Andres Steiner

WARNING, this story is not for a public under 18. This story initially tells us the journey into the unknown of a person who sees a distorted reality from a perspective that may or may not be literal. As the event unravels, another vision occurs towards the original form of modern darkness.

Horror Para maiores de 18 apenas.

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The crystal world

Another day that I wake up to see that the sunrise covers me and burns me inside and that also impregnates me with that bitter taste on your lips, which shows me how you see me when I enter the point of my memories where I can appreciate you better. I try not to see you again, but it is inevitable, since you are everywhere and even in the darkness that I try to reach to find my lonely loneliness, I cannot stop feeling or listening to you stronger and stronger and then I break over and over again time. I sink once and I see you while you contemplate how I fall and suffocate with your presence, while you vanish and become a monster that slowly devours me. Now I see you again as I enter my withered loneliness, which consumes me and slowly disembowels me, making my agony stronger and while that happens, I can feel my blood fall and my body bifurcate, while the oxygen is disappearing and I see myself disappear. I find myself immersed in a daunting scene created by the essence of the moment. However, when I am about to go deep, I suddenly wake up and realize that it was all a dream. Then, when I opened my eyes, I saw that the reality was not very different from my weird dream. I decided to go for a walk, to clear my doubts and while I could appreciate the view on the other side. However, for a few moments, I didn't hear anything and I saw nobody walking in the same direction. Actually that is not abnormal for me, however the strange thing is that I felt strange for not seeing or feeling anyone around me, because normally I see myself walking in those places that show people whose souls have been broken because of sitting down between their dirty memories and self-repulsive states. As I walked more and more, the silence began to bother me, because despite there being no one, I felt as if in those places I was passing through there had been something at some time, because although I could not see it, its presence was there, nevertheless , I tried not to pay so much attention to that. As I continued on my way, the air began to feel heavy, my hands began to tremble gently, the atmosphere became a little duller, and yet nothing seemed to have been alive within that little corner of solitude. Suddenly, a slight sound began to be felt, while I kept walking and it became very uniform and according to the atmosphere, which was still off. This, beyond making me feel relieved, made me feel a bit strange and made me a little more sensitive to the avenue of the unknown. In those same moments, the sound became more acute, while there was a very strange and indistinguishable smell, which I could not perceive at the beginning of this journey. The sound, however, if he could appreciate it, even though it sounded slow and was not easy to detect. Despite that, he could feel it. It was the sound of a woman. As the seconds passed, the sound became more noticeable and then there was no doubt that that sound was that of a young woman. As the sound became more apparent, the air felt less toxic, the smell a little less unpleasant, and the atmosphere was surrounded by a certain light, which resembled the rays of the sun. As the light shone, the woman could be heard in what appeared to be moans. These were slow and sounded with the same intensity every couple of seconds, while my mind tried to interpret what caused these moans. Suddenly, the noises that this woman, whose shape could not see, began to be heard slower and slower, but at the same time more intense than before. It is as if she is feeling arousal towards something. More directly, it seemed as if she was in the middle of a sexual act. The way I was going, was more illuminated and at the distance I could see that between the sound, the light was clearing and showing what seemed to be a place surrounded by mountains. It seemed a bit strange to me, because I did not remember that near where I was, there could be a kind of forest. Upon reaching that cabin located in the forest, I stopped without knowing the reason and that woman's moan stopped without an apparent explanation. I was observing a white cabin, with blue windows and that in its back patio had a kind of garden surrounded by trees, that because it sizes, they seemed to have been there for centuries. The place seemed to be away from everything and there did not seem to have been someone around for a long time. I kept seeing the site, as if it were a great wall that hid something within that site that was adorned by a now warm silence. Suddenly, as the minutes passed, the landscape began to cloud and the sound of the cabin door slowly opening was heard. As I felt that it could start to rain, because it seemed that the clouds were darkening, I decided to enter without recognizing what was happening, but more guided by my instinct. Upon entering that site, I could not believe his eyes. On the outside it looked like a normal-sized cabin, but on the inside it was the shape and size of a maze. While I was looking at this vast site, the sound of that woman appeared again, as it was notable for its sharpness and because she began to moan again. Inside that place he could not feel anything but that noise in the distance, which apparently came from one of the corridors. Without