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Vanessa had it hard growing up and she always wanted true freedom from the hell she was living. Trigger Warning:rape and incest

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Where my freedom is.

"Hey! come on slow poke, we're almost there" the black hair girl said as she stop walking and turned to her friend who was far away "gosh you walk slow" she walk back down and put the shorter girl on her back and piggy back ride her all the way to the top.

"remind me why I agreed to this again?" the tired girl panted as she gulped down the last of her water in her water bottle , she can not understand why her friend loved hiking so much.

"because we are best friends and this is what best friends do, now come on Nessa we need to get back before class start" the girl said as she started to walk back down.

"what? But we just got up here, what was the point of this?" Vanessa groaned, her friend just kept walking "Hey! Constance! Constance come back!" she screamed as she ran to catch up with her friend.

the two make it to there school an hour late, Vanessa glared at Constance blaming her as Constance just shrugged her shoulders "aww come on cheer up "Constance said wrapping her arm over Vanessa's shoulder as the older girl role her eyes.

"yeah whatever if I'm late one more time Mr.Lee is going to call my parents, and remember what happened last time right?" Vanessa said while the two walked down the school hall way.

"yes I know, sorry I just really wanted to hike, any ways see you after school " Constance said waving goodbye to her best friend as she walked inside her fourth period class, Vanessa wave back and started to walk to her class when she bumped into some one.

"I'm am so sorry I didn't watch where I was going" she said helping the person pick up there papers, there hands touched and her heart jumped Al of a sudden, she look up to see Mason landcaster smiling at her "M-mason".

"no worries Vanessa, I wasn't watching where I was going as well, I hope I didn't hurt you" he said checking to see that Vanessa was fine, Vanessa cheeks turned red going noticed by the boy "Vanessa you are red, are you alright?" he asked concerned.

"I uh I'm going to be late to class see you around Mason" Vanessa said rushing up the stairs to her class, she takes deep breaths before entering the classroom, all eyes went on her and she smiled awkwardly at her teacher and classmates.

"Ms.Reynolds you are late to my class yet again" Mrs.lester said, The middle aged woman did not look pleased to see Vanessa tardy to her class twice in one week.

"I am so sorry Mrs.lester" she said to the older woman before taking her seat, her heart haven't stop racing since she touched Masons hand,the bell rings and everyone get ready to leave the class.

"Alright remember I want a 3 page essay on desk by Tuesday" the annoyed teenagers ughed and groaned before leaving the class "Vanessa please come here".

Vanessa out her papers in her backpack and walked up to Mrs.lesters desk "look Mrs. L I'm so sorry for being late please don't tell Mr.lee he'll call my parents" Vanessa begged with her hands together and a frown.

"I'm sorry Vanessa but you leave me-" Mrs.lester stop mid sentence once she noticed how black and blue Vanessa's left wrist was "Vanessa what happened to your wrist?" The young girls eyes widen and she quickly covered her wrist with her long sleeve shirt.

"N-nothing ,a hiking accident" Mrs.lester wasn't buying it the older woman was about to say something but Constance walks into the class.

"Nessa you ready to go ?" She asked not paying attention that the atmosphere was a bit strange.

"You are free to go Ms. Reynolds ,as for a punishment for being tardy for a second time this week ,I want a six page essay about something you would like to share" Vanessa mentally thanks Mrs.lester for not asking anymore questions.

"Yes, ma'am" the two best friends walk into the hallway .

"What was that about?" Constance asked ,she finally realized something was a little off.

"I told you I was going to get in trouble for being tardy again" Vanessa stretched the truth out a little.

"Oh yeah" Constance replied,the two walk to the cafeteria for lunch.


after school Vanessa and Constance walked around the park eating ice cream "so what are you doing this weekend?" Constance asked licking her ice cream cone.

"hmmm I don't know yet, I might just study since our final exams are coming up" Vanessa replied scooping another spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.

"aww no fun your such a boring person, you're lucky your my best friend" Constance said, Vanessa laughs at that, truth was Constance was her only friend since 10th grade no one really wanted to be her friend, who would want to be the poor girls friend right? the only reason Vanessa was accepted into the high prep school was because her mother was having a affair with the principle , but Vanessa kept that to herself the only reason she even knew that sad truth was when she caught the principle in her house and her mom wiping her mouth every time she pretended to drop a napkin under the table at dinner.

