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This began as a summary of my own personal tale at what was at the time my new job, and how it began unfolding with the recurrence of characters in a story I had pictured differently for myself. Let's see what can it turn into as the chapters start rolling.

Histórias da vida Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

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New Job

Disclaimer: decidí escribir esta historia para no olvidar que sucedio, que fue real, y en la posteridad poder recordar detalles que más adelante escaparan de mi memoria si es que ya muchos no lo han hecho.
Puede ser en Inglés y Español. Me gusta mezclar.

Capítulo 1

I write the story breaking a vow that I made to myself not so long ago. Never did it seem so hard not to cry again for a man. But it seems to me now, that this man was not what I expected, not what I thought could be, and most definitely worth crying for. But the story begins a few months back when I had absolute certainty that I would not break my vow, but to be honest... such vow became relevant later on because atthat time I was in the cuspid of calmness, and I knew at that point that my heartcould never be touched again as it had beenbefore.

The time I'm referring to was May 2020, more specifically May 21st which was the exact date where my new life was about to begin. I had been joyfully unemployed for almost 2 months after a terrible experience I had with a new boss I had assigned to. And although it was heartbreaking to leave the company I had grown so much in, and leave the friends that were no longer that, but instead, I had qualified as family, I knew that leaving was the right thing to do. I had experienced everything I had ever wanted there, and there was no other goal to achieve, the logical move was to resign when enjoyment was taken out of the equation.

When the pandemic arose and it seemed that my family was going to have financial difficulties, it became evident once again that my very long and not quite forced vacations had come to an end and it was needed of me to get a new job. But I would have never thought that such a job would have introduced me to the characters I now know and that I will introduce to you as well, later on.

Going back to that first day seems like an event that happened several years ago. But I know it's only been a few months.
The perceptions I held of the people I saw that day are not even close to the ones I have now. I remember seeing Andrew and Elmis as soon as I arrived. Well, not see as much as heard. They were so loud! still are to be sure. But that day it annoyed me to the bone that they talked so loudly, and more so in English as if they had anything to prove. Everybody had been hired for the sameBilingual BPO... there was no reason at all as to why they had to talk in English so loudly. Later on, I just realized that they're always loud because of their extremely intense and cheerful personalities. And that them as well as I, prefer to speak in English because they feel more comfortable and free by doing so.

I also remember seeing or once again hearing the loudest person I've ever heard come all over Andrew to greet him. And although I was also checking to see if I could recognizesomeone from the crowd, as it's not an unusual thing to happen in a BPO, actually what's weird it that I knew nobody, what I could not understand is if there was a Call Center I didn't know about that gathered the loudest people to work together, because, to me, there was no possible explanation as of why that 2 loud cockatoos couldknow each other from a previous job, and now I had to remain calm as to not look at them in the most gruesome way. It was not even 7 am for all of us to endure such screaming! But once again, that was me making an early judgment of the situation and not imagining that the loudest and most annoying girlI hadever heard, would become my closest friend. Life does have a funny way of turning things around, because I certainly cannot imagine my life now, without that girl. My Liz. Lizcalia sometimes... always as an enduring term.

But going back to the past, as I should do instead of always referring to the future, after quite some time as I recall and it must have been a lot if my phyco-rigid methods do not fail to come to mind because everything (especially anything against going-according-to-clock related) still seems to be fresh in my mind, a guy came over and told us to organize in a line. And I remember I liked his energy since I saw him, his looks were peculiar as he was all dressed in back, his head was shaved, had his ears pierced, and had a very welcoming smile.
As we formed the line, I tried to examine the people around me a little bit more.It's always nice to watch people act without them knowing you are following their every move, but they were pretty much the same kind of young folks you would expect to find in any other BPO, eccentric clothing on many, social since the beginning fromthe most attractive ones, incredibly quiet ones on the rest of the gathering. And only a few disruptors of peace that would take it as a challenge to make a simple line because they didn't seem to work well with rules and commands. Which by the way has always been interesting to me, because having met so many disruptors in this indicator-known industry is quite remarkable. But the point of the line was just to make it easier for the auxiliary nurses inside the building to check out temperature and write down any symptoms information that might come up, remember people, this is a story told during Covid-19 times. So if there's an important amount of masks and hand sanitizer in the upcoming tales, forgive me but it's still basically our way of living and ourso-called "new normal".

After the nurse had done their job with all of us, a group of 5 people gathered in front of the remaining 40 of us. And that's the first time I saw him. Although it may sound predictable and fatuous, at least in his eyes and I know in many of yours too, I will never forget that first time. He was everything a man should and shouldn't be all at once. The sight of him is still breathtaking even after so long. And a backflipnever misses my heart whenever I see him coming. It wasalmost unnatural but animalistic.Uptight andcalm cannot begin to describe my state. It was as if you were seeing a deadly threat coming right at you but a glimpse of it was so dazzling that you could even run towards your own death just to catch a full look of it. He reminded me of everything I had ever wanted, everything I couldn't have, and everything I should avoid.
I remember later on mentioning everything to a dear friend who didn't fail to call me insane for experiencing such a thing with only a sight of the man.
But I swear to remember considering at that point, andbefore he had even opened his mouth if thatwas the company I wanted to work in, and If I had actually learned something from my experiences in the last year. Because it was uncanny to feel thata single person was shaking my belief system with an unknown but extremely strong force of nature.

He introduced himself and asked the crowd the weirdest question, which later made sense, and had everybody laughing within less than 5 minutes. He was something else entirely, but I was not sure if life was throwing me a blessing or a curse.Only time would tell.Sadly, even at this point, I can't confirm which one he is, I still hope time helps me clarify that part.
And as I edit this chapter almost 4 months after leaving it behind, I do have my answer.
But sharing that right now would be a waste of a beautiful tale, so I'll leave it for last.

But once again I'm deviating from the main story... apologies my dears, let's go back.
I just knew something had to be wrong when they started calling everyone's name to divide us into 3 groups and I was assigned to his. But at that moment I made a promise, a very quick and almost glamorous promise,and I held it almost until we hit the phones for one month and a half later. Which now that I mention it wasn't that long after and makes me believe I tend to break promises and vows to myself every so often.
But at that timeI promised that I would disregard everything regarding the force I was sensing and I would ignore him and everything that was not directly pointing at my job, my tasks, or my purposes.
It was not hard to comply with such a request I had made to myself because I had become hard like a rock, and I wasn't about to let a complete stranger rock my world, or most importantly, my tranquility. So I just looked past him that day and the rest of the next week.
But as you'll find out, later on, it started to become the hardest task I had to face.Because it felt as if there was a Devil in the classroom, and nothing could go past him.

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