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The book"DON'T SNEEZE"has good message to all people regardless of their age, gender and status.Briefly the title gives warning to those who react to everything that comes in their life in a negative way because the end results will be negative and have more harm not only to our health but also to the people whom we relate with.

Those in the painful state tend to spend alot of time and money because they lack understanding that;this is not the best method of solving or making peace."NO".

If we think or feed our brains negative thoughts the results end up disappointing us. We are what we think and what we drink and eat (proverbs 23:7).

Do not allow the look of circumstances to determine your worth whether you succeed or not at what you attempt.

what you say about and to yourself whether positive or negative, travels to your brain then influences the whole being to actualize these concepts.

Despite all the storms we and challenges we undergo,this book will give you hope and the solution will be found.

first let's remember that God is interested to hear our prayers.That is why He calls those who labour in pain for they shall be given rest and still life will be beautiful.

let's think about nature when our minds are overwhelmed with stress negative thoughts.It will indeed relax our minds and bring peace.


Thinking is the act of reasoning and making judgements either negative or positive.



Types of violence

✓sexual violence

✓Emotional violence.

✓physical violence.

*lack of communication.

Communication is the foundation of any productive business.It also

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