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"TESTOSTERONE, HORMONAL OPTIMIZATION AND SEXUAL HEALTH" is an E-book by the author Nuovoachilles, this E-book's pimary goal is to inform about various topics in regards to what is mentioned in the same title of the E-book. It contains crucial and exclusive information about them with extense and precise detail to optimize the reader's experience and knowledge taken from this content. This E-book contains valuable information worth several hundreds of hours of research, and personal experience from the author. And the value it will bring into your own personal life is truly great when applied the concepts, as the benefits from this imformation are limitless.



Testosterone is a naturally ocurring hormone, known as "the male hormone" which is also an anabolic steroid in the male body. It has a role in the anabolic growth of several tissues in the body like testicles, penis, prostate and in other exclusive male characteristics that are also related sexually like beard, increased body hair, bone density and muscle mass.

This hormone is present and happens naturally in both males and females and has a role in both, in providing health benefits like mood control, behavior control, osteoporosis prevention, and strength.

Testosterone is produced in males mostly in the Testicles and in females in the ovaries to lesser quantities, an adult male has on average an 8 to 1 ratio of testosterone compared to an adult human female and females are more sensible to the hormone and any sudden changes.

Testosterone can be extracted and injected artificially as a medication to treat hypogonadism in men as the levels of this hormone tend to lower with age, on average this decrease in the production of the hormone starts at the age of 40.


During the first week of being born testosterone levels already start to rise in the male body, although unknown why there is this sudden rise it is believed that it is due to the masculinization of the male brain. Notable testosterone levels only start to be displayed at around 4 to 7 months out the womb where now clear gonad development is present.


The first sign of the sudden increase in this hormone when a male reaches puberty is the production of sperm in the testicles along with enlargement of the penis and increase in libido and sexual desire.

The growth of your jaw, chin, eyebrow bone and sharper and more defined facial features are also a sign of increased testosterone during puberty, males with sharper facial features when adults, have been exposed to higher testosterone levels during puberty hence, those characteristics.

Increased muscle mass, strength and bone density are also clear indicators of larger production of the male hormone in the body.


Testosterone levels in males will reach their peak levels during their late teens and early twentys where they will also reach the full maturity of their body and brain in most cases. During this stage, is when you will be the strongest, have the most bone density and the most muscle growth potential. Aswell as the highest sex drive and sperm count that helps to promote fertility and motivation to look for a female partner.

There are concerns in people about health risks of testosterone in adulthood like prostate cancer, but there are absolutely no risks of developing prostate cancer or any type of cancer due to high testosterone levels in male or females.

The sex drive increases in both males and females during this stage. During sexual encounter the levels of testosterone increase in both and during orgasm women with higher testosterone levels experience a more pleasurable sensation than women with lower levels of this hormone, in men, levels of testosterone have no correlation with orgasm satisfaction, but levels of total testosterone increase during the act of sex and then return to normal base levels after minutes have passed of the sexual encounter.

Higher testosterone levels in men, are directly related to more sex drive and heterosexuality, as when you reach puberty your desire of reproduction increases therefore your body naturally gets motivation to look for a female partner, in a study done in rats, rats that were castrated before puberty had no motivation to look for a female partner and when injected with artificial testosterone after their puberty stage the had bisexual and homosexual tendencies, due to it being a sexual stimulus and not a reproductive one.

This could lead to the conclusion that heterosexuality might be linked to higher testosterone levels during your man development, at least in rats.


Falling in love can decrease a man's testosterone levels and increases women's testosterone levels, and men who produce less testosterone are more likely to be in relationships or married, and men who produce more testosterone are more likely to be single and have more sexual experience.

Single men with no prior relationship experience also have lower testosterone levels than single men with prior experience, these last ones, are open in the sexual market place

Men with higher testosterone levels are more likely to engage in various sexual encounter with more women and appreciate polygamy.

Testosterone levels and these concepts apply to long distance and short distance relationships in the same way accordingly.


Men with better and higher production of this hormone have more motivation and are more likely to take risks in business, athletic performances and relationships.

Higher testosterone levels have been wrongly associated before with agression in men, but this is just a misconception and misunderstanding of a study where comptetitiveness was taken as agression, men with higher serum T levels are more "agressive" meaning more comptetitive in their life improvement areas.

No real proof has been found between criminality and testosterone levels and it can be all anecdotal.

But placebo effects can be attributed to this as some men have been given a placebo of testosterone in a study and felt more agressive towards people, but this was again, just a placebo effect, which showed basically any correlation between testosterone and agression has more to do with the individual than the levels of testosterone.


The male and female brains are different in plenty of ways and it is due to the different levels of this hormone. The male brain is larger than the female brain.

Low testosterone brains are in higher risk of Alzheimer's and dementia and men with lower T levels had smaller brains and more problems with short and long term memory. Women are not affected mentally by the amount of testosterone in the brain.

Higher testosterone levels are related to slower aging of the brain and it has been used as a medicine to reverse extreme aging processes in males and females.


Testosterone has been attributed to improving the body's ability to combat most illnesses and improved combat mechanisms. In both men and women higher T levels give in a way "more chances of survival" in terms of response to external agents in the body, viruses and inmune reactions.




The amount of serum Testosterone levels from the average man in the 1990s is much greater than the one of the average man of modern days and the difference gets even greater the further you go back in history, this is backed by numerous studies, anecdotal evidence and historic evidence. There is no doubt our ancestors had a much better sexual quality of life, higher sperm counts, clearly more fertile, more serum T levels, more free Testosterone, less ED and premature ejaculation issues and of course this resulted in overall more masculinity in their entire demeanor physically and mentally.

Is this an accident? Is it evolution? Is this natural and supposed to happen? No.

This does not happen by accident and certainly is not some type of evolutionary result, evolutionarily speaking our bodies will always adapt for strength and not for weakness, as evolution in itself means adaptation to a need for survival, surviving requires strength, according to Charles Darwin anything that doesn't conspire for our ability to be stronger and thrive in in the world is not considered evolution, rather the opposite and could be condsidered as a threat to evolution resulting in the harm and even extinction of a species. For this to happen there must be some type of external issue causing a population to go extinct and to be harmed as it could be a natural disaster, lack of food, or in this case with Testosterone we could be talking about a possible threat caused by Elite governments to make men weaker and take control? Seems possible and makes sense according to the benefits it will impose for them to weaken the average male population.

Now of course this is not "proven" how could it be? But certainly seems like it taking into consideration how almost everything in the modern world from food to lifestyle to even homemade items all cause endocrine disruption and mess with your hormonal levels to some extent, this certainly cannot be an accident.

Why would there be this pursue towards lowering the average man's T levels and harming the modern woman's hormone levels to the point of infertility and mood disruption?

Well, based on all the evidence about Testosterone having insane amount of mental and physiological benefits it could be understood that men with high T levels could be a potential threat to a government which main objective is to control the action of it's population rather than optimize their health and prioritize their well being. There certainly must be a control in the hormonal levels of humans under the control of this big Elite government in order to create submissiveness in the population.

Movements like feminism are part of the same plans of hormonal disruption by creating false and potentially dangerous assumptions and myths about testosterone like the cause of prostate cancer, agressiveness and misogynistic behavior, which are all false and as stated before have to do with the individual and not with the levels of the male hormone on a person or population.

The plan could potentially be labeled as creating a mental separation between women and men, disrupting their hormonal levels and then blaming it on each other, creating a complete chaos and a dystopian society based on hatred and androgyny, when men become weak and start getting hormone disruptions in their lifestyle, women get lost and the big Elite creates a movement that makes women believe they are the ones in control now that most men are weak, women as emotional beings easily get manipulated into thinking that way and men can't do anything about it due to their obvious weakness creating a world where women believe they are in power, but who truly rules is the Elite Government, pretty much only using men to breed more children for workforce and giving them just enough testosterone to fertilize even the weakest children capable of typing stuff in a computer and be part of the economic plan until they get replaced by machines and treating women as a way of controling the weak men through meaningless sex, control their emotionality and disguising women as sexual objects who get emotionally manipulated by the same government via an illusion and decieving the true reality and beauty of their feminity.

This, is the future that could be on the way for society unless both men and women start acting now. It is already happening in front of our own very eyes and the governments know we aren't stupid, they try to blind us to that reality by distracting us with cheap pleasures like pornography, junk food with endocrine disruptors, fake world changing movements, fake religions, consumism, political ideologies, nonsense sexual identities, hatred and laziness.

The way to stop this madness is acknowledging the reality and acting from a place of love, aiming to increase your testosterone levels and reclaiming your true masculinity is the first and biggest step you should take as a man in order to truly help in bringing peace to the world and essentially God's divine energy, testosterone health and hormonal balance bring the mind and the body a state of peace, and a state of peace is the closest thing to to God, therefore improving all these arease in yourself is an act of appreciation to God himself and a true way of getting closer to him and his kingdom, you do not improve your health, your testosterone levels and your hormonal health for yourself only, you do it for the world, for your ancestors, for your family, for your love ones, and for God. Always remember that.



