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The Start

Requests From Someone Once Hurt

Please don't say you love me If you are conflicted about it inside. Please don't make me believe those words. Just because you'd rather not see me cry. Please don't promise me that we have forever. When in your soul you know its not the truth. Please don't make me out to be just your fool. Please I beg of you because that too is abuse. Please don't kiss my lips so sweetly dear. If at dawn I'll awake in our bed all alone. Please don't tiptoe in silence while I sleep. If you're done with our love, then let it be known. Please don't say you love me darling. If your soul's fighting with your heart. Please don't promise thousands of memories. If our love's ending before it really starts. Please don't pull me into your arms so close. If you only plan to set all my demons free. Don't look into my eyes with such longing. If at the end of your life, you can't see you and me. Please don't say the words I love you. If the truth is that with me; it doesn't feel right. Please, just give it to me as straight as you can Then by the time morning comes, I'll be out of sight. Please don't promise me forever if it's not real. Don't get on one knee asking for my hand. Just be honest not only with me but yourself. If you just aren't into this; tell me, I'll understand All I ask of you is a return of the respect I give to you Don't be afraid to tell me what's within your heart and mind. Please don't lie just to gain what you currently desire. Because I've been let down before so known how to recognize the signs. But if the words of love you speak are really true. By all means in the Earth allow them to roll right off your tongue. Say them loudly or whisper them gently either way is fine by my heart. Don't be afraid for the world to know our love has officially begun. If your feelings for me are real, then kiss me as you never have another. Don't hesitate to wrap me in your arms and whisper sweet nothings to me. From once just youthful friends now turned into eternal lovers. Sept. 4, 2020

As I Let Go Of Love

We met in a clearing, so full of love and happiness. Now alone in a darkened room is where I grieve

I had thought for certain you and I'd last forever

Never woulda thought I'd be the one my heart deceived.

Surrounded by ripped up pictures spread upon the floor

A hopeless attempt to forget some of the memories

Knowing good and well that the soul could never forget

Also knowing until I can slow the rest of pain, you'll haunt my dreams.

I find that all the same questions continue to echo

Like, how could this be and why is it I wasn't enough

Why is this pain so deep when it was over long ago

And will there ever come a time ever again my heart'll let my soul be touched?

We met almost 41years ago and were so full of love and joy

So how did it fall apart, or was it an illusion just an evil trick

Forever seemed so real back then and I only pictured it with you

But when I remember the pain that was caused I get deathly sick.

Now I welcome the rain as dark clouds quickly gather

I pray that it floods and washes all memory of us far away

So that maybe both heart and soul can someday heal

And with it gain a chance for happiness before I reach the grave.

I never would have imagined someone I loved could bring such pain

And destroy the parts of me they swore to always protect

But I can say that it was truly a revolutionary eye opener

Teaching me I deserved so much better, a lesson I'll never forget.

I guess I should have caught on in the beginning

But I guess along with being blind, it seems love also isn't very smart

It keeps you holding on tightly; always hoping its real

And even when its clear its hopeless, we still search within the dark.

Always holding on to the faith that things will somehow change

Hoping and praying the one you love will grow to love you too

And a broken heart takes some time to heal after its over

Often making one such as myself feel as if nothing will stop the gloom.

We met in the courtyard when we were young and full of life

Now in the graveyard all alone amongst the headstones I say goodbye

I close my eyes then open them and stare out in

And I promise, myself it will get better just as I begin to cry.

July 30,2020.

Outloud Thoughts

I'm thinking back to when things seemed so beautiful

When there seemed as if there was no dark clouds in the night sky

I'm remembering laying outside on a blanket under the stars

Before another moment passes, I realize I've begun to cry.

I'm thinking back to the days with nothing but sunshine

Days and nights without a moment looking as if it would rain

I wish we could return to that place right this very instant

The silence is so loud that I'm slowly going insane.

I can still see our beginning as if it was only yesterday

Almost as if we're no more than little kids once again

Yet sadly, I can also clearly see the ending of all that we were

I guess as much as we deny it, our love was just a tragic sin.

I'm keeping it as real as it could have ever truly have been kept

I can't come any other way than honest and straight from my heart

I'm trying to make sure there's never no doubt in your head

As hard as I fight to keep it together, I seem to keep falling apart.

