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My daughter wrote this short story when she was in third grade and I wanted to share with everyone. I hope you all enjoy it.

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The Story

One day, I was listening to music when I saw a blue crystal. I told my mom and dad to stop our black car. I got out and touched the crystal and it lit up. It gave me some power and I turned into a night elf. My mom and dad said, "You are a night elf." I screamed then my friends came and they screamed too. Then, I saw a blizzard coming so I jumped back into my car. My home was one mile away so I told my mom and dad I was turning back to a human. My mom and dad said, "We're family." My friends and me were happy and when I got to my white house we had a party. I was the one to have everything first I was so happy. We had a party for so long that we couldn't stop. The next morning, we were still having the party. Then I rose and it looked like the crystal. I touched it and it lit up, just like the crystal. "Oh no!" I yelled. Then I went inside. My mom and dad and my white skin friends all said, "You are a blood elf." I screamed again. I took a bath. It did not work. "Ohno! I am still a blood elf," I yelled. "Hugh," everybody sighed. I went outside and I did the same thing that I had done a few minutes before I touched the rose and I was back to normal. "Yay!" I said. Everybody said the same thing. I hit an crystal and fell down. "Duh," I said. "Are you alright?", asked my mom and dad. "Yes, but this crystal is in the way." I said. Mom and dad, my friends, and me pushed the crystal out of the way. When we tried to get it out of the way, the crystal pushed us back. The next morning, I got ready for school. When I got there everybody was either a night elf or a blood elf. I touched the rose, and I was turned into a blood elf! I touched it again and it turned me back to normal. I went back into the house, and my mom and dad weren't there. "Oh no!", I said surprisingly. I couldn't find them anywhere! So, I went outside and there they were. When they saw me, they ran away from me. "Mom, Dad-wait!" I cried. They stopped for a minute, but continued to run. "Come back!" I yelled. They still did not stop! I went inside, and my parents were there! I hugged them, but they didn't hug me back. "Mom, dad. What's wrong?" I asked. They said, "We aren't your mom and dad. We are grandpa and grandma." They said. "We have a surprise for you." I screamed when they gave me a snowglobe with a snowman and house. I loved it! After this my parents returned. I was very happy they were back and happy my grandparents bought me a gift. I will never forget the magic of the crystal and the rose.

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Amber Kestner Mom, Author, Gamer, Addicted to Coffee, and Lesbian. I do support LGBTQ+!

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