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In a world where characters from stories can sometimes come to life, most writers with 'the gift' are closely monitored or put in a special camp by the Souvereign Government. Melchior is a young teenager, secretly telling stories to his younger siblings. He is certain of the fact that he doesn't have the gift, since it's supposed to manifest really early in a writer's life. Accidentally he creates a terrible villain that comes to life, after which different criminal organisations start contacting him for recruitment. He is now a fugitive, running from the organisations and the Souvereign Government that tries to imprison him, with only his skills to protect him.

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Vanyar, the Killing Shadow

Melchior, a 17 year old teenager with a mop of red hair and an incredible amount of freckles, often called Carrotboy by foes and friends alike, was not exactly a rebel. He also wasn't really abiding by the rules. Melchior knew that the moment he started telling his younger siblings a story he was performing an illegal act. In section 4 of the New Lawbook, rules made by the Souvereign Government and enforced by his father and a group commonly called The Greyhounds, it clearly stated that both writing made up stories and telling them was punishable by law. 

This New Lawbook was created around Melchior's birth, as a reaction to the emerging of writers blessed (or cursed) with "the gift". Writers and storytellers gained the ability to make their written characters come to life. This caused widespread panic, as writers would accidentally (and purposefully) make their most sadistic villains come to life. 

The Gift itself was rare. Not as rare as the Souvereign Government wanted it to be, considering the amount of writers taking advantage of it to take control of the masses in their stead. Cults were formed around some of the best writers, people praying to them to make good things appear, or, more often than not, bad things, and criminal organisations couldn't wait to get their hands on a writer with The Gift. This caused the New Lawbook to be written, and all current Rogue Writers were put in special camps. The normal everyday writer was forced to quit their job, and they and all children with the possibility of gaining The Gift were closely monitored. 

Melchior didn't have the gift. It was supposed to manifest itself early in his childhood, and it didn't. So it was because of that fact that he didn't feel any qualms about telling his siblings a story with a good guy- bad guy plotline. Also, he wasn't very confident in his storytelling skills. They were simply not good enough to make anything appear. Because his father was a Greyhound he did it in secret, hiding in the attic of the farm their mom stayed at. Despite the fact that his siblings had swore not to tell Melchior was threading on thin ice, and he kept his voice down as much as he could. He just couldn't give up on his tale.


"Cecilia ran through the streets, searching desperately for the old professor who had so kindly helped her all these years. The frightening shadows behind her seemed to come after her just as fast." Melchior's epos had begon, starting from where he left off yesterday. His main character, a young girl named Cecilia (after his first love), had just learned how to use Lynam, an ancient magic that you used by drawing lines in the sky. But what Cecilia didn't know, was that anyone who first learned Lynam had to battle against one of the old monsters who first created the line magic. Only then could a user completely control the power. Most of the monsters were easily defeated, the slumber in the shadows had made them weak, and too lethargic to actually battle. Cecilia had likely drawn the short straw. 

"The shadows behind Cecilia moved while she ran," Melchior continued, using his arms and his facial expression to make the story come alive even more, his youngest brother, Benjamin, shivered, and hid in the arms of his older sister Helena. 

"They shifted, and coiled around a steadily emerging shape. Cecilia stopped running, and turned around. The feeling she got from the shadows was unlike anything she had ever felt before, a suffocating, heavy feeling, making the young girl sweat and involuntarily gasp for air. 

"The shape took human form, but even from afar Cecilia could see that it was a lot taller than the average human.

'Who are you?' she asked, long before the figure was entirely visible, but when it was Cecilia saw it glare at her and sneer. 

"The form had become a woman-like figure, dark like the moving shadows around her. Her hair was long, and braided intricately as to not get in the way of fighting, her clothing consisted of darkness and the occasional strip of fabric, and her eyes were as black as.."


Melchior paused, thinking of something black, and gauging the reaction of his listeners. Helena, the oldest of his younger sisters was sitting with Benjamin in her lap. He seemed ready for the story to stop. He might've been too young to listen to this, and Melchior felt a cold shiver go down his spine, thinking that it was a really bad idea to let him listen to this illegally told tale. Lexy was sitting next to her older sister, anticipation for the rest of the fantasy evident in her big green eyes. She nodded her head at him to continue, showing off her intricately braided red hair (his inspiration for the villain's hairdress). He knew that she knew, and that she loved him for it. 

"Go on then!", Lexy urged him, seeing Melchior lost in thought. "Her eyes were as black as..."

"Uh, well her eyes were like black holes," Melchior revised his sentence, and with a last glance at the other two siblings, Helena nodding at him through her sleek black hair, he continued solemly.


"Cecilia tried to see in those eyes of the shadowgirl, but there was nothing in them to see. The only emotion the face of the girl portrayed was disdain and a condescending sneer.

'You want a piece of me, little dove?' the girl bellowed, and began drawing large lines in the sky at lightning speed. With a shock Cecilia realised it to be Lynam, though she didn't recognise this particular linework. She urged her feet to move, but she stood rooted to the spot. Cue the laughter from her shadowy enemy.

'If you don't start drawing soon, I will kill you.' she just said, and Cecilia had to shield her eyes from the light that seemed to explode from the Lyama (the name the magical Lynam symbols carried). Cecilia felt like her final hour had struck, but nothing happened. At least, not immediately.

'I am Vanyar, the Shadow who Kills, and I call upon Keino. Come forth, my loyal dog.' the shadow woman chanted, indicating her name, or at least her title, was Vanyar. 

From the shadows surrounding her a particular violently moving part seperated, and grew larger. The Lyama she had drawn glowed, and came together with the shadows, forming a being that resembled a dog."


"A dog?" came a small, but hopeful voice, interrupting Melchior's narrative. "A nice and pretty dog like Benny?" Benjamin had spoken, and he looked up at his big brother hopefully. He was referring to their gentle Bordercollie called Benny, the family dog that was running around on the barn grounds outside. 

"Uh.." Melchior stuttered, "Well, no Ben... Not exactly. I was thinking more like a large and vicious creature, one that only looks slightly like a dog."

Benjamin seemed disappointed. His former, sudden, interest, gone almost as soon as it came.

"Why can't it be a nice dog?" He asked, but Lexy shushed him.

"Of course not idiot baby brother!" the redhead whispered at him heatedly, "it wouldn't have been the villains dog!"

Benjamin sniffled. Melchior sighed and Lexy sighed even harder.

"Maybe our strong hero Cecilia can summon a nice dog to counter the evil dog from Vanyar." Helena said. This seemed to appease Benjamin, who sat back down, wiped his nose, and closed his mouth.

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Elle Black I'm Elle, a 22 year old Dutchie. I love to create things, ranging from writing a story or drawing a webcomic, to making a small game. Currently I'm trying to put all my time into writing 500 words every day, before I start a cursus creative writing. ...hopefully. Usually I write in english, but I can write in dutch too if asked (I've written in english for so long, it will be a challenge, haha). I'm very friendly and open to friendships and any critiques.

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