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The first in the 4 part Saga. Ciella isn't your typical teenager, she's famous and is respected around the world. After accidentally landing in California, she bumps into racer star and her idol, Lewis Hamilton which triggers a slow developing romance between the 2, will Ciella successfully win his heart or will racing, tear her away from him.

Romance Romance adulto jovem Para maiores de 21 anos apenas (adultos).

#emotion #heartbreak #sadness #Racing #liveaction #comfort #couple #hurt #celebrity #lovestory #erotic #drama #love
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Living on an island all alone without communication outside sucks. You have little to no social life, only with those you know on the island, not to mention leaving is expensive, but that's for the average person.

I'm famous, I have a private jet, a limo, the fan base that cheers me on whenever I'm on stage, but all I really wanted was, him.

Grenada is my home, will remain that way. Ever since I was a little girl, I fathomed in the feeling of travelling beyond the sand and sea to an unknown place located beyond our horizon. Being on this island all my life was alright, it was spending the rest of my life there, still living with my parents sucked the bag. They assumed I couldn't be trusted on my own, thinking I'd run off with the first man I see and knocked up.

Truth be told, I never thought that a slight miscalculation would end up me bumping into him right as I got off my flight.

Crazy enough, I got that chance and it's Stephanie to thank for it.

Let me start at the beginning.

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