I'm reminiscing on forever ago when I first fell for you

Staying in the shadows in silence afraid to let my feelings show

Watching the years pass by, mouth shut never giving a clue or hint

Yet always secretly praying that somehow you would just know.

Thinking back over the days and years you didn't even know I exist

Always thinking to myself how wonderful if only I could make you see

Making each day and night worth every chance we ever lost

When together it's obvious somehow you and I set one another free.

Thinking back to the start darling, before our time even started

Then when the chance arrived it was simply just sink or swim

We always seemed to march to the beat of our own drum

Only cared for each other, never gave a second thought to the likes of them.

I'm thinking back to a lifetime you probably don't even have a clue about

A time that your memory banks just won't allow such memories to occur

But I swear I know there's no second-guessing that it's always been you

A nervous giggle and a tear is all I can muster for courage to say that I'm sure.

I have such clear thoughts about what we used to be that's so long past us now

I hold back tears thinking we almost let go of our second chance

Both of us have to let go of our foolish and damn stubborn pride

If we can't learn to bend for this love it becomes a victim of circumstance.

I'm thinking back to lonely days lived that way because of our fears

Both scared to open our mouths and say that we should just give us a try

So foolish, because by the time we took that chance the damage was already great

Causing us to not put forth much effort which almost caused a goodbye.

Thinking back it's hard believing that someone young could feel so very strong

Hard to believe possible, harder to believe that it wouldn't tragic

But your soul and mine speak and our hearts often beat fully tune

Telling me it's meant to be, love that's so perfect, it's even better to me than magic.

June 21, 2020

Can You Tell Me?

Tell me anyone just had this is supposed to go

Tell me how I make my heart see the truth

When for so long now it's been in his hands

I shed a lonely tear reminiscing on our youth.

Tell me how to just walk away and not look back

Tell me how do I let the memories just fade

It meant the world to me to make each and every one

Now every moment without him here, they continue to replay.

Each morning when I wake all alone it's so hard for me

I dislike the dark of night, but I fear the dawn

For inside my dreams we are snuggled up close

There's no sorrow there, together is where we truly belong.

Tell me how I'm supposed to tell him goodbye now

After so many years only knowing how to love one soul

How can I stop these tears that fall from my eyes with such ease

How do I warm the insides of my heart from being so cold?

Tell me anyone how to face the dark days that lie ahead

Tell me how to scare these demons that haunt my world

It's like I'm attending the funeral of a perfect love

It's like watching a movie on repeat as we unfurl.

Tell me how do we begin working past all the hurt that's present

Tell me anyone, there's a chance to again make things right

It's too much of a burden to carry knowing it's over forever

When for more years than I'm able to count, he's been my light.

Tell me anyone at all that there was a time he really could have loved me

Tell me anyone please, that's some point in this life it was real

Let me have some kind of reassurance I wasn't just a total fool

Tell me that I was awake and not just dreaming about all my heart feels.

Nikki Battles

June 20, 2021

Come True

If only wishes can come true,

I have one or two or maybe a few,

And they're all about you,

Tell me what I should now do.

If only dreams can be reality,

Then theres a chance for us to be,

And I'll give myself fully to thee,

All in hopes you'll answer my souls plea.

If only wishes can come true

I know id still wish for only you

To be right by my side forever

Making a promise to leave each other never.

June 27, 2020

The Heart Has Lied

Trust me, the love still remains

Yet for the time being, it's weak at the best

Trust me, it's all still there just boxed up

With some time, I can handle the rest.

Trust me, this road may get uneven at times

We may even encounter a landslide or two along the way

Trust me, I know what it is to stumble

I know how it feels to face dark and stormy days.

Trust me, though it hurts now it will someday end

You'll become numb to the pain you now have inside

Trust me, the echoes from the lies will just suddenly stop

Then from that moment, no more tears shall you cry.

Trust me, time does take care of everything one faces in life

It does eventually get easier, all the things we go through

Trust me, the sun has to return at some point in time

Until that moment, there isn't really much you can do.

Trust me, I've been through it all before

There comes a time that it's all different than it first seems

Trust me, love when given the time that's required

Will eventually silence not only some, but all of your internal screams.

