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Hi everyone! Here comes a super thriller story 'The Dark Murder' Let's solve a mystery! "Who was it?..........(silence)"

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Characters - 1) Sydney

2) Joseph

3) David (Sydney’s dad)

4) Brownie (Sydney’s dog)

5) The voodoo lady

6) Police

(17th April, 1978) Sydney was calling her dad David.

Sydney- “Hey dad! Please bring coffee beans while coming from office”

David- “Ok my sweet heart!”

(Author): She kept the phone. She went to the balcony. Then suddenly she saw a dog from her balcony. She was staring at the dog like, if the dog has possessed her, with its look, personality and his dark brown eyes. She went down and picked it up, and smelled it. As she smelled it, she got a strange feeling, like if someone is forcing her to take the dog to her house. After sometime, Her father came.

David – “Sydney! Sydney! Where are you?”

Her dad got tensed as she was not responding. He looked everywhere but was not able to find her. He thought maybe Sydney could be sleeping in her room. He gently opened the door of her room. He saw that Sydney was awake, and was lying in the bed cuddling a dog.

Sydney – “Oh! Hi dad. Can you please close the door?”

David – “Oh, ok!”

Her dad sensed something fishy with her behavior, because whenever he used to return home from office, Sydney used to shout and come to him with a big smile and hugged him.

David (to himself *mummering*) – “I do not know why Sydney was acting like this.”

(18th April, 1978)

David- “Sydney, come and eat your breakfast!”

Sydney came out of her room. She was all the way quiet while having breakfast. Her dad was literally shocked because Sydney used to blither very much, she can’t stay quite for a long time.

After the breakfast, Sydney went to her room without saying anything to her dad.

Days past, Sydney didn’t used to talk with anyone. Her dad used to notice that the dog which Sydney had never ever used to bark. Sydney used to stay in her room all day and night, she used to sing some kind of weird songs. Her dad was really very tensed because a girl which always had a smile on her face, and would talk politely with everyone, is now so quiet and gets angry who interrupts her.

Her dad was not familiar with the unfamiliar dog.

Does the dog hold a dark past , or Sydney was possessed? Will Sydney be ok, or this signs will turn into a big trouble?

TO BE CONTINUED……………………………

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