In modern life we encounter plenty of this things called "Testosterone disruptors" what they essentially are is anything and everything that will lead to a decrease in Total Testosterone levels, free testosterone levels or the conversion of this hormone to DHT which makes it available for usage in your body.

This obviously must be avoided in order to maximize the production of testosterone in your body and your overall hormonal health.

Next I will list all the disruptors and explain why you should avoid them and give details about them specifically.


Seed oils also known as vegetable oils and margarine, can be found in pretty much every processed food in the market, cookies, sauces, bakery, sweets, etc. Even in some supplements, the truth about them is they are not actually vegetable oils they are oils extracted from chemically processing seeds mixed with bleaches and extreme enduring of different components to create these oils. They are a huge endocrine disruptor and the actual cause of skin cancer along with certain other products creating inminent cell damage specially on skin cells basically frying your skin when exposed to UV rays. The consumption of these oils also decreases your body's ability to use cholesterol and interferes with cell reproduction therefore compleltely limiting your body's abilty to produce testosterone in the gonads, that is why they should be completely eliminated from your diet.


Nuts have been deemed as good for you but the reality is this specific nuts increase SHBG levels by 30 percent which bind to free T and DHT basically making your testosterone inactive reducing androgen bioavailability.

Also these nuts are insanely high in PUFAs (Polyunsaturated fats) which are terrible for testosterone due to increased oxidative damage in storage tissues.

Also contain phytosterols which lower cholesterol which is actually a bad thing, considering all steroid hormones in our body are produced from cholesterol. Specifically Almonds and Walnuts.


Flax seeds contain something called lignans which are highly estrogenic and can interfere with the bidning of testosterone to DHT which is obviously not beneficial.

Actually there was a study in which it was proven flax seeds can lower your testosterone levels by up to an astonishing 70 percent and free to 89 percent! Incredibly bad for your endocrine health.


Mint specifically spearmint and peppeemint includimg the mint on your toothpaste and candy actually lowers testosterone levels and completely obliterate them by up to 23 and 51 percent accordingly.


Licorice contains glychyrretinic acid which is potent in blocking testosterone production in gonad cells.

Only in 4 days of consumption of licorice there was a 50 percent drop in total testosterone levels according to a study made by the New England Insitute of Health.


It is kind of general knowledge by now that soy lowers testosterone levels but there is still people who believe that is not true thanks to some research backed by pro soy movements and and veganism.

Soy is probably one of the biggest endocrine disruptors in male sexual health, it is estrogenic, goitrogenic and anti androgenic.

It is anti thyroid and antimetabolic and highly interferes with iodine receotion in the body which is crucail for hormonal health.


Well the truth about alcohol is that is a dose dependant thing, in lower doses alcohol actually has been shown to increase testosterone production specially whisky, wine and tequila. But in higher dosages what happens is that spike in tesosterone turns estrogenic leading to excess estrogen in the body, therefore with alcohol, low doses will not harm your testosterone levels.


This is kind of obvious but still a lot of men do not realize the importance of not only quantity but quality sleep and the impact it has on your testosterone levels and hormonal health, sleeping 6 hours a night reduced testosterone by 40 percent in just a week.


This is actually a surprise for some but actually eating low calorie diets and with the supplement stacks and all macros calculated, low fat, low carb, low sodium and even sometimes low red meat like a lot of fitness enthusiasts recommend is terrible for your T levels.

Your body and hormones thrive the best when they have plenty of calories, high amounts of saturated fats, cholesterol, proper sodium intake and high energy sources like carbs.


When you have excess body fat that is probably already an effect of low T levels but then the more fat you gain the more the effect intensifies leading to more fat gain to the point of obesity, low thyroid and low T.

The accumulation of visceral fat encourages estrogenic responses in the body.

An optimal body fat percentage for men is between 9 to 14 percent body fat for optimal hormonal health.


Now, this might be a surpise for some people but eccessive training specially cardio training, but weight training isn't excluded either, can actually lower testosterone levels, of course training increases T levels too but here is where this magical word "balance" must be applied for best hormonal response.

Excessive training creates a cortisol rise in the body which leads to lower testosterone levels.

To optimize testosterone production all sorts of training must be limited to an optimal 4 or maximum 6 days a week, there must be at least a day of full recovery during the week.


Masturbation can decrease your testosterone levels momentarily right after ejaculation and excessive masturbation wull cause these testosterone fluctuations too much leading to overall hormonal imbalance in most individuals.


Yes the receipt yo recieved from the the cashier might be messing with your hormones, the ink in them is an endocrine distuptor, simply don't touch receipts.


Plastic specially BPA is highly estrogenic and should be avoided, a lot people make the mistake of even consuming from them, a lot of packaged foods come in BPA plastics and also beverages, sometimes even clothing contains these microplastics.


Deficiency in key essential micronutrients will mess with your overall health and as expected will also compromise your endocrine amd hormonal health, make sure your diet and daily food consumption meets all your micro and macronutrient requirements.



Now specific habits, foods and lifestyle contributions can enhance the production of testosterone in your body making a lot of men go from low to high T individuals naturally within months, if done correctly it can even be somewhat of a mini Testosterone dose leading to day and night effects that will shock most people in terms of appereance, muscle growth, deepening of the voice, facial features, sexual performance, mental carity, increased motivation, illness prevention and social skills when it comes to women and friends aswell as fertilty and sperm count.

The high T man always does these things and gets all the benefits mentioned above.


About the diet of optimal testosterone production there are certain foods that will ensure the production of this hormone in abundance and quality.

These foods are:



Liver (beef chicken or bison)

Heart (beef chicken or bison)


Kidney (beef chicken or bison)

Beef Testicles

Pork ear or steak

Whole Eggs

Raw milk


Raw cheese





White rice













The lifestyle you have will also have a huge impact on the overall testosterone levels you will have as a man. This includes your daily activity, exposure to free radicals, exposure to winning situations, sun exposure and some other crucial things that will be discussed in this chapter.

The most important things to keep in mind when optimizing your lifestyle for testosterone are these:


The importace of sun exposure to testosterone levels is undebatable, UV rays in the mitochondria of the cells of the skin have plenty of benefits for the overall health of your entire body and this subsequently includes tesosterone.

Studies have proven how sun exposure to the torso can increase your testosterone levels on the spot, by an insane 150 percent.

To maximize the benefits of sun exposure make sure you are exposing your naked body to direct sunlight at least once a day, if you live in a colder weather expose to the sun in peak hours (between 11AM and 3PM) and if you live in a more tropical weather you can expose to the sun at any given time.


The amount of daily activity you perform as a man will have a direct impact in your testosterone levels and contrary to popular belief, not necessarily more is better in this specific case, your body produces the most anabolic hormones when it is in a relaxed state, meaing either sleeping or resting.

A decent amount of daily activity is beneficial to testosterone, specially activities like heavy lifting, which will cause a spike in anabolic hormones and increase protein synthesis for up to even 8 to 10 hours after training depending on the individual, but you must know and recognize the limit where you are causing a good spike in hormones but at the same time prioritizing your resting and anabolic growth, excessive training will lead to an increase in cortisol and subsequently a decrease in the production of anabolic hormones, instead a moderate amount of heavy lifting paired with plenty of rest will give your body the optimal signal to produce anabolic growth and more testosterone.

Anabolic activities to do daily include: Heavy weightlifting, calisthenic training, sprints and moderate cardio.


Yes, winning, literally will increase your testosterone levels and cause a spike in anabolic hormones, this is due to evolution and the hunger for hierarchy, essentially what makes masculinity great. Men get a spike in testosterone levels after winning, this includes sport events, women, fighting, and even money. When your brain receives the signal you have won it will signal a spike in testosterone in a way of "asserting" your hierarchy position.

You can use this to your advantage by doing activities that will lead you to compete and win, in order to accomplish that of course you must become good at it, which in itself will be beneficial for you as a man.

Join a Martial Arts Gym, Armwrestle your friends, Max out at the gym every once in a while, compete in your favorite sport, and make sure you win, then get blessed with the glory of mother nature and get that spike in hormones, you are the alpha now.


Interacting with women, a conversation, a touch, a flirty interaction or a sexual encounter, all will result in spikes in testosterone levels in a man.

Actually the mere presence of fertile and attractive women can increase the testosterone levels and libido of a man, therefore making sure you interact with women daily is important for your T levels.

Getting a girlfriend or simply dating more women might be enough for this spike in hormones, but regardless, interacting with women, at the gym, at venues, social events, and bars will have the same effect.


These are some not very known "hacks" that increase your T levels inmensely and have plenty of other sexual health benefits like improving fertility, sperm count and might even grow your junk if you are in your growing years still. If you follow me on Instagram you might have already heard or seen some of this and you might even be applying them already, I will go more in detail about them here.


UV ray exposure in the testicles will increase your testosterone by an insane 300 percent in gifted individuals and 200 percent even in the average individual. This practice has been done for years in some specific ancient cultures and has led to some of the highest testosterone levels, fertility, higher states of consciousness and even as a ritual of sexual attraction.

Testicular sunning is crucial to the best development of sperm in a man hence increasing fertility.

