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Sammy is a talented artist in her world of fanfictions such as Trolls, Winx with Valerix Club, Prehistoric Raiders and much more. Sammy is well liked among her friends. Sammy lives in a world like the rest of us that has been deemed by tragic, heartache and loss. Join me in this book to know more about Sammy Alle and her life story.

Histórias da vida Todo o público.

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Author Note

Hey Readers,

This book is going to be a Memoir of some sort. I am a rookie at this but it will be in third person for sure. Sammy Alle is an actual person that I know and is one of the greatest artist that I enjoy watching her art explode on IG, DA, Tumblr and many other locations. She is also here on Wattpad telling her own stories with characters.

I will be working on this book in the near future. I do have a lot of projects going but this one is also a very new book in the works.

Have an awesome day!


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