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A new and unexplored vision on the violent and cruel mind of Bane, the one who was able to break the knight of the darkness. Bane recalls every day the cruel moments in his childhood, reminds him of bullying, death and all he had to face when young, meanwhile we see his fame as a cruelest and violent fighter of Gotham's underworld. A story full of violence and with an amazing ending, between the Bane's mind and know how he became a being without any kind of scruples, all thanks to Gotham City.

Drama Para maiores de 18 apenas.

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The Stained Ring

-Hey, big. Let's go there, the fight is already going to start. Said a woman when she opened the door of my waiting room.

-This, just a little more. Answered. After her out, I keep sitting there. That well-kneaded metal bench could hardly take me anymore. In that dark place I remembered that time when I was small, that time when I had friends and … parents … that shit of time. I was twelve when I moved here. On my first day at my house, I made a little friend. A fluffy cat of golden color. He was a resident of that house long before us. The first thing that terrified me there, was the fact that all the people passing by me looked me in the eye and whispered something like: "Time to eat". Soon the next day I arrived in that city, I've faced my first day at school. My business card was disturbing. I remember two people grabbing my arms and two other people. One beat on my chest and my belly, the other commanded what they had to do and smiled as I watched the work being done. In the previous city, I have always been jagged for being tall, quiet and thin. I thought that in this city would not suffer the same, this city had a good reputation due to a big name that was improving the place. In this new school, I suffered the same kind of "punishment" for what I was. I remember having friends in that place, Felicity and Bart. One day, a year since we arrived there, we came back from school together. Felicity was always very excited, always tried to play us up, always was on our side. We were walking quietly on the street until she simply disappeared from our side. When we looked around, she had run to take a smaller child than we at the front of a car that would surely run over. Then she took the child to our side and Bart climbed on a tree that was there and went down with an apple in his hand, tried to clean up with that school shirt and handed it to him, he accompanied us to his house, which by the way was on the side of my house. Felicity and Bart tried to cheer up all day, they knew I was sadder than normal. We said goodbye and I entered the house, my parents were not home, but I saw blood marks everywhere. When entering my room, I see the body of my golden kitten stretched in my bed. At the foot of my bed, there was a bloody hammer. The head of that cat was spread all over my bed. I fall down on my knees on the floor and take your little body in my arms. I felt the blood dripping into my arms as I gave him a last hug.

-I, you can not wait any longer, come on. She said again as I reminded me where I was currently. I get up and start walking while me down to not touch the ceiling. A long corridor stretched out in front of me while that woman was posted by my side.

-Ah, what happened there? You looked like it was very dispersed. She said. A jeans and a purple blouse she apparently wore, two white towels were present on her shoulder and a cell phone in her left hand.

-I was reliving the past.I answered in my serious voice.

-I hope you're focused on the fight now. She said.

-I've fought against guys much bigger than him, you know that.

-I'm not talking about it.That little girl in the ring filled me with a month to get a fight with you. I just want you to finish soon because we have another service in fifteen minutes.

-The people of this city only care about violent fights. Some are sadistic enough to fight and others are sadness just to watch, what I find less worthy yet. By the way, is it my impression or did you decrease?.

-You're fucking. Walks, a sip a day. She answered at me a tiny glass jar. I take my huge sweatshirt and two tubes shown on my back. These tubes came from both sides behind my back and ended up behind my head. One on the nape of the neck and another a little above. I then watch that bottle and instantly look at her.

-Then of sucanagem, right? Asked.

-I was just making you crazy. Ready. She said as she picked up the bottle and pulling the lid, revealing a relatively thick needle. I use it in the vain between the tubes in my head and a clear green liquid leaves the bottle. While some of my veins began to become green, I broke the jar on the floor and felt my body more willing and controlled. Finally we got face to face with the ring. Many people who screamed if they silence how much I appear. My veins no longer had the green color and just like the woman, all there seemed tiny. They should hit a little below my deltoids. In front of me, in a stained old ring, a man who was stronger than me. Despite being great, I still did not get close to my size. There was no judge, you fight up to your opponent die or use your last strength to get away. Fleeing, you would need to face the sanding of the spectators. Well, let's go to the show. Bostinha no longer smiled as if I went up in the ring. His feature would be and worried it sounded familiar. He gets still for a few seconds and then tries to hit a punch on my face, but I suppose he gone weaker than he expected. Then I hit a punch in your skull. He instantly falls and his skull starts to stain the ring soil. Spectators start yelling at me with money notes in their hands. Seeing this, she knew exactly what they wanted, so I point to the woman and they go to her and give the money notes. I quickly do what they wanted, I hold his body by the neck and I force him to tear his head off. At her, her spine stretched down as I showed that skull to those who saw. I play your head with the spine for the fans and complete the request of them, with both hands in the crack that was in your body, I use my strength to share your body in half and expose to them. Then we wide those two pieces in the ring and start walking toward the woman, which now counted countless money notes.

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