In ancient eras our ancestors walked naked and received without even trying, the benefits of ball sunning, but due to modern world rules and not-health-optimized nature, most men haven't received sun in their balls for years or even in their entire lifetime, this is a testicular tragedy that must stop, tight underwears covering your balls, LED lights and no UV exposure has even led to a global decrease in penis size each year.

To maximize the benefits of sunning your balls daily, make sure you expose your balls directly to the sun for at least 10 minutes, and gently touch them throughout the ball sunning, feel the energy that you are carrying in them and truly connect to your masculine energy, it is like a sacred ritual where you connect with your masculinity, all the energy necessary to create life is in that ballsack that is now being charged by the energy of nature, look at the sun and the clouds while you do this and breathe the fresh air, take deep breaths and feel your masculinity flowing all around your body, your ancestors speak to you as you charge with the energy of the Gods.


Semen retention, another ancient practice to preserve the masculine energy within you, has been overhyped, misunderstood and even misinformed about this practice.

The main goal of semen retention is the transmutation of the sexual energy in the testicles to be manifested in to the world.

Retaining your semen without any transmutation will only lead to sexual frustration, bad mood, relapse, and overall just being a horny loser, as I have mentioned before.

Semen retention will increase your testosterone levels specifically causing spikes in within the first 7 and 8 days of retaining. But as mentioned before withouth energy transmutation it will be worthless.

How to transmute your sexual energy? Transmuting your sexual energy can be difficult to notice at first but it requires practice and patience. It essentially means that the energy you have in your balls instead of focusing it on masturbation you will redirect it towards a certain activity that will benefit you in some way.

A way to do this is basically when you get a sexual urge, it can be a boner, a thought or a "semi-boner" instead of rushing to masturbate, take your time to understand the urge and see it as an opportunity to redirect all that energy to something productive for yourself and your progress as a man.


Icing the balls, this practice must be done with certain cautiosness as it might not be safe for stupid people, but I know if you are reading this book, you are probably not stupid, anyways, be cautious before you do it, and follow what I will mention right now to maximize the benefits.

Ball icing for testosterone:

What you will do is grab a packet of either ice or frozen food and put it around a towel, make sure the towel is thin enough for the cold to be felt but thick enough for it to protect your skin.

After you have done that, you will apply directly to the testicles for about 8 minutes each "ball icing session" do not exceed 20 minutes and do not do less than 3 minutes, the best results and the safest will be anything between 7 to 15 minutes.

Do this practice throughout the day 3 times a day to see the most benefits, the benefits include increase testosterone, libido, increased sperm count, fertility, increased motivation, good sensation, improved blood flow, better and harder erections and prevention of prostate cancer.


This is extremely important to do as a man, stop using underwear, underwear is a cage for your balls, specially those tight ones, and comes with many downsides and literally no benefits, your balls are outside of the body because they must preserve an optimal temperature for proper sperm production and testosterone spikes throughout the day.

When you use underwear you are creating a hot room for your testicles causing them to stink, overheat and also be pressured into a fixed position, all of those things are bad for your health. This is added to the fact most underwear is made of toxic materials that are detrimental to the health of your balls, specifically polyester, which is a huge cause of infertility and decreased testosterone in men, they are miscroplastic fabrics that easily enter the skin and causing this disruption directly to the testicles.

Free testicles will give you the best production of testosterone, will feel better, look better, smell better and much more, make sure you wash your ass to prevent any odor and simply live your life normally but better without any underwear.



There are certainly certain cues that you can use to know or get close to the conclusion that a man has low testosterone levels or his male hormone levels are not being properly used by his body, these signs can be classified into physiological and psychological signs. I will mention all those signs in this chapter.


ED (Erectile dysfunction)

Gut health problems (poor digestion, constant diarrhea)

Stubborn body fat (specifically around the waist)


Fatigue (Lack of energy

Brain Fog

High stress


Intense back pain

Long refractory period (Time it takes to have energy and libido to have sex again)



Low Libido (No sex drive)

Lack of focus

Low ambition



Poor memory

Lack of spatial awarenes (Testosterone controls the Hippocampal ability to innately know direction)

Low motivation

Irritability (Contrary to popular belief, irritability and emotional agression is caused actually by high estrogen levels not testosterone)

If you have one or more symptoms of this then you might be dealing with low T levels, usually the way of self diagnose is this but then commonly most people will go to a doctor and ask for a Tesosterone levels test.

The thing is when you go to most doctors the will most likely tell you some cheap talk about how testosterone levels are normal to decline with age, but that is actually total bullshit, decline of testosterone levels with age is real but what is not real is that the simple act of going through time is what causes it.

The truth is the actual reason why most people get a decline in testosterone with age is because of accumulated micronutrient deficiencies including different vitamins and mineral aswell as macronutrients that are essential for the production of this hormone and fuel virtually all metabolic hormonal processes.

These deficiencies come more prevalent decade after decade due to poor nutrition, excess stress, exposure to estrogenic materials since childhood and of course, all the practices or lack of practices of what I have mentioned in the chapters above.



There are things that will signal a man with high testosterone levels and certainly physiological and psychological characteristics that will allow you to know if you yourself, or another individual has higher testosterone levels in his blood.


Ability to put on muscle fast and efficiently

Overall a bigger individual either in bone structure, height, muscle mass or all combined.

Ability in sports and athletic level

Defined jawline and strong facial features (strong eyebrow bone, jawline and cheekbones)

Longer extremities (arms and leg bones)

Hunter eyes (known as hunter eyes, these are eyes that are covered by the stronger facial feature of the stronger eyebrow bone in a high testosterone human male, these eyes are deeper into the face for protection and they have a sense of a deeper look, not wide open and out like a fish)

Ability to burn body fat with ease

Dick size (higher exposures to testosterone in the womb and during teenage years actually do affect the size of your penis, men with better testosterone exposure will in fact tend to have longer and thicker penises aswell as testicles than men who weren't as exposed to the male hormone during development years

Ability to grow hair in the body (scalp hair and body hair, beard, etc.)

Clear predominance in trapezius, upper back and soulder development (these muscles are more developed in individuals with higher concentrations of free Testosterone due to them being the ones with the most androgen receptors in men)

Deeper voice


Increased sex drive and libido

Desire of competition and winning

Increased motivation

Increased drive and ambition

Increased confidence

Increased strength

Increased athletic performance

Natural increase in brain capacity

More logical thoughts

Better social skills

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TRT is primarily used to treat low testosterone in men which can be caused by any of the things mentioned in the chapters above.

TRT's popularity has increased dramatically in recent years for non-medical usage including things like: enhancing sexual performance and libido, achieving higher and more consistent energy levels, and building more muscle mass for bodybuilding.

Research has found that these goals can certainly be accomplished with the use of TRT and it is extremely effective in helping with the success of these goals, yet still as nothing is perfect there are some caveats to take into consideration before just going and injecting exogenous testosterone directly into your bloodstream.

If your testosterone levels are not low enough to cause any signficant harm to your health, it is recommended that you do not partake in the usage of TRT, yet as mentioned before a lot of people even with normal or high testosterone levels still use it to achieve these greater results that come with it.


Plenty of ways to administer TRT into the bloodstream of an individual, the option you choose will be fit to your lifestyle, body response to androgens, medical issues or preference in the case everything is on point.

Some methods will require daily, weekly or monthly administration with different dosages to optimize the absoprtion of the male hormone.

These methods are:

Oral administration of Testosterone

Intramuscular injections

Testosterone transdermal patches

Topical testosterone creams


TRT as mentioned before, is mainly used to treat hypogonadism.

The way this works is by compensating with exogenous testosterone for the testosterone that is not being produced in an endogenous fashion by your body.

For someone with true hypogonadism TRT benefits are plentyful and include:

Improve sexual performance and libido

Increase sperm count and sperm volume

Increase other hormones related to testosterone that include prolactin, free T and DHT.

The balancing of other physiological issues directly cause by low T like: autoinmune conditions, genetic disorders, infections that cause gonad damage or deterioration, undescended testicles, sex organ surgeries.


Various countries in the European Union, and the United States do not classify Testosterone as a legal drug and is actually classified as illegal, it can be only obtained through a medical prescription.

Still people can manage to buy TRT and use it for specific goals that have nothing to do with hypogonadism.

Most personal TRT users seek the benefits of:

Losing stubborn belly fat faster

Increasing energy levels

Building more muscle mass

Improving their strength

Increasing endurance for athletic performances


Even with all the beauty of the benefits or Testosterone replacement therapy there is a main issue and that is there is a direct correlation between the use of TRT and exogenous testosterone replacement methods to a lower sperm count and actual fertility issues.

Some men have conceived children while on TRT while others have reported even with the increase in sperm volume and mobility there is an underlying issue with actually conceiving children.

This is yet to be known as the cause and is something that will vary strictly from individual to individual.


The cost of TRT will depend on the method of administration, the dosage and your country.

It has a wide range of cost of anything between 40$ and even up to 3000$ per month.

