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City of shadows tells the story of ashe and walter who do not know each other but both end up in a world with disturbing and completely troubled creatures, both have a dark past that do not remember would this world be their judgment? Cover:poster of the film "horror in silent hill" edited (I'm not fluent in English, so I used a translator) this series is coming out simultaneously along with the publication of its original language

Horror Horror gótico Para maiores de 18 apenas.
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Where am i?

- where I am, what a fog

A woman gets up from the ground, she looks at her badge written her name "ashe ayres".

Ashe begins to walk trying to look for someone in this intense fog, but on the way she finds a grocery store and soon decides to enter.

When she enters she finds no one just a crowbar on the ground

- why would a crowbar be on the ground? Someone has to be here

Ashe looks at the cashier and comes across something she has never seen in her life, a tall, eyeless, pale, large-toothed creature walks toward the ashe.

Ashe trembles and starts sweating while seeing the creature that emits strange sounds


the creature spits out a pool of blood and then grabs ashe's arms and opens his mouth to devour it.

Ashe manages to push the creature into the wall and strikes him in the head with the crowbar


the creature does not fall and ashe shoots and strikes twice more


The creature's head begins to tremble and then explodes and ashe looks at that disturbing image with a look of fear.

- what the hell am I at

Ashe leaves the grocery store with her crowbar in her hands and the fog continues to get more and more intense but she hears a scream


a man's voice echoes to the redores of this place


ashe starts running and listens to cries.

She realizes that the crying is coming near her and soon she reaches another street of this place but there is a man holding a knife crouched, crying

-Are you okay?

-Where am I, ma?.

- I don't know, I woke up in this place

Is there? I also woke up in the middle of this hell

-What's your name?

-Walter, what about yours?

-my name is ashe

-ashe you have some memory before you're here

-I just remember another long day in Newton City acting as a cop, and you remember something

-I remember seeing a woman striking a man with an Axe

- how we got here then

- I have no idea maybe we can have answers looking for clues in this hell

Ashe looks around and sees a building

- you're right to wait the most...


- I know this building

-What building is this?

-is the newton city police station but it is more destroyed

- I think we should go there

- yes, maybe i have some of my partner

Ashe and Walter enter the police station and feel an uncomfortable air at the scene.

Ashe walks into a room and sees blood through the wall

Walter come and see this.

Walter walks into the room and says

- there's a lot of blood on the wall, something happened in this place and we're being chased maybe

Ashe sees a shadow on the stairs of the police station

-Walter has a shadow on the stairs to the office

Ashe stares into the shadow and soon a female creature descends the stairs crawling.

-ashe is creature I've seen her countless times out there

By saying this the creature begins to squirm and its back explodes and 4 tentacles appear

- Holy shit, Walter...

Ashe trembles, the crowbar falls to the ground and she pulls away from Walter and starts vomiting.


the creature says

-Mommy help there's a spider on my arm The creature jumps towards Walter who dodges and plunges the knife into one of the creature's tentacles.


the creature strikes Walter with its tentacles and he is flung away.

- MR SPIDER CAME UP THE WALL AND SAW ASHE AND DIDN'T THINK TWICE TO PICK A GIRL TO KILL HER the creature starts to drool and approaches ashe who is trembling and without reaction

-ASHE does something

The creature tries to hit ashe with the tentacle but ashe jumps towards the stairs and grabs the crowbar. The creature approaches and ashe swipes at the creature's tentacle, which breaks. Blood is spurted on the walls, ashe hits the creature's head which splits in half and before dying the creature tries to hit with all the tentacles towards the ashe that dodges, the tentacles end up digging into the wall. -Ashe why didn't you kill her before? -Walter they are messing with our traumas -trauma?

- when I was a child a spider bit me and I was hospitalized because of the poison but my father died and I couldn't say goodbye to him

-Ashe I'm sorry but we have to face them

-yes but we need a room to be safe


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