Trust me, when it ends there won't be any surprise at all

Your heart will already be partially healed

Trust me, I know that it will hurt you like hell when it comes

Mainly because you just can't flip the switch on how you feel.

Trust me, said the heart to the little girl bringing chocolates

This will be a good start said the heart to the boy with roses

Trust me, said the heart to the couple pouring out their souls

But the heart lied, it's truth only comes in the smallest doses.

April 9, 2020

The King & I

To love you has become second nature

To feel your heartbeat has become my desire

To feel your lips gently upon my own

Each time it sets my soul afire.

To look into your eyes each morning

To know that with my King I'm finally home

To feel your soul join with mine once again

For real love to be genuinely and truly shown

To feel the hand of the one with whom mine fits so perfect

To feel skin on skin as while we dream our bodies dance

Somehow it gets us to the point of no return

It's got me thinking the Fates felt we deserved a chance.

To know that at any given point of any future days

We may be talking about good memories long past

When we start to reminise on how it feels to love this way

We'll laugh longingly thinking time's moving too fast.

To feel like royalty just for a moment however brief

To feel as if the entire world awaits the moment you arrive

To know the moment may be fleeting so you grasp it firmly

Pray that the previous night's tears are the last you ever cry.

To know that time has prepared its trials made for you

Also knowing the knowledge is there, just under lock and key

So much difference and indesicion hold us back from truth

I'm hoping I find the real truth of how you feel for me.

We're on a swirling tunnel ride going faster than ever before

Holding on for dearest life as we draw closer to the dark

My head's thought process jumbled from the now calming spin

Realizing our love is the kind that leaves a forever mark.

I have dreamt you into the real world it appears to me

And I'm enchanted by the curiosity of the power I must possess

Is it possible that my energy is what has drawn you to me

And I'm sure you must think that I'm a total destructive mess.

I have the deepest ties to you that anyone could

And I hold in sorrowful words as I watch you walk the other way

I'm ready to experience the truth of your full undivided love's fire

I'll allow you to burn me to the ground for it's with fire I play.

To my deepest core I can feel the unrelenting heat of you

I embrace it happily, I look forward to the slow steady burn

This is the point in the story I start to really surrender my whole self

To truly please thy King, is a lesson I must learn.

Given another chance for the continuence of a former legacy

Only this time there can be no failure between the souls

I must just make sure the rightful King has the Queen by his side

So that neither of us is made to walk between the realms all alone.

The last journey I was forced to share. what belonged to me

So the days and nights grew cold with time's passing

And then before I was ready to let you go I got used to you not there

I could've begged on my knees but there wasnt a point in asking.

I couldnt give you the things needed when it began back then

I was promised to you when I was simply a child who didnt understand

A young widow's girl as a payment for a tyrants unpaid debts

Just an unknowing, scared chiId,sent off with a older man.

To love thee has become a second part of nature for me

To feel the heat from the blood racing throughout your veins

To feel that forced kiss that you made me to recieve

Made me realize that some of the best pleasure comes from pain.

To love thee has been just what my wandering soul needed

To feel the touch of your lips on mine, your hand in my hand

I knew the first moment the whole thing really started

And when I surrendered to you the screams were heard across the land.

April 9, 2020

And The Demons Followed Her

She can feel them following her tonight

They know not she knows they're there

But she accepted that which is reality early on

So if they wish to subdue her, she's well prepared.

She no longer feels the sun's warmth on her face

She no longer shivers in the coolness of the dark night

She accepts that there's no more deep connection here

She's embracing the darkness, she can't find the light.

Right now she would be okay with an overabundance of caring

She'd trade being smothered with hugs and kisses just to be sure

But they are on different worldly levels than they were the first time

Now, she feels more like he'd rather her just go out the door.

She can surely say that she's no stranger to these moments

They've over time become nightmares haunting her mind

They may never stop now, she's already lived over half her life

She just wish she could do a magic spell, turn the hands of time.

She can sense that the wind blows a different direction now

And that the one she's always loved is no longer feeling the same

It's becoming a hard thing to make her heart forget

When there was a time his only called out her name.

The love between them became the topic of a crime

A crime once full of twists, turns, and unbridled passion

That was before she knew he could be so hateful like here and now

She would have never in years seen it coming, its not his fashion.

