Luna Star

A sixteen year old girl's parents got into a car accident and with no other family around the girl went to live with her grandfather. You the girl end up learning something very new about the town you now live in that puts you on edge. You ask your grandfather if this thing is true and why hadn't he be the one to tell you. She then find a new truth out about what happened to her dad, uncle and grandfather when they were younger that effected there whole lives and will for the rest of there lives.

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The Wolf

In a small town in the middle of no were there was an old folks tale was told about about towns woods. In the woods lived a creature that feeds off of humans and there fear. The legend says that if this monster catches you there'd be no escape from its glowing red eyes. You live about six miles from this old town with your grandfather scene your parents died in a car crash and he's the only family you got left. The funny thing is you never learned this tale until you went to town to there small Café. Your grandfather never told you a thing about it he only ever told you not to go out to the woods by yourself or on armed he'd never give a reason on why but you followed his rules anyway. Now that you know part of why he don't want you out there but still curious you go to your grandfather to find more out. "Grandfather?" You say as you walk in the house to find him sitting in his chair again. His old little cabin had no WiFi, TV, heck you don't think he even owns a cell phone just one of those old fashioned phones that you have to turn than it slowly go's back than you have to do that for the whole phone number. "Yes dear?" he says. "I know about the old tale now that almost the whole town believes in." "Yes. So what now you know." "I was just curious on why you didn't tell me..." you say to him waiting for his response. "There is a reason that I don't like to talk about this old tale. I didn't want to tell you dear because this creature is real and if it gets the chance it will attack you and you'd probably not even notice the attack happening until it's to late." "What do you mean Grandfather no one has ever gotten the chance to get away from this thing or so what I've heard?" You say in a confused tone. "Yes almost everyone will tell you that but I won't." "What do you mean?" You sit across from him waiting for him to respond. "It means that I've in my past have had an incounter with this creature and let's just say that this is way more than what it seem to be it's just horrible." You are almost stunned by his response. "What I thought that no one has ever survived when they saw the creature?" "I did. But I was lucky and some were not. Did your father before his passing did he ever tell you he had a deseced brother and sister?" "No...he didn't." "Well than I sorta figured that. anyway it all happened when your father was kid about 10 or so. Him his two brothers and one sister were playing in the yard and are youngest boy and girl had come with me to fetch some fire wood. I thought they were right behind me but on the way back I couldn't find them. So I start calling for them and walking the trail back. I found my son's stuffed teddy bear on the ground. I started yelling louder and louder trying to find them frantically but could find them tell I was at a point were I could hear a faint child crying. I ran towards it. It was my daughter she was laying on the ground and blood stained close to her neck...her eyes were hardly open I started to almost run to her as soon as I reached her I heard something in the brush in front of us. I stopped and all my hair on my neck stud straight up. Something was either stalking us or passing through. I looked over the brush and started to cry their lay my little boy motionless on the ground covered with blood. I could not believe it. It looked like something had tore out his stomach. I stood there for a while in disbelief. Then I saw it, it came out in front of me staring at me with its betty red eyes. It had all black fur, It was probably four feet tall, the eye were a bright blood red, and it stunk like death and rotting meat...it was the most horrifying thing ever. I thought I was going to die.

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