Clara McKenna

My story is about a girl who is trying to find love in the wrong places.She fell in love with her ex who hates seeing her in another relationship the question between Makayla and Nate is are they soulmates or just toxic couples who keep running back to each other

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Am I not good enough?

Here I am crying again in my room because of some stupid boy.Lately I find myself crying over some boy that I meet at the club,bar,at a party,or even someone walking outside my apartment.I find myself looking for love in the wrong places.I guess that's why I end up crying.Anyways let's go back to last week.

F/N- Come onnnnnn let's go were late already

Makayla aka You- How can you be late to a club, relax Kenzie I'm almost done I just have to do my makeup.


Makayla-girl please I only take like 30 minutes go eat or something

Kenzie-*rolls eyes* Fine by the time I'm back u should be done

Makayla-*laughs* okkk

After 20 minutes Makayla is done

Kenzie-IM BACKKKK....are u done??


Kenzie-finally letsss gooooo

Makayla-*laughs* ok lemme grab my bag first

Kenzie-hurry up

Makayla- ok let's go

After a 40 minute drive to the club they arrived


Kenzie-yassss im going to get some drinks any special requests

Makayla-tequila, vodka, anddd everclear

Kenzie-okkkk I see u

Makayla-hahah I'm gong to the pole

Kenzie- hi can I get two shorts of tequila, one shot of vodka,and one shot of everclear actually make it two

Bartender-coming right up darling

Kenzie-eww don't be weird just give me what I asked for

Bartender-feisty I like it

Kenzie-*makes her police badge visible*

Bartender-*his smirk turns into a worried face and hurry's to make the drink

Random-You really put him in his place there Kenzie

Kenzie-How do u- oh it's you why are u even here Nate u do know Makayla is here right.

Nate-I wanted to have some fun.

Nate says with a smirk on his face.You were kind of worried of what Makayla would do when she see's him, how she would react.

Nate-What's on your mind love

Kenzie-don't ever call me th-

Makayla-Hey what's taking-

Kenzie-hey I can explain

Makayla-explain what

Kenzie-he just came up and started talking to me I'm really sorry but I didn't do anything wrong

Makayla-I'm sorry too come on let's go to another club

Nate-oh come on darling why leave the party is just getting started am I right

Makayla and Kenzie both look at each other

Makayla-fine but stay far away from me

Nate smirks

After a couple of drinks Makayla is drunk as long as Kenzie and Nate

Kenzie-Com on let leave

Makayla-whyyyy come on let's stay plssss

Kenzie-no I have work in the morning and I'm drunk and so are u I'm getting us a taxi


Kenzie-uhhh fineee were going to my place

when the taxi comes


taxi driver-ok

When they arrive

Kenzie-shoes off I only have two rooms Makayla and Nate are u guys ok with sharing

They were all drunk to realize what they are saying and what's happening

Kenzie undressed herself and changed into something comfy so did Nate. They got in the bed and started going to sleep.

In the morning

Kenzie-Woahhhhhh what are y'all doing in bed together

Makayla-ahhhh oh my goodness wait what time is it how did I get here

Kenzie-I don't know I think we were all drunk last night anyway I have to go to work call me if anything MAKAYLA.

Kenzie says in a harsh tone Makayla and Nate both look at each other

Makayla-did we-

"I don't think so" Nate says

"Oh ok good get out so I can change I have things to do"

With a smirk on Nate face" what things"

"Ewwww leave"

"why should I seen every inch of your body before"

As Makayla got up Nate immediately pinned her to the wall

"get off me Nate"

"why" Nate whispered while slowly breathing down Makayla neck

"Nate" Makayla says in a innocent voice

As Nate is still breathing down her neck he starts kissing her leaving marks all over

"Nate stop I have to go" Makayla says while moaning slightly

Nate immediately turns her around and pins her to the bed

Ahhhhh I'm excited to start this story thx for reading I'm new to writing so if u have any tips for me pls tell me anyways next chapter will be up soon

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