But it seems he has called her unto him and his kingdom

Just to make her accept the bitterness he leaves upon her tongue

She was willing to do most anything to please his desired will

But it seems he doesn't want this, it's all just for fun.

She feels their presence close to her as she walks the streets tonight

She's willing to accept whatever's next, for, she's over this torture

But she swore to remain and take care of him the rest of life

He's too unpredictable, like the waves stealing the shore.

And the demons, well they followed her everywhere tonight

She hoped she'd lose them but they caught her every turn

She tried to run but it proved to be fruitless as well

So to love him she has to sit back and let her heart burn.

April 9, 2020

Empty Fantasies

Millions of thoughts running through my head

Things that could be done or secret places to go alone

Things we could do to feel differently for one another

Things to think of and smile about at home.

Dreams that have filled the night many many moons prior

I want to bring into the light to make you smile

Maybe a chance to bring us back full circle again

Bring back what we feel but we lie about and stay in denial.

The bliss once made behind huge closed doors is made again

Maybe the kiss will help rekindle some of what seems lost

I wonder if you'll listen and act on my desires

Or if I will be forced to lose my heart and soul as the cost?

There are things I always only wanted to share with the one

There are ways I wanna be touched only you can do

And then they won't seem like just empty fantasies

They would then become closer to dreams come true.

April 9, 2020

If You Ask

If you were to ask what I dream of my love

Oh what incredible stories my mind could tell

All about magical things or what some call fairy tales

The details I could share could make me seem unwell.

I dream of ruling the people of ancient kingdoms

Of sitting beside my King upon our matching thrones

I dream of training the deadliest fire breathing dragons

High above the kingdom inside the caves they call home.

If you were to ask me what it is I wish for my sweet

It would be for things to go back to the way they once were

To retirn to,a previous lifetime, long since past us now

And hand in hand you and I danced in the rain upon the shore.

But I feel it must be impossible to return to that point

So much has taken place since we shared that moment in time

Yet I'm sure fate has reasons for putting us face-to-face again

Not sure about the meaning but that's definitely some kind of sign.

If you were to catch a glimpse of a tear rolling down my face

Don't try to wipe or kiss it away as it rolls from my eyes to my cheek

Let it flow in the way the fates have had it planned out for me to do

Don't hold it against my soul if looking at you I'm unable to speak.

If you were to ask what I plan to accomplish here my darling

I must first know if you ever still have dreams of me

Or if just like our love, it was taken with the start of this life

I hope not because anymore, it's only in the love we share that I believe.

April 2, 2020

A Picture Just For You

I wish to paint you a picture

That's drawn from my world

This paper is my canvas

The brushstrokes are my words.

I wish only for your happiness

For you to have sweet dreams at night

For life to be all you imagined

And to give you a love that's out of sight!

I have so little left of myself to give

The past has made me weary and weak

But fear not if I sit in silence

Sometimes looking at you it's hard to speak.

I sometimes think if I say too much

That you'll get tired and walk away

So I'm trying to watch how much I tell you

Because more than anything, I want you to stay.

I wish to paint you a beautiful picture

Drawn from the center of my world

For that's where you are in my life

I always wanted to be your girl.

We were given this great blessing

The opportunity to finally be together

But the ball's in our court now

And it's our job to Make It Last Forever.

So let's lay down in our bed tonight

Soul to soul, Heart to Heart, face to face

Feeling energy as we Two Become One

And let any doubts we have be erased.

To spend my life with you is my goal

To love you and hold you for all our days

Keep your heart beating closely to mine

May all we've created never, ever fade.

I'm trying to paint you a picture

After all this, is it any more clear

Can you tell we're something beautiful

Does it give you a twinge of fear?

Are you like me my sweetest love

And your only fear is getting hurt?

Tell me what to do so you know for sure

That with me you won't get burnt.

I hope these words reach you inside

I pray that this painting is enough

For my love, my words are all I have

Really, I'm weak but I play as if I'm tough.

Truthfully, I need your protection

Sometimes things aren't as they seem

This is my canvas, brushstrokes the words

And loving with you is better than a dream.

This is a complicated painting

Drawn from the center of my world

This poem is my finished canvas

I'll always want to be your only girl.

April 14, 2018

Wrap Around

I am trying to wrap my heart around

How it is the one you loved can hurt you so bad

I wonder how so many years can be invested

Just to ultimately be left in the darkness so sad.

