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A young girl wakes up with a bad stomach ache. Parents go to take her to the ER. Drunk driver hits Parents car head on kills both Parents and drunk driver only survive was the little girl. The girl's siblings blame her for what happened to there parent. The gril moves when she turns 18 because she started to belive that her parents death was her fault which give her depression and suicidal thoughts. Her new boss gets a phone call saying her brother wants her to help trying to find her nefu she had no clue existed. She go's to help her brother with her room mate Noah. Once they get there they soon found out the real truth of why they were called down there and it causes one of them there lives.

Histórias da vida Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.
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New York City

"Finally I am able to sleep!" She say, after a long day of work. She worked for a company that writes for magazine articles. She worked as a writer but you usually get assigned to write about missing people reports or try and help find the missing people. You life has been really hard scene she were around the agnever e of 10. She was riding with your parents and a drunk driver hit you guys head on it ended up killing her parents and the other driver. She was the only one that survived the crash. Her siblings blamed the crash and death of your parents on her because she had woken up with a really bad stomach ache so they were going to take her to the ER but you guys didn't make it far. After that day your siblings were really mean to her. She started to belive there death was her fault. She started to get depression after this she has never told anyone. She hides it really well she'd rather help others than have others worry about her. When she turned 18 she knew she had to get out of that town so she did. Now she lives in New York City and works for a big company with good pay. Your name is Willow Steele You are now 24 years old you have been away from your home town for 6 years.

Willow and her best freind Noah rent a house together. Willow met Noah two weeks after she moved to New York. Noah is a police detective and sometimes let's Willow help work on a case. " Hey Willow. You headed off to work already." Noah says. "Yep. I'll be back later tonight." you say. "Ok see ya. Be careful Willow the streets are worse in early morning and late nights." "Yes I know. God I swear your like my big brother or something." You say, laughing as you walk out the door to walk to work. You usually walk to work because it's only five blocks away. It doesn't take long before you got to work. You get to you desk and your boss is there. Which is strange to you because he usually only come to congratulate you after finishing your article but you haven't started an article in almost two days which is normal. "Hello Mr.Miller how may I help you today?" "Hello Willow please come to my office with me we need to talk about something." "Oh ok. Should I be worried?" "No. I should be the one worried to ask you this." He says. You think to yourself "How odd. He usually never dose this I wonder what he wants." you both walk into his office. "Take a seat Willow." he says nervously. You take your seat across from him and ask. "What is going on sir?" he hesitates for a few seconds. "I got a phone call last night from someone you know..." "Ok and who is this someone sir?" "Your brother Nelson Steele..." "What!? Why would my brother call you? he never calls at all because all my siblings hate me now I don't understand this." "I'm sorry Willow but your nefu has gone missing in your old town and he was wondering if you could come try and help find him. I know you and your family is not close for some reason but you should put those reason aside for right now and go help find you nefu." Mr.Miles says. You are in shock. you cant believe it. "Wait I have a nefu now?" as you say this your boss looks at you almost in the same state of shock as you are in. "Wait you didn't know? The kid is almost five years old!?" Mr.Miles says. "What the hell happend to you and your family girl for you to not be told that!?" " I left when I was 18 and never looked back because of the way they treated me...I have a nefu that is five." "Um yes and he is missing. Are you gonna try and help find him?" You are quite for a long while. "Yes...but only for my nefu's sake no one else's." "Well that's good to hear. I'll give you the time off to go and help find him take as much time off you need in this situation. You should head there today it's a long drive or fly to Minnesota Willow." "OK thank you sir see you later." you say almost running out of the room than running to your house. You burst through the doors letting them slam hard against the walls. "What the hell was that!?" You hear Noah shout form his room. He comes running out. "Willow what are you doing here your supposed to be at work." He says, confused. After explaining and him looking dumb founded than understanding he says "I'm coming with you. I want to help find that kid and meet your siblings and if they try and say or hurt you I'll go after them." "Thanks Noah I'm actually really scared to go back. I though I'd never go back home again." He go's to start packing his stuff well you pack yours.

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