Jessica Morgan

You where watching the lovely view you had witnessed before you but, things decided to take an unexpected turn

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It starts here .

once upon a dream,

the wind was amazing,

the sun was setting in the background,

birds where singing.

the waves where crashing into each other and all you could see was dolphins mixing in with the ocean blue waves.

it was a moment that you'd never see again.

all of a sudden things changed, the wind started mocking the waves, cars where being dragged, the birds started going off tune and the sky was pitch black.

why did it change all of a sudden?

people where screaming,

you could hear them.

then you saw someone being killed, executed, she was a mother. her children where screaming, they knew what was going on, you couldn't just stand there, you ran, you cut the trope with your trusty knife from your pocket, she fell, she wasn't nearly half dead, she was still alive and able to walk, she wasn't being hanged yet, thank god. her kids where happy, you where happy, but then, you where being hunted, you where on the run, you knew this was gonna happen and you didn't regret it. although you could be killed, you where proud of yourself, for once.

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