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A palace under the curse of the devil, which has taken many lives. Many secrets are hidden in that palace. What will happen to Richard Telion, who is living with his family in that palace, unaware of all these things?

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This creepy story begins in 1852 in St Helen, a small village in California,where a very serious discussion was going on at a bar(Deadly wines).

Kewin ternal who owned that bar was asking his wife Laila to get more wine.Everyone was talking about a palace. A man with signs of wine on his moustache was saying that "My grandmother used to be a maid in that palace, she used to say that the king's daughter was going completely mad when she opened the room in which that creepy soul was imprisoned",Some people nodded their heads on hearing this.

"I have heard that the dreadful soul in that palace does not allow anyone to live there"Said a woman who had just come there with a tray full of glasses of wine in her hand.She was Laila.

"I have heard that the king's daughter has gone mad because of that dreadful spirit," Said an old man whose beard was cut in a very strange way.

"I've heard many times a woman screaming from that palace"Said a beautiful woman whose hair was coming down to her knees.

"I don't know, but some people say that the princess had fallen in love with someone and when the king came to know about this, he locked the princess in the palace and a few days later the princess committed suicide"Kevin said while cleaning the glass.

"That's a lie,"Said an old lady who was listening very carefully to all these things.Everyone fell silent.The old lady took a sigh from her glass and then said that "My mother was found dead in that house, and not only my mother, many people have lost their lives in that palace.After the death of the princess, the king was also found dead on his bed and after that royal family, whichever family came there, many dangerous incidents happened to them"

"I have heard that the family of a British constable has come to live there"A young man said.

"How do you know, Jon" Kewin asked him.

"In the morning when I was irrigating my fields, I saw a horse cart carrying a lot of goods going towards that palace.Sir Pelin was also going towards the palace behind that horse cart(Pelin Carter was the magistrate of that village) And when he was coming down the slope, I asked him who are those people, then he told me that he is a constable who has been sent here by the british government to investigate about the recent deaths(Recently three unknown bodies were found in that palace) and his family has also come with him"He said.

"They should not stay in that palace,that palace will take their lives"That old woman said.

"Don't say such things, Migrate" Laila said.

"God protect those people "Kewin said in a sad voice. Everyone looked sad.


A palace which was situated on a rock. The palace was very grand and dark.It was raining outside.There was a very beautiful garden outside that palace.Light was coming from the lower part of the palace, in the room from which the light was coming, there was a very handsome man who was not looking much old, he had black hair which was shining in the light of the lamp. He was trying to see some papers carefully under the light of the lamp.Just then the door of the room opens and a beautiful lady came in."You're still working?"She said softly.

"You shouldn't stay up so long?"

"And maybe you too!" She said.

"Robin fell asleep?" He asked her.

"Yeah but it was very difficult to put him to sleep, he is eager to roam the whole palace, first time I have seen him so happy"

"Good, well Robin's mummy is happy?"

"Yeah, but she has a complaint against Robin's dad"

"What a complaint?"

"The complaint is that he is just working here"

"Darling, I'm just sent here to work"

"Dear, you should also pay attention to your family and then look at this place how beautiful it is"She said.

"I know,but work is also necessary and don't be so attached to this place, we have to go back to London as soon as the work is over from here"

"I wish this work would never end"She said in a dreamy voice.

" 𝘬𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘬"Then there was a loud lightning, whose brilliance lit up the whole palace.Lisa hugs Richard. "Ssss, There is nothing to worry, I am here with you."Lisa leaves Richard softly.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be scared like that" She said.

"It's ok"

"I feel protected when I'm with you"

"I'm always with you"

"Thanks"But this couple did not know that many bad incidents were going to happen to them.A little boy was sleeping in the second room on the first floor, with a smile on his face, maybe he was drifted off into a beautiful dream.Then the lightning flashed one more time,In the light of lightning, it was found that he was not alone in the room, a black shadow that looked like a woman was looking at the child standing next to the bed....

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Noah Rowland Noah Rowland
Very intruiging and got me hooked at the end! However, there is some punctuation mistakes and some typos. Like putting a full stop after a end-quotation mark. And some that didn't have the comma before the but. Because it will make your work look rushed. With stories you will have to take it slow. Very promissing start. And a very overawing ending of the 1st chapter to keep the readers intriuged! Great job!
January 28, 2023, 08:26
Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
Was hooked on the cover, then I was hooked on the story from the start, definitely looking forward to more.
October 24, 2022, 09:01

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