When considering the cost it is very important to know that once you enter TRT specially in the high dosage range you will need a lifetime of it, as this is exogenous testosterone and not a cure for the cause of low T, therefore making sure you will have enough money to use TRT on a monthly basis for a lifetime is what you should consider before hopping on TRT, even with normal T individuals that use it for other purposes, TRT will still be needed afterwards its usage for a lifetime as it will shut down in a lot of cases your natural testosterone production.

Some specific cases of men have been able to kickstart their natural T levels production in gonad and pituitary gland level but it has been through extensive discipline in daily practices like the ones I mentioned in testosterone hacks, good nutrition and sleep aswell as great genetics, if you are a man and you have been on TRT and want to stop using it for whatever reason actually try what I mentioned in the testosterone hacks on previous chapters and with time you might be able to get your natural T levels back to normal without the use of exogenous T.




Your libido is your sexual energy as a man, it is your drive to initiate and enjoy sexual activity, this is influenced by a lot of different situations in your body and your brain.

Having a high libido is beneficial and optimal for your sexual, phyisiological and psychological health as it implies that your sexual energy is on a high levels which is always good, sexual energy is the largest energy in the world, the energy of creation.

Testosterone as the male hormone in your body will play a pretty significant role in regulating your libido every day. Along with other hormones like cortisol, DHT and free testosterone.

Increasing your testosterone levels in itself will already be enough to produce a massive spike in your libido, sexual desire and quality of erections, but it might not be enough in some cases as total T levels might not be the main issue for the lack of sexual drive in some men.

Through the day as a healthy young man you should be experiencing 3 to 6 non sexual implicit erections. Meaning these are not erections achieved on purpose through pornography or actual sexual encounter, rather simply a normal process of the body that drives blood flow to the penis to ensure its health.

A morning erection upon waking up must also be expected daily by any healthy young male and 3 nocturnal erections, this last ones most of the time you won't feel them as they happen during REM sleep which is your deepest sleep during the duration of the sleep cycle, sometimes this nocturnal erections will wake you up if they are strong enough or will result on a nocturnal emission which is what is called "a wet dream" these happen when your body feels the need to release extra fluids contained in your testicles, a misconception is that you are eliminating the exact same substance through a wet dream and sex or masturbation but it is not quite the same fluid, usually wet dreams will happen when you haven't released your sperm for a certain period of time, this is because your body usually creates more sperm and needs it to either move from the testicles or be released, when it is not released your body as a protection mechanism will release extra fluids, not actual semen as the sperm count of wet dreams is much lower it is more like "pre-cum" than actual semen.

This is done by your body to prevent issues like prostate cancer, inflamed testicles or discomfort in the gonads.

A good way to move the fluids down there is to do kegels, lower ab movements, glute bridges and stomach vaccums, all these movements are working on muscles close to the genital area including your prostate and moving these fluids and promoting blood flow which will prevent nocturnal emissions.


Plenty of people have blood flow issues on their bodies overall, it is a very common issue amongst the general population and it comes with different problems that will not allow you to have proper health includng sexual health.

An erection is essentially a process in which blood moves and blood flow increases in the genital area and fills up the penis and the testicles, hardening it and making the testicles slightly larger during the erection.

The better the blood flow in your body, the better the erection quality will be, meaning the harder the penis will get and the longer it will stay hard.

Improving your general blood flow will help you achieve better blood flow to the penis, to do this, it is recommended to do certain practices that I will mention:


Cold showers

Hot showers




Light cardio

Nitric oxide foods (watermelon, beets, carrots)




Genital sunning

Actual sexual encounters

These practices will massively improve your blood flow which will eventually lead to the sexual health benefits mentioned above.


Higher testosterone levels will actually increase your sperm count and improve your fertility massively, this can be obtained simply by using and practicing what I have recommended until now and over time improve your fertility and even reverse infertility issues in some men.

Fertility will depend strictly on:

The quality of your sperm

The mobility of your sperm

The volume of your sperm

The nutrient density in your sperm

These things are what at least from the male part of the sexual encounter, guarantee a healthy reproductive process, healthy development of the child in the womb and the healthiest possible outcome in the life of the child that will be created.

What this means is that by you taking care of your sexual health, you are essentially and literally making sure your future children will be their healthiest, strongest and genetically gifted that your genetics can offer. Taking care of your sexual health is not a selfish act, it is an act to make sure all your children and the children of your children will live the best life possible.



As we all know, nutrients are essential for our overall health, but in order to maximize your sexual health, there are certain very specific nutrients you should prioritize and even consume more, without neglecting the others, a slight "overflow" in the nutrients I will mention will make sure your sexual health is peaked and most people are deficient in them anyways.

I would not personally recommend the supplementation of these nutrients unless there is an actual real massive deficiecy, because most supplements are artificial and your body will not absorb them as properly as from direct dietary sources, also most artficial supplements will contain endocrine disruptors like the ones I have mentioned, therefore any nutrient you want to consume more should be consumed through real food.

The nutrients that will ensure best testosterone production are:


Vitamin A retinol

Vitamin B12

Vitamin D3 (Hormone)

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B6

Vitamin C

Vitamin K2

Vitamin E








Iron (Heme, bioavailable, animal sources)





Proteins are crucial for testosterone production in the body along with their muscle and tissue building benefits, but it is something that when it comes to testosterone must not be abused.

Let me explain.

A ratio of protein to carbs and fats that is too wide is detrimental to testosterone production, regardless of how amazing some people make ketogenic diets seem, they are not optimal for thyroid health in the long run, your thyroid is responsible in huge part of your endocrine health. Ketogenic diets contain a ratio of protein to carbs that is too wide and that is detrimental to testosterone levels because you start producing ketons for energy instead of using carbs, this happens because your body enters "survival mode" which will cause a sudden spike in cortisol levels, fluctuations on insulin levels and hence the "fat burn" effect that ketogenic diets give, it is certainly a way of burning fat relatively fast but the downside is a massive cortisol increase, blood flow restrictions, decrease in testosterone levels and thyroid heath issues.

To maximize the benefits and consume large amounts of protein make sure you are consuming also plenty of carbohydrates and saturated fats.

Bioavailable protein from animal sources

BCAAs (Branched chain aminoacids)

Essential aminos


Carbohydrates are crucial for proper testosterone production as they are your body's preferred source of energy which puts your body in a "relaxed" mode, allowing cortisol levels to decline and creating a sudden spike in insuline which helps with protein synthesis, specially post workout.

Carbohydrates will not make you fat, that is a myth, consuming carbohydrates will actually give you energy to spend at the gym and fueling your glycogen storage.

The best carbohydrates to consume must be from natural sources and not processed foods, those will actually make you fat not because they are carbs but rather because they contain other endocrine disruptors like seed oils.

Best carbohydrate sources for testosterone are:

Fruits (preferrably caloric dense)


White rice

Pasta (organic)

Sweet potato

Carbohydrates from milk and dairy sources


Fats are probably the most important macronutrient for sexual health, considering testosterone is literally made of a fat molecule which is cholesterol.

It is massively important to understand the differences between the varieties of fats that you will encounter and knowing which fats should be part of your daily diet and which fats you should actually not consume at all.

The fats you should consume daily are known as saturated fats, these are the ones that will give you the best health benefits and the ones that will spark up your T levels.

Saturated fats have gotten a bad reputation in the recent years thanks to vegan activists, big pharma and the objective of making men weaker and more docile.

You will see things that mention saturated fats cause blocked arteries, but those are all myths, our ancestors thrived on diets super high on staurated fats, because they are actually essential for the synthetization of protein, BCAAs and vitamins in our bodies.

Saturated fats can be found exclusively in animal products and these are included on the list made on the chapters above about food that will increase your T, as long as you are consuming foods on that list daily, you will not have to worry about your saturated fat levels.

The fats you will want to not consume are PUFAS (Polyunsaturated fats), these fat sources are the worse when it comes to hormonal health and overall health, they are killers for the cell mitochondria in your body and they are the actual cause of skin cancer, also they are one of the biggest contributors to low T and poor thyroid health in modern men.

PUFAS are found on seed oils, margarine, nuts and most processed foods.



Cholesterol, a very misunderstood molecule by the general population thanks to propaganda to actually sicken you and make you consume PUFAS thinking that is healthy when in reality that's the issue, anyways.

Cholesterol, as mentioned, is a molecule, it has an incredibly important role in your body and is responsible for most hormonal processes and the creation of these anabolic hormones. Testosterone for example, is essentially made from the cholesterol molecule and that is why TRT's testosterone (the artificial form of testosterone) is made with a cholesterol molecule, in other words testosterone is impossible to exist without cholesterol.

There are different types of cholesterol, there is the HDL cholesterol known as good cholesterol which is a lipoprotein of high density.

There is LDL cholesterol which is a low density lipoprotein, known as bad cholesterol because in excess, leads to plaque build up in your arteries.

And there is VLDL which is a very low density lipoprotein, it is also a bad cholesterol because it contributes to plaque build up, the difference between this cholesterol and LDL is that LDL carries pure cholesterol and VLDL manily carries triglycerides. These are mainly caused by obesity issues.