I'm trying to convince my soul that it wasn't meant to go that way

And that somewhere along the way your heart was touched

That the bad along with the good memories were all part of a plan

That even if misunderstood there was reasons I loved you so much.

I just wonder if my tears falling affect your heart as yours do mine

For the last thing I ever would wish for you is love to fade away

But I often wonder just what went so wrong before I got to you

That had you so convinced that no love could be true and stay.

I only wished to change your thought on the way you viewed love

To show you that with a little faith you may find that one who'd always care

But maybe it's my fault, and I unknowingly pushed you from me

Yet, till my final days, in my dreams you will always be there.

Yours will be the face that continues to haunt my nights and days

You will be the reason that at the worst moment tears will fill my eyes

A piece of my soul will forever call out looking for that lost love

You will be the one my spirit searches for when I die.

I know you convinced yourself that I have never loved you

I know not the reasons, I would guess you were afraid of the fall

But I would have been right there to catch you and hold you

Because like I tried telling you, you were my first true love after all.

May 28, 2020

Broken Toy

My heart shattered, the pieces scattered up on the floor

And never before this moment have I felt so broken

How can I be like this, you had no more use for me

Yet somehow, you still hold my heart as your eternal token?

I feel that I'm just a broken toy, tossed away over in the corner

Thrown aside and forgotten for something that is shiny and new

I'm hurting but you do not understand that you could fix it

In your hands lies all the power

Your heart and soul contain the glue.

A chance untaken leaves loving words lost in translation

If you just give a little love the toy could be pieced back together

If you'd only take a moment, look and pick the toy up once more

If using a little patience to mend it you'll see that the broken toy is better.

Yes, just go quickly to the dark corner in which the broken toy lies

Pick it up gently, this broken toy wishes to be retrieved

With just a little working and some true compassion

You may give back some life, the broken toy may once again breathe.

Hidden spaces you'll see can find, safely tuck your toy away

So you can prevent the chance of any more harm being done

Just a single moment of caring and true tenderness

The moment you became the toys repairs, I knew that you were the one.

I was living with hope, for this broken toys wish was granted

Just don't stare for too long or its brightness will leave you blinded

There's light illuminating from within the soul of this once broken toy

Did you so gently retrieve your fixed, proving to this toy that love isn't always one sided.

This broken toy you have made almost like brand new

You can only see faint lines from it being broken into pieces

Does broken toys no longer broken at all, thanks to your hands

And now this meant to toy will remain yours throughout all the seasons.

September 19, 2018


I dream of all the future may hold in store

Happiness or sorrow, which will become my friend

I awake sometimes feeling so empty inside

But noone wants to hear when I say I feel the end.

I dream of wonderous days that have long gone past

When a confined princess was waiting to be saved by a prince

But I awake to the reality that those days are no more

And that to dream of such things just doesnt make sense.

I dream of the present time I am living within

Wondering if those around can sense the tears Ive shed

I awake to tear soaked pillows as the sun breaks

Now with millions of questions running through my head.

I dream of demons as well as the angels they fight

I shed another solemn tear for the one I want to protect

I awake with the wonder of if the night took them away

Even if it has, they're someone best not to forget.

I dream of a place where forever does truly and really exist

Where love is real and lovers together prove thier true worth

I awake to the worlds hate as I change through channels

And sadly start thinking we were doomed before our births.

I dream of all the future holds in store for myself and my love

Dream of a marriage, couple kids and a house on a hill

I awake to my lovers arms wrapped completely around me

And think to myself I may get lucky and have that still.

April 9, 2020

The Last Poem My Soul Has For You

Today is the day i start back the way it once was

Holding all my feelings for you inside away from the world

Today is the day i gather the pieces and shed my tears out of sight

Just thankful that for a moment the fates let me be your girl.

Today I say the last words you'll ever hear me say about my love for you

I know that you won't listen anyhow because you don't care how I feel

But maybe others will learn something from the tragedy that became us

And though we've ended badly I can swear that my love was real.

This is the last time you will read any sincere words I have

It doesnt matter because I don't feel any have ever touched your heart

I tried to bring all my feelings for you to the surface, the light

But I guess it meant more to you when it was still in the dark.

