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Humility is seen as different pictures in people's minds... Here's mine.

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My story comes from what Jesus did when he knealt down to wash his disciples feet. was it humility the actions he displayed?

most people seems to believe this.

I grew up in a time where kids answered yes ma'am and yes miss and yes sir era. I was no stranger to fights and getting caned for my rough untamed behavior. I also am not easily influenced or convinced by all I read or hear,yet the words from the bible says a lot that has me in contention with others.

I'm contending it's more than that and I hope to have more than enough material to do at least 20 chapters.

Jesus didn't have to show humility folks,he was without sin. the real "it" he displayed was how we are to serve each other.

humility to me is human. it's regarded as a human emotion. Jesus became human not because he needed to taste sin..he came as a man, God in the flesh to redeem man. where then is this humility coming from?

we are the ones in need of compassion, kindness, right thinking!

after man sinned it's was a whole new ballgame. we failed to care who hurt who or who lacked! Jesus didn't need humility but we did!

so what was his plan then? to visit man walk with him, and show him outside of sin what could be achieved. before sin rode in man walked with and talked with God,so to bring him back to a place of eternal goodness he came to invite him by showing him how it can be done!

if the decision is not to accept it,man accepts also his own doom.

back to humility. as lord and master, Jesus throughout the scripture taught preached and was an example to his disciples,that they in turn as he tried with the Israelites first was to be examples. so he set example being a master then kneeling washed their feet. he afterwards asked them if they knew what he'd done as this was significant to his body.

where does humility come in here?

we missed it and certainly most missed it too. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS I HAVE JUST DONE TO YOU?

And we ALL say it's humility? I am not convinced! can I repeat those words again? DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS I HAVE JUST DONE TO YOU??? And we say it's what now...HUMILITY?

see where I'm coming from? so I did a little search and what we hold as concrete is not standing up in water. until next chapter. read on.

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