understanding why that sound had returned, or why I had entered, I decided to go where that strange noise could be felt. I started walking down that hallway that was getting long. That cabin was surrounded by white walls and it was seen that this great passageway maintained a white color. The moan was slower and could be heard far away. As I walked once again I felt a thick smell that seemed unusual to me, but at the same time it caused me discomfort. The walls continued preserving their color, until I noticed that as I walked, some changes as the floor began to feel more humid and the walls turned more reddish,seeming like a specie of delusion. As I walked, the sound seemed to get louder and something seemed to move around. Once something told me that I should not be there and yet I kept walking. After a moment, I decided to stop for a moment and for the first time I turned right my head and saw a door. The weird thing is that when I looked towards that door, the noise stopped, which seemed unusual, since the voice of that woman was heard much further away. Either way, it seemed strange to me that after visualizing the walls, only this door existed. However, it all seems very confusing to me, because it seemed that the white walls were turning reddish and yet they were still white, while the room that separated that door was under a deep silence. So I reached out my arm and tried to turn the knob on this door. To my surprise, I was able to open it without problems, finding a room painted in light blue and with a double bed. Still confused, I walked slowly to the bed and sat on it. After that, I began to inhale and exhale for a brief moment. I wondered if he was really awake, because all this was becoming more and more hallucinatory. I wondered why following that noise I was suddenly I'm on this singular bedroom. I started to blink for a while, while slowly moving my shoulders and turning my head when suddenly, I noticed that in a corner of the bed, I found what seemed to be a box that on the outside, had a message that said "for your remember". It seemed like a very confusing message to me, but for some reason, something very familiar. At that moment, I felt the need to know what was inside that box. The message arrived on an attached paper. I took out the paper and was able to open the box. Inside it, there were some photos and what appeared to be a very short letter. The photos contained a distorted flash, but one could see them with the naked eye. In each photo, you could see a blonde woman with green eyes, blonde hair, white skin and a light blue dress and she seemed to have a warm smile. On the back of the photo, I could see a message that said "what you used to be". Look at a second photo and she was seen leaving a building while retaining her smile from the last photo. However, she was in a casual dress. Again, there was a message on the back that said "when everything was normal". Something that I had not noticed was that in the photo you could see the number of the site from where she left. Then I saw other photos where she was doing everyday activities, like shopping, going to a mall or seeing what seemed to be a group of friends, as she was smiling next to them. In those photos there was no written message. At that moment, I thought that this cabin could be her residence or maybe a place where she usually is, however because she would write those messages. Something was wrong and everything was more confusing than ever. Looking at each photo, it seemed that it was someone obsessed with following her wherever she went. Suddenly, I found a particular photo where she was looking at the camera, however, not with her usual smile, but with a serious gesture, in which she seemed a bit distant. Also, something curious is that that photo was a bit more blurred than the previous ones, showing the girl as if she saw something unusual. Then, again behind the photo was written the message "the beginning of the decline". Then, I began to see photos where you could see that she looked more serious and looking at different places. In these photos she was seen with a little red eyes and a little more fatigued. You could also see that she was more unkempt than usual. In those photos there were no messages, but there was a number that showed the back. Later, I could see her in a photo where she began to smile, however she did not show a warm smile, but rather nervous and somewhat disturbing, as if she did not recognize where she is. Behind that photo, if there was a message that said "your true self". Suddenly I felt that she was smiling inside, but it did not make sense, because seeing her at first sight makes me feel a bit disturbed, because her smile was marked and her eyes were wide, but it did not seem to be her, because it seemed that something had possessed and wasn't her. I felt somewhat confused and I was also tense, but on the other hand, I felt strange because I do not feel uneasy about his gesture, but about something else. I wondered why I smiled for a moment when I saw her in that state. Behind that photo, I saw that there was one left and when I saw it I saw in the photo that garden with the tall trees and what seemed to be a tombstone in the middle. Then in the letter there is a message that said "welcome home, come see me so as not to forget who you really are". Then the door is heard opening again and when I turn my head, I see that the door leads me to an exit. As I walked over there, I saw that garden that I observed at the beginning, but whose shape became different and then I realized that there was the tombstone of the photo.

