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both partners as happy as ever, smile on their faces but broken inside heaven drowns in her problems

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The Journey Starts.

So there it was, the perfect existence had come to an end before it had even begun. She was as pleased as ever when I met her a few years ago. Who was aware of what was going on? No one would have known so. Against the backdrop of everyday sadness and a tumultuous life ,the pounding of a bloody heart, the tears, and the deafening shouts that no one could hear.

It all began at the birth of the child itself : the parental quarrel, the baby's cries. The father didn't agree with them. Even though the mother was doing everything she could for her infant girl Heaven, she still had to deal with the parents' loud screams and conflicts for years and years ongoing. Heaven's ambition was to be the first in class, to pass her examinations, and to work as a high-quality teacher. She was fascinated with science. She came for her final examinations; she gave it her all, waking up early to revise and taking the exams, but she was unable to achieve the desired scores because she witnessed the verbal clashes. Her stress had a significant impact on her life. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and second by second, the stress escalated. After college, the second part of life began with university. She was a little nervous because the main source of stress in her life, her father's tyranny, was still present, but she had enthusiasm, didn't give up, and worked hard to achieve her goal. She failed the first semester, but she maintained her confidence and did not quit up. Heaven reapplied and failed once more, losing hope but continuing to go through this for another 5 years.

It was finally time for her to enter the working world after a lengthy period of struggle. She did not receive a high-paying job, but she did apply for a specific course and was accepted, but she was fired because her employer was racist. She lost hope once more and had to confront difficulties, like she had done her entire life. Is it rational? Was she deserving of this? She has her mother working, sacrificing everything and putting in long hours to keep the family afloat. Even though the father was not present, he continued to torture them mentally. She had been wronged, betrayed, and humiliated. She wanted to scream cruel words, but there was no sound, just hopeless tears flowing down her face. Her forlorn pleas were drowned by the ocean. The only thing that kept her going was a meaningless panic attack. She shut her eyes in despair as water filled her lungs. She did not give up and found another profession, but it was not in her favor this time because the project failed owing to the virus spreading throughout the world.

She didn't give up, however, and was already in a relationship, hoping to find happiness with him. She was overjoyed because it allowed her to escape the awful reality. Both of them were as joyful as ever, and they first understood each other before fighting the anguish. My family was introduced to Heaven. After going through a lot of difficulties in life, Ezequiel and Heaven were overjoyed.

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