This is it, this is the last poem that my soul has for you

Or to be correct, the last one that you will ever physically see

You took with you the biggest part of what I had to give

Now I wish that having you would've just stayed a dream.

Today I open my hand that for so long reached for yours

Today I walk away from everyone because the silence is too loud

This I must make my soul's last poem written to you my love

I'm on my way to get fully lost, never again to be found.

I just hope that when you are old and grey, thinking back in time

I hope at least one beautiful memory of us creeps right in

Even if it's only the one thats all that really matters

As for me, the memories of you, for me will never end.

May 30, 2020

Though our time has come to an end, you'll forever remain in my heart, mind and soul as the dream I had come true. The ending may be different than I envisioned but I'm grateful for the time I got to spend with you. Love you always....you know who you are

When The Battle Ends

So, there comes a time when your soul has faced enough

When the battle between it and your heart has to end

A time when you realize that you'd be better trying to move on

Because even though your feelings were real, theirs was just pretend.

You can spend years caring for someone in the background

Loving them with every part of you without them knowing

Just to get what you think may be your wishes all come true

Then spend many months or even years just to find yours was the only love growing.

They say it's better to lose the smallest of battles and not fight the war

At least then you can say you're still here to fight another day

But that doesn't mean the heartache you feel will be lessened

But it often assures that the next time you will do it another way.

You learn things about yourself you may find shocking

Things that without fighting the battle you'd have never known

But all that you learn just makes you safer for the next fight

And when it comes to loving someone, you'll know if you're together or alone.

So be grateful that you were brave enough to make it through

Hold dear to you any memories and keep lessons learned in mind

You may just find that the road to the next one is easier

Or you may discover there's no more battles at all because real love is divine.

May 16, 2020

Can't Walk Away

My first real and true love

The Man whose love I treasure

This time apart hasnt been easy

But I swear I love you beyond all measure.

You're still my first thought each morning

My last thought as I drift off to sleep

As long as there remains breath in me

My heart and soul are yours to keep.

Things were so perfect once upon a time

Then it all seemed to fall quickly apart

I wish we could go back and begin again

But I don't know where to even start.

Things feel so much different now

Though my love still burns just as strong

I'd give anything to look in your eyes

To feel as if nothing could ever go wrong.

My first full taste of unconditional love

The Man I wished for upon the night stars

Now we must know, we are both to blame

We wasted a blessing that was solely ours.

We started out with a love just so perfect

But all we've been through since is a shame

Didn't know we'd wind up alone not together

In my dreams I often scream your name.

Its so sad that we have to be so far apart

But in my heart, you're forever by my side

My soul will never love another I swear

You're the one i wanted for all my life.

I don't know how to ease the pain caused

We are both damaged in need of repair

After giving so much of who we really are

Life with any other just wouldn't be truly fair.

Acting as if we are okay even if we aren't

Hiding emotions, smiling through the hurt

Acting fine as we try to find a way to heal

Never letting go until we are buried in dirt.

We need to fix what has been broken

For the memories will haunt us, never gone

We can't give ourselves fully to another

Missing each other from dusk till dawn.

The daylight will not be kind to our hearts

The dark brings tears to our wounded souls

The taste of heaven and hell mixed is bitter

When you have a winning hand, never fold.

So I can't let you or I walk away from love

When truly, you are all my heart desires

I want the both of us to be happy together

Just for you, my soul has an eternal fire.

I love you sweetheart more than anything

Noone's ever touched me the way you have

And I know that life without you isn't right

Because all i do is worry and remain sad.

So lets figure out how to get things back

Let's bring back the people we were before

So life is happy and happiness never fades

So we never face love walking out the door.

JANUARY 28, 2020

We Two

With just a bit of faith and a small bit of belief

You'd be surprised by the true power of we two

All that it requires is the power of 1 of you and one of me added up

But it's more complicated than the simple math that I've just performed for you.

With a full embracing of the level possibly attained

When we two accept it, we cause the unexplainable to come forth

Imaginations tend to run wild and we two must stop ourselves

Before the powers of we two expands and doubles, overvaluing our worth.

For the love between we two carries through all the realms

Leaving some forever changed, while others not quite so much

Some have no faith at all and others thier belief is shaky at best

But I feel that the power of we two will indeed the lost ones touch.

