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Challenge accept! Ed Sheeran thought when he heard there was a girl who said she could never fall in love. No matter how many dates she went on, no matter how many secret kisses she stole, she just couldn’t seem to fall in love. Willing to risk it all, Ed decides to help her find true love. They have one full week. Little did he know, he would be falling for her.

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Chapter 1

If one thing was true, loving can definitely hurt. But if it didn't hurt, was it truly love? And have you ever heard of someone who just couldn't fall in love no matter how many times they tried? Maybe it was something having to do with the brain, or maybe it just wasn't time yet. But for Casey, it seemed to be her brain perhaps. She was ready to find that special someone and she wasn't getting any younger.

Casey had just went on a date last night with a really handsome guy who had a personality that any woman could fall in love with. But why didn't she? Why didn't she feel that spark? She stared at herself in the mirror as she brushed her teeth.

"Is something wrong with me mentally?" She asked herself.

Shaking her head in annoyance, she finished cleaning up and got dressed. It was nearly time for her to leave for work. If she couldn't fall in love with another human being, at least she was in love with animals.

Casey is 24 years old. She lives in New York City and she's a veterinarian at her local vet clinic. She had always had a special place for animals in her heart. Ever since she was a little girl she would bring home injured animals and nurse them back to health. Her dad told her she had a special gift and should do something with it.

"So the date went well?" Tally, Casey's good friend and roommate, asked as she walked into the kitchen. "And yet there was no spark with you?"

Casey shrugged. "I don't know if something is wrong with me or them. He's a great guy and so sweet. I just didn't feel anything there."

Tally shook her head and stirred her coffee. "I just don't understand you, Casey. I've known you for 2 years and never in my life have I ever heard of someone not being able to fall in love until now. It's sort of like that one movie where this girl could never cry. Then she fell in love for the first time and shed her first tear."

"You watch too many romance movies," Casey laughed.

"Maybe that's where your mistake is. You don't watch enough," Tally jokes. "Maybe you can learn from them or something."

"Learn to fall in love by watching a romance movie? That's lame," Casey said with a shake of her head. "I have to get to work. Animals won't heal themselves."

Casey grabbed her apartment keys and phone and walked out the door. Once outside she rubbed her arms as a cold chill swept her golden locks. She had forgotten her jacket but she was already late for work.

"Forget your coat again, Miss Culley?" The mailman stated handing her hers and Tally's mail while she hailed a cab.

"It's just another one of those days, Doug," she said with a smile.

He nodded. "I heard you had a date last night with a handsome man. How did that go?"

She shrugged. "Same as any other date really. I honestly don't think I'll ever fall in love."

Doug frowned and shook his head. "Just isn't the right time yet, Miss Culley. Keep your head up! Your time will come and when it does, you'll feel it hit you like a ton of bricks."

As a cab pulled up, Casey wished him a nice day and climbed in. Whether he was right or wrong, it didn't really matter. She was fully set on something was just wrong with her. There must be a chemical in her brain that just doesn't produce or something. While everyone else is falling head over heels over someone, she was just stuck in single town.

"I could have a boyfriend I guess... but people are usually in a relationship when they're in love and that just wouldn't be fair to the man," she told herself out loud. "That's a one sided relationship and no one is ever happy in those."

Casey noticed the cab driver staring at her in his rear view mirror and she gave him a smile which he returned. Why was life so difficult for her? The only thing that went well was becoming a veterinarian and that was the best part of her day. But if she could love animals, why couldn't she love a human?

She let out a deep sigh and laid her head against the window and watched the city in motion. Couples passing every once in a while. Her mind was a dangerous place right now in this moment.

"Here's your stop, Miss," the cab driver interrupted her day dreaming.

With a smile she paid him and gave him a tip. Casey wondered if that man had a special someone in his life and how he came to find her.

"Oh pardon me," Casey suddenly said as she backed into someone. "I'm just in my own little world I'm not watching where I'm going."

"It's not a problem at all," the person said with a chuckle. "I'm just taking my cat, Calippo, to the vet. I think she's sick."

"Well come on in and I'll take a look. I'm a veterinarian here," Casey smiled brightly as she lead him to the door.

They were met inside by Casey's boss, who did not look too happy. With arms crossed and a deep frown on his face he looked from the stranger to Casey and to the cat the stranger was holding.

"And I hope you have a good excuse as to why you're late, again," the boss man said sternly.

"She was helping me," the stranger said stepping forward. "I was walking here and she saw me on her way and stopped. My cat was choking and I didn't know what to do so she took time out of her busy day and saved her."

The boss, Gary, looked at Casey. "Is this true?"

"Um..." Casey stammered.

"If you don't mind, I would gratefully appreciate if she could continue what she was doing before you interrupted. It's life and death here," the stranger continued.

"I can have someone help you..." Gary began but the stranger waged his head.

"I prefer her. I trust her."

Gary huffed and stepped to the side so they could go to the back room. Casey tried her best to hold in a laugh as they walked passed him and closed the door in the back. They both let out a sigh of relief.

"I appreciate it," she said extending her hand to take the kitten. "I have a rep for being late a lot and I don't know why. I think my day dreaming distracts me from getting here on time."

He chuckled. "Not a problem. Happy to help."

"Now let's take a look at this little one," she stated laying the kitten down on the table to examine her.

The kitten meowed to let her know how frustrated she was and Casey knew immediately what was wrong.

"What is it? Will she be okay?" He asked worriedly.

Casey smiled at the stranger and lifted the cat to her face and gave Eskimo kisses. "She's just got a bit of an upset tummy, is all. Make sure she is drinking plenty of water. Do you know if she ate something she wasn't supposed to? Or do you feed her human food at all? I strongly recommend not doing that if you are. That could make her sick and some foods we eat isn't healthy for animals."

The stranger nodded his agreement. "No, I don't feed her human food. There's no telling what she ate honestly. I came back to my hotel and she was lying in the floor gagging. She stopped as soon as we ran into each other."

Casey nodded while listening intensively. Taking care of animals wasn't the only thing she was good at. She was also excellent in studying the owners and she could tell this man really loved his cat. She also noticed he had a British accent. Being as his hair was red, she thought he could've been Irish or Scottish until he first spoke. Who was this man and why did he look and sound familiar?

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