"well how about you ask Jenny to hang with you" Vanessa suggested Constance stopped walking "Const what's wrong?" Vanessa asked looking at her friend.

"Nessa would you still be my friend if I told you a secret?" Vanessa was confused of course she would still be Constance's friend, she nodded her head as Constance took in some air "me and Jenny...we um, we're together" Constance spit out, Vanessa was a little puzzled .together? like the way her and Constance was?.

"ok we all can be together lets go get her" Vanessa said before grabbing Constance hand "ugh come on lets go get Jen"

"no Nessa not that type of together, me and jenny are girlfriends,lovers,girl who loves girl" Constance tried to explained more, Vanessa stood even more puzzled, together together, Constance and jenny, but such a thing was forbidden , it was a sin right? after not getting a response Constance sighs "it's ok if you can't be my friend because of this ,I'll understand" Constance's said with eyes filled with tears ,she started to walk away.

Vanessa shake her thoughts away and catch up with her best friend "hey! Const, are we going to get Jen or not?" Vanessa asked like a little kid wanting to go to a amusement park.

"did you not hear what I said!?" Constance said in frustration while she tried to hide her tears.

"yes I did, and I'm cool with it, you and Jenny are good together, and if she makes you happy then its all good, you're my best friend Constance nothing will ever change that" Constance cried and engulfed her best friend into a tight hug surprising Vanessa before she hugged back.

"thank you nessa thank you" Constance felt a little more happier knowing that her only friend accepted how she felt about other girls.

You're welcome ,but now tell me have you ever had a crush on me?" Vanessa jokingly asked but she was also curious of the answer.

"No way , you're not my type" Constance said before casually walking away from her disappointed friend.

"Not your type?! What does that even mean?!" Vanessa yelled down the street.

"It means you're too short!" Constance yelled back.

"I'm fun size!" Vanessa defended herself.

"Yeah whatever,later Nessa"Constance yelled before disappearing down the street.


Vanessa sat in her room drawing when a knock came from her door "come in" she said as she kept drawing she had to draw a graphic design for her design class.

"hey , want to come to the store with me?" that voice , her heart started to race in the worse way, any other younger sister would love to tag along with their big brother but not in Vanessa's case, she was scared of her brother, what he did to her , what he made her do it haunted her , she never told a soul how could she? no one would believe that, since her brother was the only real person bringing money into the house after her father got arrested.

"no I'm ok I need to finish this" Vanessa said as she never looked up from her drawing, she could never look at her brother the same he took something from her , something she could never get back something that kept her pure.Vanessa had ended up pregnant afterwards but he paid for for her abortion, she was in so much pain, the only person that knew somewhat about her pregnancy was Constance, but what could she do? no one listens to 17 year olds, well no one listen to 17 year old girls.

"are you sure, I thought we could maybe play a game on the way there" he looked at her with a sly smile, Vanessa's whole body shivered, she knew that game all to well, it wasn't really a game it was him touching her in private areas while he drove with one hand. one time he dug his nails to far and and made her bleed, she could barley walk the next day at school.

"It's ok I really need to get this done for class" she prayed that was the end of it ,she just wanted her brother to go away witch he did and it was, he shrugged his shoulders and walked out her room, she wanted to cry why was her life like this?sad part was her parents knew,a couple of weeks ago they entered Vanessa's room to see her bent over on her bed while her brother roughly thrusted inside her ,she looked at her parents begging for them to make it stop ,to make him stop but all they did was close the door and they've pretended like they never seen it ever since then.

Vanessa had fallen asleep after finishing half her English homework a few moments later she felt something heavy on top of her, she was about to open her eyes when she felt it, oh god she felt it, she felt it inside her she felt every rough thrust , it hurt so bad ,she didn't like the feeling she wanted to scream for him to stop, but she knew better this time so she just let it happen with her eyes closed shut.

Vanessa tried to go to her happy place, but it wasn't working this time , she heard his grunts and moans, his fingers digging into her flesh, when he finally came inside her, she felt it all, she wish she didn't but she did , and like always he kiss her on the lip,pull up his pants and walks out her room as if nothing happened.

Vanessa crawled into a ball and cried until she finally went to her safe place, where there was no one but her, constance and Jenny, a place of freedom.

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