Fawn Twig Eril

Karasu a young melanistic maned wolf travels the desert where secrets await and so dose bloodshed. What will she face in the depths of the temple and the halls of the rebelion camp?

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Flames of change

Karasu ran, her feet pounding against the hard ground as she lunged for a small hare. it was quick but it wasn't quick enough. karasu jumped on it swiftly biting its neck before backing up. picking it up lightly in her jaws she set off for the market in the town she was visiting. the tents and booths were of all shapes and colors from the darkest blues to the brightest golds. she walked to the third shop on her end and dropped the carcass. "how much?" she asked the small jackal that appeared to own the shop who answered in a raspy voice "that will get you two amber shards at the most." "only two?" she was sure it was worth at least five in the last town. "do you want the money or not?" the jackal snapped back. "fine." she grunted as the two small shards hit the counter. "does this town have a well?" karasu asked."do you think we drink mud? the well is about two or so miles away from the west exit." the jackal turned around and lugged the hare to the back of the booth. karasu didn't bother with goodbyes and trotted through the market. once she had reached the well he paw pads were cracked and bloody. she kicked the red substance off her paws and reached in her pouch. she pulled out a small liter and filled it with the water. while it was discolored slightly it still was water and that was that's. she looked over the rest of the desert realizing she didn't know which way the next town was. "great." she muttered.

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