Emily Nicole Marcum

Kyimoi lives in a Christian family. And doesn't support LGBTQ+ But everything will change her life in high school. Something shed never expect. Something... That is beyond her romance.

LGBT+ Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

#life #Teenage #Romance # #LGBTQ+
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The weekend before high-school

I'm just an average teenage girl. living their life with big dreams. I always wanted to be an actress. But I live in a tiny apartment. and with little money. will I ever achieve my dream?

I could hear the church bells in the distance as I and father walked down to the church. I noticed the orange and brown leaves all over the ground. they looked really pretty. the church didn't have many people, because we lived in the country. and not many people live around here. once we got to the door we could feel the thick heat coming from inside. I liked going to church, it was a nice feeling. and everyone was nice. I listened to the chore sing, their voices were very beautiful.

after church ended I met up with my friend Loydon. I and I have been friends since 4th grade. "I bet I can beat you to your house!" Loydon said. "Game on!'

my house wasn't very far, we all live very close so it wasn't that hard. " Told you I'd win," Loydon said. "because I let you. Are you ready for school tomorrow?". " no not really, it's our first year at high school. I'm a little nervous," Loydon said. "don't be, I'm sure we will be fine. just let's hope we get classes together.". " I hope." loydon said.

On the first day of school, I wore a black hoodie and jeans. not a perfect look, but it's casual. I and loydon walked through the crowded hall. We didn't seem very noticeable. "I don't like that it's so crowded Kyimoi." loydon said. "Everything will be fine. it's going to be a great day!" "I know it's just, would if we don't fit in?" loydon said. "We're the coolest kids ever! we'd so fit in."

"sure." loydon mumbled.

we noticed a white paper stapled to a billboard near the lockers. "This shows which homeroom we are in." loydon said. "no it says we're going to the moon," I said sarcastically. We both laughed and continued looking for our names. I and Loydon didn't get the same class. we parted our ways to head to our classroom. maybe we will get a different class together.

As I walked into the classroom the teacher greeted me and showed me to my seat. Luckily I sit in the back. so I wasn't too worried. There's a girl that sits next to me. she seems pretty cool. "Hey, are you enjoying your first day?" I said. "Yeah, I mean it's alright. I just moved from Jacksonville, so not a lot of people know me," she said.

"well, my name is Kyiomi," I said confidently. "Nice to meet you kyiomi, I'm Jazza."

"Why did you move here?"

"I moved because people would bully me all the time. and my parents moved me to a private Christian school because I'm gay." Jazza said. I didn't know how to react to that. does she know that is a sin? God will never accept her. "umm. well, maybe things will get better for you."

after I got my schedule after class was over I immediately searched for Loydon. after a few minutes I finally found her. "there you are, I've been looking for you" London said. "I was looking for you too." we swapped schedules, sadly we had no classes together. we didn't have much time to talk because I had to get to my next class. on my way there I ran into Jazza. She was writing something in her notebook. she noticed me. "hey Kyimoi." she said. "Hi! what are you writing?" I asked. "nothing really." she said. "what classes did you get?" I asked. she showed me her paper and we have most of our classes together. "Well, at least I have one friend with me," I said. we laughed and started walking towards our next class. she's a nice girl. I hope she gets better. just something about her... I don't know what it is.

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