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We didn't have an easy start- at all. We couldn't be official tell we were both 18 but good things do come to those who wait and he's still the best thing in my life <3 This is my future, OUR future. (Reality: I'm still 16 and he's graduating this school year but a girl can dream, right??)

Drama Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

#growing-up #college #drama #future-insight #romance
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My happy future- not end

We've waited a year and a half for this... Our love for eachother only grew stronger and sweeter. He's still my sunshine on a shitty day but now we live together and both go are going to NTC to pursue our dream careers in Wausau. Him a mechanic and me, an interior designer. We still hang out with his friends from Phillips- Jacob actually has a girlfriend now (whos my best friend- besides the love of my life Trever, obviously.) Our apartment is really nice. We share a bed because he can't live without my cuddles and I'm always freezing anyway, stealing the covers. I'm always spoiled by his love and fast food. We do good on money so we get Taco Bell (our favorite) at least once a week. We both work part time jobs. Us knowing each other for almost 3 years I think he's stuck on me as much as I am on him. We're a straight up flex on the gram- people see how cute we are together, fr. I got our younger pictures on the wall. Yes, his dimples and eyes still get to me. Knocking e breathless and lost for words. Turns out Damian was tryna impress me in HS. Trever beat his ass though. Boys are dumb... I still would of chose Trever anyday. We just made it like a ritual thing that every Saturday after homework for college we get candy and chips with some soda, watch netflix and cuddle. Every morning when we have work he leaves breakfast with a note and a kiss on my forehead before he leaves. Where has he been majority of my life is all I can think. The wait wasn't easy but good things come to those who wait, fr❤

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