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Falling in love with a distant star is hurtful. And not because the star is too far away, but because you keep thinking that at some point the star will come closer. And it never does.

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Distant Star 06.oct.2020

Watching the stars fly away is beautiful.

My mistake was loving a star, instead of just enjoying the magical dust it left as it flew away.

Falling in love with an unstoppable being can be easily heartbreaking. Even more when you know you are an unmovable object.

Watching it leave you is unsettling. And forget who you were before you noticed that star is devastating.

But then again, life should never be built around a devastating force of nature that can do anything, except have consideration for human emotion.

I started asking some things at night, but the questions kept haunting me in the mornings too.

And although so many moons have gone by, the uncertainty remains.

How can it be that my demons love yours, but they don't recognize mine?

That my sins are nothing like the ones you have committed.

Your intelligence is nothing to be compared with.

And your heart doesn't beat like mine.

Our definitions of relationship couldn't dist more.

You keep pushing me to be the strongest version of me, while I try to make you the softest version of you.

You test my will and my mind, and I attempt to develop a growth of emotions in your soul.

Improvement and enlightenment.

Emotion and devotion.

Different purposes.

Distinct goals.

Separate hearts.

Uncanny resemblance of opposite sides.

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Ela Gonzalez I love writing in English and Spanish. Short tales have always helped me breathe again when I've lost air. Poetry is a passion of mine. Currently working on a book regarding one of my many unexpected experiences.

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