The power of we two is much stronger together than when alone

We've been blessed with unseen gifts and the power of we two can change it all

Only, effort must be shown by we two, for true love to be seen by the whole world

Such as a simple gesture like catching our souls mate if they ever start to fall.

Now, it took some convincing for you to notice my subtle powers

Such as truly casting spells by using only my eyes and my mind

Now, I search for your powers locked tight within your spirits chambers

So you and I may continue as we two, once we leave from this place and run out of time.

I can be positively correct in thinking we two have been here before

I feel it, we had two lifetimes already and this will be our final chance

I've no idea how we two failed at this poetic rhythm that we call love

So don't ask for I know not, if we two were guilty of dark sin or simply victims of pure circumstance.

But with just a little faith and belief in that which is usually unattained

You may be shocked and begin to crave that power unreal that is made by we two

Yet if ever divided, we two would be nothing more than two lonely ones

And apart our power would be absent and we'd know not what in life to really do.

For the important thing to know is that a one alone will never have nothing

It must find a partner to carry on with to build their own legacy

Before loneliness turns them bitter with no one any longer there

So I wish on the Stars each night there is never us, so just promise you'll stay we two always with me.

May 5, 2019

Wonder Of It All

There is no where that I could run to

Simply put, there's no place I can hide

There's a truly serious chemistry here

Been that way for years between you and I.

Now all the cards have been swiftly dealt

It would appear one of us holds a royalflush

Neither knowing if the other ia trying tobluff the house

For the roads we've both traveled have beenquite rough.

So, with fear of losing all the chips I'vegathered

I take a gambler's chance at luck and go allin

I show my pair of Queens that I've soproudly held tight

As you lay out the Ace and King ofdiamonds taking the win.

For the Royal flush you made with suchlittle effort

Beats my pair of Queens held even addingthe one on the table

But you tell me that you will gladly sharethe winning money pot

If only I can promise you a heart that to lovetrue is really able.

So I smile sweetly at you as the dealer onceagain begins to shuffle

Only this time we play against two others and we are playing for keeps

The winners of this hand will recieve a lifefull of joy and love

This is the last thing I see before I awakefrom my sleep.

As my eyes slowly begin to open after mynights slumber

It's your mesmorizing eyes that are lookingdirectly back at me

I smile and slide closer, curling into yourloving embrace

And fall softly back to dreamland within thearms where I was always meant to be.

December 28, 2019

Farewell To The Fool

I've spent countless nights beside youwith my heart dying

No telling the number of tears shedso softly they never made a sound

As i lay next to you feeling like youwere a millions miles away from here

Giving you all my love yet feeling like you wished me not to be around.

I can still remember the twinkle inyour eyes the first time i was in your arms

It felt like this was the place that weboth had always needed to be

But things have become so dark evenafter i've given so much love to you

I say nothing, but its like all thosewe're close to, have known the joke's on me.

Maybe the way I portray things isn'tthe way reality is at all

Sometimes I know that I read deeperinto things than I probably should

But to understand it fully you mustknow the way I feel for you deep inside

And know its the truth that I'd let allthe world know if i really could.

You are the deepest part of me andaffect everything within my life

Somehow when all is said and done Ialways consider how you'd feel

And then i think about how each daymy love continues to grow

It seems that when it comes to usyour haunting demons twist up what's real.

I worry that our love is fast

approaching the point of no return

It seems that you're slippin from mebut i cant take my heart or soul back

I was being honest the day i told youthat they were always yours to keep

That was so if you were ever lost fromme, to my heart you'd have a map.

On second thought, maybe you're justa lesson that i was meant to learn

The heavens sent you so that I wouldsee that I deserved so much more

So that next time I'd be careful and notseek, but let love find

And once it presented itself to me, I'dbe open to all that True Love has in store.

So, in this moment, though hurting,there's something i feel I must say

I wish for you to find that which Iwasnt, yet you seemed to always seek

I bid farewell to one I thought I couldnever let walk away

Now I start a new journey without you, I couldn't believe a word I heard u


There was so much more than a heartand soul, but a spirit involved

The most important, the spirit, for itwas and is who I really am

So I'll let u have the other two becauseI need them not

And I bid farewell always to a manwho wasnt truly a man.

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