, out of all the names. Even my dad was a bit sane when he called me Andrea, I guess she was thinking at that time, I am like your shadow, it follows you like your closest friend, but you never know the time it would attack"

She dug the weapon into the side of his abdomen, but he didn't scream this time,

"Looks like you've given up so easily, I guess my job here is done" she smiled, pressing the knife into his chest, his eyes opened for a bit, blood spilling out from his mouth, he opened it trying to take in the rush of air. Then he gasped once and his heart stopped beating.

"Awee now my dagger is stained, but I'll get a shiny new Bugatti" She chuckled taking a picture with her phone for proof.

She was the queen of this game - her rules, her wins.


"Is it done?" He asked the girl lying nonchalantly on the couch,

"Yup" she replied casually handing him her phone,

"Good" he replied, nodding his head stiffly.

"You sent Rea out on a mission?" Giorgio spat out, bewildered

"Yeah and so?" Matteo asked,

"She's a girl! She can't go alone"

"She was the perfect person to do the job, don't underestimate her powers"

"You guys know I'm right here?" She strained out,

"Shut up" they replied in unison, glaring at each other,

"Wow okay," She rolled her eyes,

"Angelo is always putting people in trouble" Giorgio deadpanned,

"You know he does whatever he wants so stop your bullshit and stop feeding me crap, he runs the hardest dirty work here"

"It still doesn't give him any right"

"Why don't you tell that to his face" Matteo hissed slightly, walking out of the room,

"You guys give him too many privileges" Giorgio yelled after him, going out of the room, leaving her alone,

"Hey? Wait up! When the fuck am I getting my damn car?" She asked, "ack! This useless" she whined, collapsing on the couch.

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