Now with that said, cholesterol is that important for your body and hormones that it produces its own cholesterol in the liver, the issue is a lot of people treat cholesterol like a dietary product but in reality as noted, it is produced naturally by your body, and acts more like an anabolic hormone rather than a food, kind of like Vitamin D which is again, something called a vitamin by mistake, as it acts much more like a hormone in your body.

When you decrease the consumption of dietary cholesterol your body starts feeling the need to produce more and starts overproducing cholesterol with the liver, this, paired with seed oil and lack of real cholesterol consumption is what truly causes high LDL and VLDL cholesterol levels.

When you eat large amounts of cholesterol in your diet, this sends the signal to your brain that the necessary cholesterol is already being taken therefore it regulates the production of this molecule in the liver and now the liver's only role is to process and flush any extra cholesterol molecules in the form of LDL or VLDL. No wonder why many people with modern diets actually have higher levels of LDL and issues with cholesterol, as contrary to popular belief most food consumed today actually contains lower amounts of cholesterol, it actually has much more PUFAS and unsaturated fats which make your body lack in the fats it needs and overproduce cholesterol leading to these hormonal disruptions and other issues like skin cancer.

I have mentioned on my instagram before about PUFAS and actually lack of cholesterol being the real causes of skin cancer and it is exactly because as mentioned, cholesterol is responsible for kickstarting the production of anabolic hormones in the body, including Vitamin (Hormone) D, which is precisely the one sun gives, with a lack in modern society of cholesterol it creates a lack of production of Vitamin (Hormone) D, this creates a lack of response to sun exposure and paired with sunscreen, seed oils and sunglasses you have the perfect combo to create skin cancer in the modern population.

I recommend taking in plenty of cholesterol in your daily diet from good dietary sources, I made sure that on the high testosterone foods list there are plenty of foods with high cholesterol levels, if you follow that list your dietary cholesterol daily needs will be covered to optimize the production of testosterone.

Cholesterol, is also extremely anabolic, this means it promotes the growth and developelment of lean muscle mass, this is due to its property of increasing the production of hormones like testosterone, DHT and Vitamin (Hormone) D3, hence an increase in muscle mass and extended protein synthesis can be expected from the consumption of more dietary cholesterol, it is only found in animal sources, Vince Gironda, had a good concept that had to do with these anabolic properties of cholesterol for lean muscle mass and growth portrayed in a concept he introduced with the "36 eggs a day diet" in which the levels of cholesterol where beyond the 6000mg per day creating a "steroid like effect" in the body, this diet of course is not medically proved and would definetly be frowned upon by the vegan community but Vince Gironda and others who tried the diet mentioned all good results from it.




The way alcohol affects testosterone is very misunderstood as most people assume alcohol in general is simply bad for testosterone and that is it. The reality is that even though alcohol does have a direct effect on testosterone levels, is very dependant on many different things, including type of alcohol, time of the day and dosage.

Now, why is there this belief that alcohol lowers T levels? Well, it does have a base of thought and some amount of evidence that chronic alcohol consumption (alcoholism) creates an excess in estrogen levels in both men and women, but again the key word here is chronic, this means that alcoholic people, which means people who consume alcohol regularly are actually prone to excess estrogen. But why does that happen?

This happens because actually alcohol increases testosterone levels, yes, it increases them.

Alcohol in low dosages creates a spike in testosterone almost immediately, this specially happens with red wine, whisky and vodka. This spike in testosterone is actually pretty significant and happens in a very sudden manner, which will stay that way as long as you do not exceed the dosage that stimulates this which is about a max of 3 shots for most individuals. After the dosage is exceeded, this increase in testosterone starts actually creating a estrogenic effect in the body and that is what you don't want to happen, this is why chronic usage of alcohol leads to lower T levels, the reason why this should be mentioned is because plenty of people don't actually understand why alcohol is detrimental to T levels.

This is of course not a way of saying you should use alcohol as a way of increasing T levels because it comes with other downsides and as mention is very dosage dependant and when you are drunk I doubt you will be thinking about staying in the T levels friendly range of shots.

But if you do drink, try to drink moderately and that will not cause any harm to your T levels, preferrably drink the 3 drinks mentioned (if you still want to drink and preferrably stay in the T friendly range) Red wine, whisky and vodka and avoid things like beer and low quality alcohol.


Marijuana is the most used "illegal" drug in the world, and even with its modern praising as of medicinal uses and the argument that it is "a plant" some people prefer to ignore their addiction to it and the bad side effects that come from marijuana usage with senseless arguments like the fact it is a plant.

The truth is marijuana does lower testosterone levels and unlike alcohol is not because of a spike in them, rather a straight effect on them and your overall hormonal levels.

Most marijuana you will buy nowadays is actually not pure marijuana it doesn't matter if your dealer "told you it was the best" in order to maximize profit and production, marijuana is industrialized and sprayed aswell, in the US specifically every year cargos of marijuana are laced with chinese fentanyl.

When you believe you are smoking weed you are smoking pesticides, opioids, fentanyl, low quality chemically enhancing substances, paper, and low quality weed strains that are deemed as "high quality afghan".

The usage of marijuana leads also to depressed moods, lack of concentration, and in the case of a "bad trip" an insanely high increase in cortisol levels which directly disrupt your hormones.

Most people use marijuana to escape their reality because it sucks and they feel the need to smoke something, that is the truth, it is like porn or alcohol.

Stop using drugs and get high on life man.



In regards to supplementation for increasing T levels, it is not necessary as supplementing for anythig as long as your diet is on point, and if your diet is not on point then you shouldn't even be considering supplements and focusing on improving your diet first. Now if your diet is on point but you might want to take thing to the next level with some supplementation hacks, you can do it, there are certain supplements that are completely natural, safe and effective at increasing and maximizing the production of the male hormone.

These are the supplements:



Niacin (Vitamin B3)


Those are the only supplements I recommend, they are natural and they will definetly help with T levels and hence cause an increase in muscle mass, the dosage will be dependant of the individual.

Now, there is another concern about these supplements, will they increase your T levels substantially? Well, not to the point where it will feel like steroids certainly but enough to improve your health and maximize your natural genetic muscle growth.

Whe it comes to substances like Creatine, it will increase the conversion of your total testosterone levels into DHT, basically making your total testosterone levels more usable for anabolic growth and hence inhibiting some and most of the aromatase process. Contrary to what most people think, creatine does not cause hair loss, other things cause hair loss which I have mention on my account, DHT does not cause hair loss, if you are experiencing hair loss with the use of creatine is probably because it accelerates anabolic processes, which will speed up any type of health issue you might have in your body, in other words, you were going bald already and creatine sped up the process.

Ashwagandha, is a natual herb from Asia that is basically an adaptogen, this means that it helps your body to adapt to challenge easier, helping decrease cortisol levels and that way increasing testosterone activity in the body. With long time usage some people report creating dependance on it, be careful with the dosages and listen to your body.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) is a vitamin found in most animal products but promotes blood flow and a lot of people can benefit from it, as it is a good blood flow promoter will increase nutrient absorption and usage within your body.

Glycine is found almost exclusively in organ meats, if you are not consuming organ meats regularly then you might benefit from supplementing with glycine, it is specially great when it comes to enhancing sleep quality and sleep is of course very important when it comes to testosterone.



Penis size, extremely wide known by men and women as a topic of conversation, does penis size matter when it comes to staisfying a woman during sex? Is penis size purely genetic? Can you grow your penis after puberty? Lenght or girth? All those questions are very common amongst people who talk about this topic.

What many people don't know is that actually the size of your penis isn't all purely genetics, even tho genetics do have a huge role when it comes to the size of your dick, actually Testosterone, the male hormone also has an inmense contribution to the growth of your dick during puberty and the growing years.

Well, I must start of by talking about size, a lot of men believe they have a small penis because most men actually tend to lie about their sizes and actually pornography male actors tend to be shown with huge dicks but the reality is only a very small amount of male pornstars actually have enormous penises and believe it or not they average at about 6 inches, and that is how a 6 inch penis looks like on camera, yes, if you are packing 6 inches, you probably have the same size as many male pornstars, their sizes are exaggerated in their description to add the illusion of a massive dick. 6 inches looks relatively big on camera actually.

Well, the average penis size around the world for men is 4.9 inches, this of course includes people with huge penises and people with tiny penises, as it is an average. There are specific countries where a big part of the population has a bigger than average dick

Actually the countries with the biggest penis sizes are:

Ecuador 6.93 inches (17cm)

Cameroon 6.56 inches (16cm)

Bolivia 6.5 inches (16cm)

Sudan 6.4 inches (16cm)

Haiti 6.3 inches (16cm)

Senegal 6.2 inches (16cm)

Gambia 6.1 inches (15cm)

Netherlands 6.1 inches (15cm)

Cuba 6.1 inches (15cm)

Zambia 6.1 inches (15cm)

If you are from any of these countries well, you probably have one of the largest penises in the world which as obvious is not anything crazy like 10 inches, even though there are some men who posses that size, it is as rare as being 7 feet (214cm) tall.

Now as stated, men from these countries have the largest penis sizes why is that? why are they the ones who got the most blessed when it comes to that? is it purely genetics? Well, not entirely.

