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Group of friends decided to spend the weekend hiking in the woods, Not aware of the terror lurks within.

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Chapter 1,

There is a place called Westridge; An area covered in bushland, thick rainforests, and natural creeks that flow to the river.

It is known for its hidden secrets of disappearance, Of missing people, and strange phenomena.

Mountains cover the area with deep valleys;

Trees that grow huge' date back to ancient times,

The area is known as a national park, Owned by rangers who take care of the Highland.

Multiple tracks were by rangers made to lead over the national park to enjoy hiking in the woods to connect with nature.

But only one wasn't many have come out alive; Many have been lost and lost their lives.

Only a few have come out alive,

One trail has been closed for many years; the rangers have secured areas placing signs all over the bushland, trying to keep people from never entering certain places and to keep them away.

Especially one track' A trail that leads deep into the valley that has been around for centuries,

A thin trail rugged and scampers down the mountain.

One weekend three mates Donny Lucas and Baker, decided to head out on an adventure into the woods hiking through the national park and was introduced with affliction and terror when out walking.

It all started on a Thursday night at Lucas workplace; Lucas was working as a retailer at Good guys downtown; Donny and Baker walked in the store looking around when they spotted Lucas with a customer, Yelling out Hey Lucas, Donny called out, Lucas turned spotting them when everyone heard

The loud voice.

Lucas reacted Dam it, Excuses me for a second. He told the customer,

Lucas walked around when Donny and Baker walked towards him.

The boss Cane from his office staring out at Lucas when Lucas scratched his head, tilting it when he said to the guys, " Shh quiet - Dont yell out, I'm working, Sorry Donny replied Baker asked Lucas " Are we still on for the weekend, Yeah, of course, Cool - What time you finish work because we are here to pick you up to go out for dinner, Oh yeah Baker replied we are going to have a great night, Yeah, of course, we will, but please keep it down wait for me outside, ok, Ronny and Baker walked out the entrance when Ronny turn and with a sarcastic voice." Don't forget her number,

You might get laid; Lucas stopped shaking his head as he was embarrassed by Ronny.

The boss starred over to Lucas with a dissatisfied look when asked, "Lucas, I would like to see you after work, Yes Sir.

The time came when Lucas was in the office speaking to the boss, Ronny and Baker. We were outside when Ronny asked," what's taking him so long? I don't know maybe he is getting in trouble with the boss because of what you said, or he is just signing off before he comes out,

Well, he is taking too long, be patient, Ronny,

Baker walked a few steps when Lucas exit the entry; see here he comes; thank goodness, Calling out What took so long,

Shut up, Baker replied. Sorry guys, I had to talk to the boss; what about, None of your business, Baker said. He wanted to talk about what happened before when you guys came in; Lucas looked at Ronny signing him, giving a tendency to look towards him, knowing it was about him.

Getting into the car, the guys drove off, heading towards the roadhouse tavern.

Arriving at the pub, the guys went inside,

Sitting around the table, the waitress noticed them sitting down when she made her way over, asking them would they like to order. The guys ordered their drinks, and the waitress asked what would you like to eat,

Not sure what they wanted, Lucas said Can we think about it? Not sure what we want? Ok, I'll come back when you're ready; thankyou you, Lucas replied.

Ronny was checking out the waitress and smiled as she rolled her eyes at him,

Lucas tells Ronny, what are you doing,

What, The waitress was looking at me she wants me, Yeah right, She does did you see

How she looked at me, Baker replied. She rolled her eyes in disgust; no, she didn't - wants me, Ronny answered.

Baker told Ronny that she is over 50 years old, So' who cares? Baker and Lucas looked at each other laughed as they sat around the table.

making conversation, the guys were looking at the menu deciding what they want for dinner,

Baker signs the waitress overdo he could order; The waitress stood taking their orders

Then walked into the kitchen, giving the chef the order.

Through the night, The guys are dinner and making conversation when Baker told the guys he couldn't wait for the weekend,

Ronny said he had packed and ready to go So am I said Baker Lucas told the guys he hasn't even started packing yet, What you haven't started yet you better hurry up Ronny told Lucas, Yeah I will, You better - And you better be ready by the time I get there tomorrow, Calm down I'll be prepared - don't worry, Ronny and Baker glanced at each other in a curious look.

It was getting later in the night, 11: 17 pm,

Lucas looked at his watch, noticing the time when he told the others, " Guys' It's regulated. It's close to midnight. We better go and get some rest if we have to leave In the morning,

Yeah, your right. Let's go; The guys got up, walking out of the tavern when they drove off not long after arriving at Lucas home.

Alright, guys, I'll see you in the morning,

Calling out to Lucas, Ronny said, " You better be ready; shaking his head, Lucas turned around waved before walking in the side.

Baker drove off' Lucas closed the door and went up to his room, reaching under the bed, pulling out a backpack, started to collect his things and packing them.

Only a few things left to get Lucas decided to grab them in the morning and to make his way into the shower then going to bed.

To Be Continued.


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