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[ UNDER CONSTRUCTION! ] Amelia, a seemingly innocent girl who attends Kingship University, somehow gets wrapped up in a murder of an innocent person. Come along as secrets are unraveled and find out what happens and how it’s all connected.

Suspense/Mistério Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

#death #drama #campus #love #murder #crime # #thriller #mystery
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Chapter One: The Ugly Mess

You would never think in a million years that a murder would take place on a college campus. Of all places, some innocent person has died, and it could quite possibly be my fault. Of course, I never wanted anyone to get hurt-let alone get killed, but I guess you can say…there’s blood on my hands now.

As I looked out my dorm window at the police officers and news crew, I realized how easily everything could have been avoided. If only the right actions were taken place to avoid all of this. Sadly enough someone had to pay the price and it wasn’t going to be me.

You may wonder what happened and how’d it got so out of hand. To be honest, I’m not even too sure. There have been so many events that could of lead up to this moment, but all I know is some crazy killer psychopath is on the loose and I could be next on their list...

A year before the murder...

"Why you always gotta be such a bitch about everything?"

There he goes. Using that word that he knows I despise the most. I felt like I could slap him back into the '80s.

"A bitch?" I said angrily. "Who the fuck are you calling a bitch, Devin?"

"Well, you the only female here." He said grabbing his clothes aggressively. "So I guess that makes you the bitch here."

I couldn't take it anymore. I started to scream and throw his clothes everywhere. If I'm a bitch, then I guess I'll be a crazy bitch.

"I can't believe you!" I yelled. I felt all this anger building up more and more intense every second he was in my sight. "You dirty, no good, sloppy piece of garbage!"

He eventually picked up some of the clothes that he could and ran out the door leaving the majority of the clothing in the room. As I started to calm down, I stood in the middle of my room and just looked at the mess I made. I felt pathetic and played. I felt so many emotions that it was honestly hard to describe. All I know is I now had a hole in my heart.

I sat on the floor and just cried. Not sad tears but angry tears. The type of tears that made you have thoughts about doing something crazy and irrational. I did have a hard time with my emotions from time to time. Especially, when I was younger but I have grown to be more of a patient person. At least I thought so.

As I sat there with my hands balled up into a fist, I heard someone knock on the door. I looked up and saw my dorm neighbor, Grace.

She slowly walked in. Looking at the mess I made for myself to clean. She looked almost terrified.

"What the hell happened here?" She asked but I didn't answer.

She looked at the floor and picked up some underwear that belonged to Devin. "Was there a guy in here?" she asked. I nodded.

"Amelia, you know damn well we aren't supposed to have guys in the dorms. You can get your ass kicked off campus for that." She said annoyingly.

"Do you even care at this point?" she asked. I shooked my head no. She sighed and then threw the underwear on me. "Get dressed, we gotta clean this mess up." I threw the underwear off of me in disgust. When I did that, I looked down and hadn't realized that I was in just my underwear and no bra. I felt a bit embarrassed now since Grace hadn't said anything about it.

Grace went to close the door and I went to go find a shirt to put on. I decided to put on a baggy shirt that almost came down to my knees. I looked over at my mirror and instantly felt so ashamed of myself for letting a guy get me so upset.

As I stared at myself I saw Grace making her way towards me. She stood behind me and put her hand on my shoulder.

"You're so pretty, you know that?" She said with a grin. "I don't feel so pretty right now." I said touching my messy hair. "I'm a freaking mess!"

Grace then turned me around and just hugged me as tight as she could. I just kept my hands to my side and cried in her arms. This time, sad tears.

"We are ALL a mess." Grace said jokily. "It's okay to feel upset. But right now, we got to clean up before someone comes in."

As Grace pulled away, she started picking up all the clothes and throwing them in the hamper. I wiped away the tears left on my face and took a deep breath in. "You're a bad bitch, Amelia. You know this." I said to myself. Grace looked at me laughing and said, "Yass girl!"

We both laughed and continued cleaning up the mess I made. I was happy to have a friend like Grace. She was always there for me and I felt like I could really trust her-even though we hadn't known each other for too long. The way we met...well it's a strange story.

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David Robinson David Robinson
Very good
September 27, 2021, 12:05
EO Esther Olokundun
This is so good ☺️ I think we all want a friend like grace ☺️
August 28, 2021, 18:07

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