If you notice, most countries in the list are actually countries that wouldn't necessarily be called "1st world countries" therefore they have completely different lifestyles than countries in Europe or the USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

This lifestyle might actually have a role in providing these people with their massive average sizes.

When it comes to penis growth, it happens during the development in the womb of the mother, infancy, but the largest growth a man experiences in penis size is during his puberty years. Where growth as large as 3 inches (9cm) can happen in one year. And testosterone exposure to the testicles will in fact, contribute to the development of it. Men who are largely exposed to testosterone during their growing years will experience a much larger growth of both, length and girth in the penis and the testicles.

The countries in the list, in case you are not good with Geography are most located close to the equator, being Ecuador, as the name mentions itself, the one with the largest penis size, also the country with the largest amount of sun exposure, Cameroon and Bolivia that follow also are very close to the equator with similar lifestyles around sun exposure and way of living. Now of course they are totally different countries with different cultures but they do have that in common.

As I mentioned on chapters above, sun exposure is one of the things that increases a man's testosterone levels the most out of any other practices, astonishing levels of testosterone can be accomplished with sun exposure in the torso and genital areas, aswell as the production of Vitamin (Hormone) D which is anabolic in all your body, including your penis.

The sun in countries like Ecuador and Cameroon is way stronger than any other countries in the world, not in terms of heat but in terms of straight UV exposure, the sun there is much stronger and people usually are more largely exposed to this type of sun on the daily, specially men, this could be a huge reason to the large growth of the penis during puberty.

I have personally been in Ecuador and can definetly agree that the sun there is nothing like countries in the Northern Hemisphere and people there seem, to not be bothered by it much and enjoy the exposure to it, teenagers play sports in the sun daily.

Another contribution to the growth of the penis in these countries is their actual diet, as known, these countries are not "1st world" which actually turns them ironically into better countries when it comes to health, more natural food, lesser amounts of processed snacks and sweets, more traditional diets overall, lead to actually better health, these countries do not have an entire stack of synthetic chemicals on their breakfast, lunch and dinner, actually eat real natural food for the most part, sports are very popular amongst teenagers and sun exposure is great. All perfect for testosterone production and hence a greater penis size, when you compare lifestyles like that to a lifestyle of many "developed" countries you realize pretty easily why countries like China have poorer development in genitals and testosterone levels, food is highly processed, long working hours, poor sun exposure in massive cities, sports aren't encouraged to the general population, rather just work, polluted air, no dangers, no wonder why they are in the list of some of the smallest dicks in the world, this is not hating on China or Chinese men, and yes, as mentioned genetics will have a large role in the development of your penis but lifestyle during puberty could increase the overall penis size by more than an entire inch. This is why it is much encouraged to live a natural lifestyle, keep in mind also the countries at the top of the penis size list have actual tribes of men who live in jungles that some scientists have reported having dicks as massive as 8 inches on average, this because of their natural lifestyles, no underwear and they basically hunt, eat real food and sun their bodies all day in the countries with the best sun exposure in the world.

It is no secret that penis sizes are actually shrinking around the world for a lot of men, if it was purely genetics it would be different but the reality is testosterone and lifestyle will have a direct effect in the size of your dick. There will be a point where the average dick size will be 3 inches in a few years if men keep on doing things the way they are and do not start prioritizing their sexual health, nutrition, hormones and connection with nature.


Yes bro, you can grow bigger balls naturally, even after puberty.

There is this amazing nutrient for men which can give you benefits to the balls like nothing else in term of health, size, fertility, etc. A study done in mice actually helped to discover this and is one of the greatest things you can do as a man when it comes to your balls.

Back in the day even a teacher of mine had mentioned the benefits but I never really took it as important because she didn't mention the growing balls part of course because it was in high school, but later on I realized why she said she loved the effect it had on her husband.

For any reader that might be using any type of PED or steroid that could cause testicular shrinkage this will be amazing aswell.

This nutrient is called Lactobacilus Reuteri and it is not actually a nutrient rather more of strain of bacteria.

When you eat Lactobacilus Reuteri you will exeperience many benefits above just growing bigger balls.

Prevent age related or Steroid usage testiculat shrinkage

Increased testicular size

Increased testicular weight

Increased testosterone levels

Increased social domination

Increase of the hypothalamus activity

Increased sperm mobility, quality and quantity

Lutenizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone levels (hair growth)

There are specific foods that will provide your gut with this strain of bacteria that will provide your body and balls with all these benefits.

These are fermented foods in large quantities.

Some examples are:

Sauerkraut (specifically juice)



Fermented cheese



Fermented fish


All these foods will provide you with that, of course some of those foods are already in some people's diet, incorporate most of them in larger quantities along with bettering your health with the other T increasing foods mentioned in the chapers above.



Will having more testosterone attract more women? Actually it could, I will explain why.

Testosterone has a behavioral aspect to it as I have mentioned before, the way a high T man behaves and looks will be far different from the way a low T man does, by obvious reasons the high T man will be much more attractive to the opposite sex and have much more success when it comes to attracting, keeping and satisfying a woman.

In terms of behavioral aspects men with higher T levels will display characteristics and attitudes that will be more attractive to women such as confidence, leadership, social domination, etc.

And when it comes to physiological characteristics they will also display characteristics that are more attractive to women such as deeper voices, bigger hands and feet, more vasculatity, more muscle mass, more strength, sharper and stronger facial features, that will attract plenty of women.

But apart from all of this, testosterone can actually be percieved by women in different ways, for example the way a man smells, the scent of a man with larger amounts of testosterone in his blood is different, when a high T man kisses a woman it is said that women can actually feel how compatible they are, unfortunately, this happened and was a lot more effective back then when people had their hormones more balanced, as nowadays women have actually kind of lost this sense to a certain degree due to their own hormonal disruption aswell. But regardless, the other characteristics of a man with high T, will in fact, help you to attract more women.

From an evolutionary standpoint women look for men with the characteristics physiologically and behavioral of high testosterone. This to guarantee their survival, protection, fertility and sexual arousal when it comes to settling with a man, just think about it. Nowadays because of how easy the world is, women can kind of choose any type of man and still be slightly safe, but back in the day, women's decision of what man they would choose could literally mean if she and her family would die or survive, therefore they must have chosen the strongest and most capable man possible and because women were overall healthier aswell, this allowed them to perceive those testosterone and good health characteristics in a potential male partner that would promote her survival and the one of her children, that is why women would even choose to share a man as long as he was able to provide and protect. This, believe it or not is still ingrained deeply into the modern female mind working from her subconscious, the issue is nowadays there is this battle going on in women's brains between what their feminine nature tells them and what society tells them and they stay confused and creates a frustration that leads to emptiness in modern women.

Anyways, as mentioned, women still have that desire of being with that high T man, and his characteristics. They like celebrities for that reason, is not necessarily their money, it is their power and social status, hierarchy. No woman in the world wants to be with a loser, and that means that if it comes to that, women are down to actually share a winner rather than being with the loser. You can cry and be a loser or you can use that to your advantage and actually apply the knowledge in this E-book and turn into a high T man. The man women want and are even willing to share. This of course doesn't mean you have to practice polygamy as it is a very personal preference, and some men actually report they might feel emptier when having more than one partner but that comes down to preference.

Now, after you do turn into that high testosterone individual women want and actually start attracting women at will, will having more testosterone make you a better partner for her? will it make you a better boyfriend?

It depends, statistically speaking men with higher T levels are more likely to cheat and to be single or practice polygamy, but does that mean you have to do that to be a high T individual? Not at all. Higher T levels can make you a better partner when channeled correctly, again, you will have more sex drive thanks to the high libido but as a conscious man you are you can take the decision to indulge or not in situations of adultery. Testosterone is beneficial but remember just like with everything you must be the one in control of what you want to do as a man, whatever that controls you that is not you, is making you weaker not stronger. If you have very high T levels but every action you perform is based on that then you are simply a caveman, and as much as I personally love cavemen and the concept, we evolved in order to learn these things and actually learn the good habits from the cavemen that made them strong but use them to our advantage with our knowledge, not to indulge in senseless, hormonally controlled acting, that would be irresponsible and an act of inmaturity.

Testosterone as mentioned when channeled can create a better relationship for you, because as I have mentioned before on my instagram, in order for you to attract and most importantly even, keep a woman you must satisfy in her, some specific needs that her feminine nature enjoys and is actually kind of addicted to. These things are:




When you satisfy those crucial needs in a woman you better be sure she is yours, and she will be for as long as you keep on satisfying them.

Now how would having more testosterone help in satisfying these needs in a woman hence making her fall in love and even obsess with you? Starting with emotionality, women love adventures, they enjoy having a rollercoaster of emotions as much as possible, it is actually one of their preferred things, they are emotional beings. Keeping this in mind, emotionally stimulating a woman can be much easier for the high T man, because this type of man is in itself, by nature a much more adventurous and emotionally stimulating man.

The high T man is a much more confident person, ready to take risks and new experiences, he believes the world is for the taking and he is right, because he creates that reality. This type of personality is exactly the one that will lead to actions women will find much more amusing, arousing and exciting, hence making her more attracted to this man.

