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Evera is a small town thief who gets saved by a mysterious boy with an unknown past, should she trust him? Will she survive this new adventure that awaits? find out in Embedded Angel

Fantasia Medieval Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

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The Boy

"Get away from me!" Evera shouted as she ran, the underbrush was thick and she could barely see the path she was running on, the sky was so cloudy the sun was of no help either “There's no point in running!” the guard yelled tauntingly. She knew she was running out of options fast, she couldn't run forever, her legs were already starting to give out. “You annoying little brat stop running!” the other guard snarled. A arrow flew past her head and hit a overhead branch before she could react it fell. and she tripped over it, “Nice shot!” yelled one of the two guards. “well well well, look what we have here, a world-renowned thief finally caught.” The guard grinned he had a large scar going down his left eye onto his cheek along with his short gray hair. “look I'm not like that anymore.” Evera growled “Shut it!” the other guard snapped kicking her. She was about to shout back but the other guard interrupted her. “No time to argue, we must take her to the queen.” Said the guard proudly, both guards grabbed her by her elbows and picked her up. They dragged her to the gate and walked through the streets. The townsfolk gathered around starting at her as she was dragged to the castle entrance. She scanned the crowd idly until she saw a dark shape move in the back of the crowd. It moved too fast for her to get a good look at it. Soon enough they reached the castle entrance, she wasn't exactly keen to meet her Majesty. He shoved her in front of the queen with his foot, she stumbled forward trying to catch her balance. She caught her balance and bowed as formally as she could. “Well well well look what we have here, a small thief trying to get by.” She smiled oddly nicely, the guard walked up to her and whispered something in her ear, it was too quiet for her to make out though. “I Can't believe this....A little girl like this could- could do such a HORRIBLE THING!” The queen shouted, “What are you talking about?” Evera asked, the queen stood up out of her chair “You know exactly what I'm talking about! I was gonna spare you, but this THIS is unforgivable, SEND HER TOO THE DUNGEON!” The queen shouted. “BUT I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING, WHAT DID YOU TELL HER?!” Evera Snapped, the guard grinned and started to drag her away, she tried to fight back but her leg was still hurt from before so all she could do was gaze begrudgingly as they dragged her away. They soon reached her cell, it was dark and damp, it looked very unkept, the only thing the cell has is an old damp wood plank as a bed and bars for windows. “UGH, how could I let this happen!” She exclaimed, hitting her head against the wall “you shouldn't do that.” an unknown voice stated. She spun around to look at where the voice was coming from, it was a brown-haired boy with freckles and green eyes. He grinned “I have come to save you from your little predicament!”

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