And then what happened to that woman?

At that moment, the guy outlined a slight smile and said to his psychiatrist

It's simple, I raped her and buried her alive in my garden.

The psychiatrist looked at the guy with a frightened face.

But the police checked the site and she was not there, tell me the truth

where did you leave the body?

Tell me doctor, you have heard her moans even when she vomited blood, or even more so, when she stopped breathing. You hear it, don't you?

You say you can hear her even when it's dead?

of course yes and do you know why?

because that woman is still alive. The one who really died is the other who discovered the photos and saw the place where I was going to bury her when I got tired of her.

Why did you kill her?

and he without any type of fault or remorse responds smiling:

Because she saw me and made me remember who I really am. So to thank her, I choked her until I broke her neck. Then I dismembered her and finally buried her. It was a shame, this happened because he could not control his curiosity and managed to see me.

But the tomb is empty, how is that possible?

There is a reason why it is empty, tell me, what is it?

I guess I wanted to experiment a bit and then ...

Are you telling me that you did that ?

Then, under a silence, the boy who was keeping a smile changed his expression to a more serious one and replied:

I couldn't help it, because he kept screaming and that turned me on.

The doctor barely contained himself and asked him:

How did you do that to a dismembered body?

the guy kept silent and then calmly replied:

I don't know it, maybe it was at that moment that I lost contact with reality and imagined her alive. I felt that it lacked oxygen and dug it up and for some reason I was attracted and seduced by the idea of ​​experimenting.

what did you want to experience?

I wanted to know how it felt one to touch to himself with the guest's guts.

Do you felt sexual attraction to her dismembered body ?

the guy was silent for a while and then seriously replied:

I don't really remember what I did with the body, I would be lying to you if I told you what I did with it. That fantasy was in my head, but I never knew if I was carried it out.

Now, tell me where is the woman who still lives?

well, if you looked closely at the photos you will know where is her.

Is at her home right?

the smiling guy says mockingly:

But how careless are all of you, they searched everywhere and did not even search his residence properly. By the way:

How long have you been looking for her?

The police searched her home and they found nothing.

Seriously ? ask the guy with a laugh

Did you check in the bunker what is hidden in the bushes?

Which bunker?

I may have talked too much. Check well and see what I'm talking about.

There she is and she is still alive.

A couple of days later, the police searched the site that the guy pointed out to them. After a long search they found the bunker and were able to open it.

Among the larvae, flies and other parasites, they found the blonde woman, alive and still breathing and covered in her own dirt. Her appearance was deplorable and she looked quite disturbed, with a blank stare and intense shock. However, she barely maintained an uneasy smile. At that moment, with his penetrating and unbalanced gaze, he stared at one of the officers and said with her muffled voice: "I remember you".

I remember you too, said the guy simultaneously from his confinement

That woman was locked up for a year without seeing beyond that bunker. She was declared psychologically unstable after a few days and was admitted to another mental hospital.

don't you realize yet?

You destroyed a person without killing them and you don't feel any guilt.

Actually, on that site she showed herself as she really was. Today she is more alive than ever!

The impotence doctor tells him: It is incredible that you are aware of what you did and are not in jail paying the death penalty or life imprisonment.

You killed a person, you perverted them and you feel like nothing. And yet you will only be here for two years and a monster like you will never regret the horror you caused to your victims.

the guy looked at him and asked in a mocking tone:

And yet he is here listening to me while he receives his monthly salary and of course it will not prevent him from leaving, write the report that he writes. Although of course you would like the end to be different, the reality is that I will come out and you will accept it. Even if you kill me now, you won't win anything, because I don't regret it and I never will, so you'll only see a show as cool as mine.

Anyway, thanks for the meeting. We'll see you soon, doctor.

After the meeting, the doctor meets with the head of the mental hospital and asks him:

Because we did not send him to jail and have a real trial for his crimes. It is clear that he is aware of everything.

The boss looks at him carefully and replies:

You have worked on this site for 5 years and still do not know how this site works. He already made us this request a few weeks ago and the delegation has not given their approval, because they will not give it and that's it. Unfortunately for you, that man will stay for two years and go free once he ends his reclusion.

Please, I ask you to consider it. You have a wife and a daughter. What if one day he goes after them?

I understand how it feels, but there is nothing I can do. You must trust the judgment of our mental detention center and accept that this man is given the treatment dictated by the sentence.

Unfortunately the real world does not work under what is fair, but under what some consider fair and others who define their own justice. Do you understand my point of view?

It doesn't really matter what we do, this world is going to hell, said the doctor, looking at him horrified.

It seems to me that you still don't understand. This is already hell, one where there are no mythological demons or fallen angels, but people who sell their morals in the name of their false freedom and with it, they can live and die without anything being different.

now you understood, isn't it ?

the doctor was silent and left the room.

In his room, the guy is laying back while he remembers that woman once more.

He sees her in her dreams completely naked and with a seductive gaze towards him. She tells him in her dreams that she wants him, as she slowly approaches, when her mental image breaks, seeing her with her warm smile for a couple of seconds.

Then he smiles and says to her:


At the same time, that woman stopped breathing.

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