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This story tells the story of a common family, not very relevant but when starting a romance within, an important character is discovered that will change the history of the family

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Unexpected character

Here is the story of my family, what I thought was a normal family until someone particular showed up. Let´s begin by introducing the characters, Mom (someone who doesn´t need to explain much, simply protective but with a big heart), Dad (well, here is the thing, he just try super hard to be a good parent but sometimes this is a little bit excessive and end up in a mess), James (the younger brother, who always try to show he is in charge, a little bit selfish, but I still love him), and me, Octavia (I won´t describe myself I´m perfect). Okay, so after giving that introduction let's start with the important thing, we are a common family, we do usual games that every family in here Seattle do, we go to the church every Sunday (something that bothers my brother), we love to watch football games and every day in my house there is a stupid fight because of food.

You might be wondering, what is special about this? Well, I was wondering the same. Me and my brother study in the same high school Seattle State High School ("where the eagles are raised"), a bad speech for what it is. I have such a good bond with my brother, we are very close, I tell him my problems, as well as he, tell me his. We hang out with the same friends, we can be at the same parties without any discomfort. He is my best friend.

But in some way, I don´t know why he is acting distant these days, in a whole week we only have talked 3 times, and for simple things, I´m pretty sure I did not do anything to him. I´m trying to treat him always in the same way. But anything works, it´s like we are strangers. Of course, I needed someone to tell this, so my best option was dad, he also knows him very well, but was a deception, he told me that he was probably busy with school´s stuff and stressed. But I know him since I´ve been born literally!. I´m sure he is hiding something, and I will found out.

Forgetting that part I´m super excited because my birthday is in only 2 days, I don´t know what I´m going to do, I just know that I want a Mocca cake, (my favorite since I tasted it). And maybe, I´ll invite some friends to the house, we will watch Netflix and eat a lot. That´s the plan.

But there is something I haven´t talked about with anybody, especially my brother, there´s a common tradition between him and me, every time it's my birthday we go to the icerink and eat ice cream while skating, it might sound stupid but it is our tradition, and I love it. And that´s the problem, maybe this year won´t happen, but anyway I´ll try hard to have a good time that day.

Few days after I realized why my brother was acting that way, it´s funny thinking that I get to know that he was hiding something, or someone, now that I know. The thing is that he was meeting someone the days we didn´t talk, a girl named Maya. He gave me the notice one day before my birthday I didn´t know how to react, but the girl was super cool and very chill. But here is the thing, when he invited his flirt to home, I noticed a little similarity to my mom, but that was something super weird. After diner, I went with my dad to see if he get to noticed that, but he didn´t, he was more focused on my mom's baked turkey. So I didn´t give importance.

And now the special day, my birthday, after school I invited some friends home, of course, I needed to invite my brother´s girlfriend and some neighbors. The party was pretty cool, we install a swimming pool in the garden, (was the best idea ever), we ordered big boxes of pizza and junk food. I had a good time.

So when everybody left, were just my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, we were talking for about 3 hours more. We get to know more about Maya and her life, but I think that nobody noticed that my mom´s second middle name was the same as Maya, they didn´t consider it, but I do. That´s why I was super intrigued to know who was Maya, she was similar to mom, they had the same middle name, there´s was something in there. Of course, I told my brother but he didn´t hear me, he said that I was saying stupid things. So I decided to look up by myself, I went with mom and asked her if she ever had another child, she said no, but the curious thing is that she said she had an adventure with a tourist in Miami. Okay, now that´s what I needed it. So, after that talk, I went upstairs to the attic, and start looking for a clue, I found a photograph of where was my mom and a kind of lifeguard, I took it and went with mom, she started to laugh because that was exactly the tourist or in this case the lifeguard she talked to me about it. Now the important part was to know if they ever had a child. I insist on my mom calling that guy again because she still had his number. They talked for about 2 hours to catch up, and finally, she asked him if he remembers something, he didn´t. So after that very long talk, I told my mom my theory that Maya is very similar to her, she didn´t laugh as I supposed she was going to, she told me that she had a baby, a girl, but she wasn´t ready for that, so she gave the baby to the tourist, now name Johnny, the moved to Maldiva's Islands and after that they kind of loose contact, but now we know that after living some years in there they moved to here, Seattle. That only means one thing, that it's probably that Maya is my sister as well for my brother, that would be so awful.

And days after that talk my mom and her ex-boyfriend decided to meet again in a coffee, was pretty obvious that my whole family would go, including my brother and Maya.

We arrive at the place, neither my brother nor Maya knew what we were planning, so when we enter Maya was confused so she said a simple word that changed everything: "Dad?".

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