When it comes to her hypergamous satisfaction, the high T man again, comes on top for obvious and undisputable reasons, as mentioned, a higher Testosterone man is much more likely to be a better risk taker, and have a higher drive, be more motivated in achieving in life and conquering, this will be enough to give him all he wants and more and to satisfy that way, the hypergamous nature of any woman. You have probably heard women like men with goals and ambition, this is exactly the reason why.

And of course sexuality, as I have mentioned also on my instagram, sexuality is crucial for women, even more than men, yes, even more than for men.

The woman is a very sexual creature that actually enjoys sexuality in a much more exciting way, much more passionate and much stronger than men do, when you can satisfy a woman sexually, better than any other man can do, she will always, literally always, be in love with you.

Keeping in mind the modern average man sucks in bed, you can outshine most men even more and again, the high T man will naturally outshine any other man when it comes to pleasing and satisfying the sexual needs of any and every woman.

High T levels will give you a higher libido, harder erections, better blood flow, last longer, a more passionate nature to your sex, will make you more jacked which will give you more stamina, strength in bed and will make you much more psychologically stimulating when having sex, will increase your fertility, give you a scent when having sex that women find irresistible, it will grow your balls which also stimulates women psychologically and much more, combining all these things, you will satisfy women with ease hence making the high T man, perfect for a relationship again.



A topic that has been going around for a long time now, semen retention, and how it affects a man's testosterone levels. Alright, now there have been plenty of rumors, misunderstanding, exaggerations and stories about semen retention and its benefits to your hormonal levels.

I do believe to some extent that exaggerating the benefits and the facts a little bit could come with the benefit of more encouragement to practice it and stop indulging in self destructive habits like masturbation and watching pornography, but regardless of the "good intention' it is still not optimal for the information of reality, and I am a person who actually likes to know the truth of things, therefore I must share it with everyone else.

Semen retention does have benefits and this is a truth, yes, it truly does, as I have mentioned before, semen has nutrients and it is your life force as a man, dropping that energy into the floor constantly, will drain you and will have effects in your body specially considering most people don't even replenish all the nutrients efficiently with modern diets.

But there are certain caveats to the whole semen retention theory, claims that are not true and that actually make it kind of lose credibility and professionalism as a practice, for example, claims that it will increase your muscle mass in itself, which is false, even tho you could argue that it could because of the "increased testosterone" or because of the nutrients, it is not to the point where it will make you gain muscle in itself, I can guarantee that a dude even not practicing semen retention can be more jacked than a dude who does semen retention and forgets or doesn't practice all the other aspects of building muscle, this might sound obvious but many people actually still expect some sort of steroid-like muscle growth when on semen retention, it will help you to be more motivated and hit the gym harder but that is why you could experience more muscle growth not because of the act of retaining.

Semen retention is much more of a psychological practice and I will now mention the benefits that are actually real that you can get from retaining your semen without any exaggerations.

Increased motivation

Increased levels of self-esteem

Decreases in cortisol levels

Increase in testosterone levels at 7 days and later on 3 weeks

Increased feeling of alertness

Increased sexual desire

Increased motivation to engage in interaction with women

Mind clarity

Harder erections

Those are all the real, no bullsheit and not exaggerated benefits that semen retention can give you, certainly they are good, don't get me wrong but certainly they are not as crazy as some claims. About it actually increasing your testosterone levels the reality is that it will not substantially increase them to the point that it will be extremely noticeable and actually do return to baseline after any possible peaks, this means that even if it could increase your T levels, they will only increase for a certain amount of time before eventually returning to baseline, this has to do with an evolutionary trigger, when you haven't ejaculated in a certain amount of time your body thinks you are running out of women, therefore increaslng your motivation to engage in more man to woman interaction and this does happen durimg semen retention and of course a result of this is that your body at certain times will spike your T levels to increase that drive in you to find a partner, this specifically has been shown to happen at 7 days of not ejaculating and then at 3 weeks of not ejaculating, further, there have been not noticeable fluctuations in the testosterone levels of any man and they basically don't increase or decrease.

Does this mean semen retention is useless? Not at all, as I mentioned semen retention does have some pretty good benefits to your life as a man and I encourage all men to practice it, it will truly give you a different energy about yourself but to be honest, it is not the most effective or reliable way of increasing your testosterone levels, when it comes to that, you are much better off doing all the other practices that I mentioned in previous chapters and bettering your diet and lifestyle.

Semen retention also has one risk when done in the long term that is not very talked about and it is prostate cancer, now does this mean you are fucked and you will get prostate cancer if you retain? No. It just means you should engage with the specific precautions to maximize your health when practicing it.

Ok, the reason why there could be a risk of this because of most modern people's sedentary way of living where they truly don't move as much as they should, but probably if you are practicing semen retention is because you are on a journey of self imrpovement which by obvious reasons will include going to the gym, here is where I must mention the importance of specific exercises you should be performing that will give you much more benefits when it comes to well, your body obviously but also the way you experience semen retention and will actually prevent any type of issues with this practice.

The first exercise I want to mention is something a lot of us men have done throughout our lives without even noticing, we have done it and it is called kegels, this exercise is the motion you perform when you are taking a piss and midway through you hold it back and stop and then you let it out again, that is one rep of kegels. This specific movement is beneficial because it strengthens a group of muscles that many people nowadays have underveloped because of sitting too much which are the pelvic floor muscles, these muscles are responsible for also controlling your ejaculation, hence strengthening them will also increase your bed performance making you last longer, this exercise obviously should be performed with your bodyweight only you don't need to "progressively overload" it. Perform about 60 kegels every morning and as you progress just increase the reps or the amount of time you hold the kegel and you can do this all day long, only benefits come from it.

The following movements I wanna mention are actually movements you probably are already doing if you go to the gym but they are extremely important when it comes to prevention of issues when practicing semen retention.

The barbell squat, the deadlift and the abs exercises.

Now why are these important? These movements actually all work very closely connected to your genital area, the region in your lower abs, your glutes and your pelvic floor muscles. When you practice semen retention the most important thing to remember is that you are supposed to transmute the energy, if you are only retaining and that is it, what you are causing is only a massive build up of energy that unless is transmuted or keeps flowing will only cause you to actually get built up and will result in you getting angry and what is known as "sexually frustrated" and it is a real thing, if you just have all that energy built up within you as a man and you don't keep it flowing you will get in a really bad mood and always end up relapsing to get that feeling of letting everything out.

Now, the exercises mentioned actually work directly in keeping that energy built up around your genital area moving, literally, by improving the blood flow in that area, and keeping everything kind of "massaged" in there and constantly regenerating, this will prevent any issues.



ED is actually much more common than a lot of people realize and of course by obvious reasons that have been previously stated, much more common nowadays, it can be caused by physiological, psychological components or both. ED is in itself extremely embarrasing and enmasculating and can make a lot of people feel extremely bad about themselves which only actually worsens the ED and will make it impossible for you to get your dick to do its job, specially embarrasing when you are with a woman you actually like and she is really hot but when it is time to get at it your friend just doesn't work and you look like a loser.

Do not worry anymore, ED can be treated and even cured naturally actually if you have followed the advice or at least most of it you probably already have cured most of it but well, anyways there are still some more components to it.

By the way, a lot of men are misinformed and I must clarify that ED is a recurring issue that happens when you consistently can't get an erection, if this has happened once or twice to you, you do not have ED, as it could also be things that happen in the moments like being drunk, high, nervous or lack of attraction.


Training for getting hard is a real thing, of course it has to do with doing the excercises I have mentioned in this E-book like kegels, but it also has to do with your overall way of training, I recommend actually that you do not do running, running is an activity that increases levels of cortisol in the body and actually causes a stress response, if you want to stay lean try other things like HIIT cardio, sprints or boxing.


Your diet will obviously directly impact your sexual performance, and actually some studies have shown that a man with a 42 inch waist or larger is 50 percent more likely to have ED than a man with a smaller waistline, this includes body fat percentage must be controlled by obvious reasons and should keep an eye on stubborn belly fat, some men have completely cured their ED simply by improving their eating habits and lowering their body fat percentage through exercise and diet.


Sleep is one of the most important and most underrated aspects when it comes to your health, including hormonal and sexual health. As I have mentioned before on my instagram, men should experience at least 3 erections during REM sleep and an erection upon waking up as an indicator that your sexual health is optimal and your sleep was optimal aswell.

Having a consistent sleep schedule and the quality of your sleep is far more important than how much you sleep when it comes to health, going to sleep every night at about the same time, having a night routine and improving the quality of your sleep with tips I mention on my Instagram will be crucial to optimize the quality of your erections, actually improving your sleep schedule, quality and quantity reversed ED issues in a group of men completely and increased their testosterone levels by up to 400 ng/dl naturally permanently.

A lot of men have ED and is probably only literally caused by poor sleep.


You will obviously and definetly want to stop smoking if you experience ED as it can be actually when physiologically speaking a result of a cardiovascular issue, this happens when the blood that is supposed to go to your penis when you want to get an erection is actually restricted due to a narrowing of the arteries. Smoking can actually restrict and narrow these arteries that are necessary in order for you to experience a high quality erection.

If you are a man who smokes this could be the cause or main cause of your ED. If having ED is bothering you more than not smoking then stop doing it and get your erections back, anyways smoking is a bad habit that will in fact be detrimental to your health in the long run and hence your hormonal levels and affect your sexual performance.


Alcohol as stated above can in chronic use cause some issues to your hormonal levels but as also stated, when used responsibly can also spike them, regardless, when we talk about ED, alcohol has a direct effect in your sexual performance. As you probably already know alcohol is a depressing substance, this will cause also a "depression' in your penis, no pun intended. Chronic alcohol consumption can actually straight cause ED in men and momentarily speaking some men report lack of sensation, libido and ED when drunk even without any sort of recurring issue when sober.


If you are on any type of pharmaceutical medications, almost guaranteed one of the side effects is actually ED, how curious right? but there are some specifics that can cause this issue in most men.

These medications are:


Blood pressure medications


Beta Blockers

Heart medications

Cholesterol medications


Hormone drugs

Corticol steroid

Chemotherapy medications

Male pattern baldness medications

Anyways with an improved diet as I have mentioned before you wouldn't even need these sort of medications, they only cause harm and don't actually cure your issue they just drug your body into believing is cured doing more harm than good.

Improve your overall health as a man with tips I mention on this E-book and on my instagram and you will not actually require of any medications, that could also be a driving main cause of your ED.

Why would you all this when you can just pop a blue pill of viagra or cialis and that's it?

Well, using pills like viagra is not actually going to cure your ED, it will only make it last for when you have it and that makes you dependant of the price, availability and effectiveness of a pill to satisfy your woman. Couldn't be me bro, you should be able to satisfy your woman any time and any moment that you want and be able to make your penis rise like a sword ready for battle and make the night of her dreams.

Aswell as the side effects that come from using things like viagra that can be headaches, lower blood pressure and painful erections that last several hours even after ejaculation, also who wants to pay every time just to have your dick in its most glorious state? When you can have that for free just by changing your habits that will also result subsequentially in better overall health.

Fortunately along with changing those habits there are some "ED hacks" you can apply as a man that paired with bettering those mentioned habits will be what completely cures your ED and gives you that sex life you have always wanted and erections like back in your glorious years, fuark yeah.

Horse chestnut extract, this actively acts upon a significant improvement in increased blood flow to the penis acting like a natural viagra by opening the vessels that cause blood flow to reach your dick without the blood thinning side effects of viagra.


Yeah orange juice and garlic, everyone's favorite, jokes aside, this specific combination actually lower your blood pressure acting upon specific molecules in your body and result in an increase in blood flow by up to 300 percent.


Yes, the magic combo, this will guarantee you to achieve those viagra like erections and make that girl fall in love with you, the only potential side effect is actually having her obsessed with you right after, but jokes aside. Pomegranate fruit is a potent NO (nitric oxide) inducing substance in the body, that will directly act upon the quality of your erections, your libido and your testosterone levels. This, in the combination of watermelon that contains a compound by the name of L-citruline that can give you the best pumps in your muscles will also result in a huge pump in your penis and a huge pump in your sex life.


Ginseng has been used as a natural viagra by men for centuries and as a man who loves nature and natural alternatives and of course loves the idea of living off-grid what better than a herb that can help with ED naturally and enhance your sexual performance substantially.


When taken in high doses, L-arginine has been shown to potently increase the widening of the blood vessels in the penis and giving you harder erections as a result


A natural herb from Africa has been shown to cure ED in some men, the downside is this one actually does come with some unkwon side effects and its availability is scarce and unreliable.

With all these methods and "ED hacks" you are guaranteed to cure your ED in the most natural way possible and reclaim your masculinity and sexual performance, sex should be your highlight as a man and ED should not be what is stopping you from acheiving peak sexual performance.



The life of a man with high testosterone is beyond the only fact that his hormones are in their healthiest and optimal state, it is actually a lifestyle, an attitude and a state of mind. A high T man lives his life according to his principles and is the pure representation of precisely that, just his mere existance increases his own testosterone levels and the ones of the men around him. He is the man all women want to be with and all men want to be like and be friends with, the man who people look up to in times of needed action and performance of strength and courage.

Increasing your hormonal levels is something that goes beyond health, and trascends from physiology to your spirit and your masculine nature, it is something that will make you that man you have always wanted to be, this is your life from now on, this is not some sort of thing you practice for some time, this is the way to live, or is it that you want to be a high T man sometimes and the other part of the time a bitch? I highly doubt it.

This, is beyond yourself, this is for your family, for your ancestors, for your future wife and your future children. This is for God. You practice this lifestyle to become the man they need you to be, and they need in their lives, that man that portrays the strength of your family, household and community, why not even your country? Dream big, as that is one of the main virtues of the high T man, the ability to dream and afterwards proceed to plan and acheive, a true conqueror by nature.

Living this lifestyle will create a shift in your mentality and when your mentality changes your reality simply by nature shifts aswell, now you see everyday with a different perspective, with the perspective of that hero we all want to be in our lives, that energy that makes you feel like the world is simply yours and for the taking, if you have never felt that fucking alive as a man you are missing out, how can you call yourself a man and never have felt like the world is an ocean of limitless opportunities ready to be taken by you? Feel it and live it, the undescribable tingling sensation you get across your body when you start living this lifestyle, that is testosterone, when you feel it flowing through your veins, that is your masculinity, that is your essence as a man, that is what you were brought into this world for.

You will start enjoying those reps at the gym that feel like the world is falling and you can't push the weight anymore, those sensations of fatigue when doing those last reps on squats that feel like your head is on fire, the clanking sound of the iron plates when you push through one more rep in deadlfits, those things will make you feel alive and you will look forward to it, you will feel alive when you are in a social interaction and you talk in public and everyone is listening, everyone pays respect to you and your words, everyone will ask for your opinion because they admire your mentality and who you are as a man, the value you can offer to a simple conversation is limitless, you will feel alive when you are able to satisfy the girl of your dreams during sex and make her achieve mind blowing orgasms with passion and strength and confidently knowing no other man could ever do it as good as you do, and she is in love with you and will be forever.

This type of lifestyle as great as it sounds will come with a great responsibility aswell, the responsibility of leadership, being the best leader you can be for your people and that will mean to lead by example, you cannot indulge in activities that would be detrimental to your reputation or would set a bad example to the people you inspire, as it would be a shame and would make you as a man lose that credibility with every mistake you perform, being precise with your actions is crucial and is an ability that needs to be be maximized to make the best out of this lifestyle, another great responsibility is the responsibilty of speech, what you say will have an impact in the actions of the people you inspire, therefore you must remember that before speaking, unless your speech will be precise in what you want to convey with it and will create a useful contribution to whatever atmosphere you are being part of then you simply much rather stay silent and analyze the other conversations and events going on around for either self development or to be part of the conversation and speech when you have something useful to say.

The last but not the least is protection, your ability to protect is what makes you as a man, a man who can't protect himself or other people is a wasted man, do not ever allow yourself to become a man who is not capable of protection amongst any and every means possible, protecting yourself is the first obvious virtue and step but protecting others is truly what will make you that man you truly need to be, when in real danger people can rely on you to be the one who performs and creates a situation of peace and safety, that is when you truly become very useful to the world as a man, our nature is in protecting and providing, if you believe it is not you are objectively wrong and you will always fail as a man. Accepting this nature of your masculinity is what will truly allow you to connect to yourself and your balls, your man essence, we all have fantasized about being heros and saving the girl we like in elementary. That is because we are made for that, we are made to be that man, that hero, that dude who saves the girl and stays with her, something I realized recently is that when we were younger and we fantasized about it we thought were doing it for the girl, to have her and to stay with her, but in reality we were doing it for ourselves, we wanted to save the girl because that is what would make us feel like real men, we needed that excitement of being the hero, the strongest, and the girl was just a "prize" for our heroic actions, it was not the girl we wanted, it is the feeling of strength, power and heroicism, the girl was just what we felt we deserved for being that man, that is precisely how your life should be when you grow up, funny thing is we knew it all along, and it is simply a journey of discovery and finding your true self.

Essentially you should aim your life to be that way, you being the hero and the woman that you like and want to protect there because you deserve to have a girl, I don't believe women are superior to us in any way, we both men and women need each other, but the reality is you need to reach a point where you deserve to have any girl you want and like, you cannot ever expect the universe to give you a feminine girl unless you are the man that will be the best for her, it simply doesn't work that way, you can have tha woman you have always dreamed of but focus on being that man that she deserves in her life aswell, if she is a good girl for you, trust me, she will also be focusing on being the best woman for you.

Men, living this lifestyle will truly be the best thing that could ever happen to you, and your people, you will feel like you haven't felt before, enjoy it, embrace it, feel it and make the best out of it, the world is for the taking when you truly know it and believe it, it all will start with your mentality, shif your mind and shift your reality, take this knowledge and apply it directly for the benefit in your own life, much strenght to you man, you can be part of the creation of a terranova and a better world, purpose and leadership


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