aleahkate Aleah Kate

Two teenage drug dealers make a discovery that will haunt them forever.

Conto Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

#death #drugs
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"How long have we been running?" Tim asked while yanking off a twisted set of thorns from off his leg. Anne pressed her watch and a glow lit up a tiny section of the dark forest. "4:20 am." she said "It's been about two hours." Tim nodded, allowing himself to inhale and exhale. Small drops of blood dropped off his leg but he ignored the pain. "That was scary man." Anne said wiping away a tear. "I mean what kind of cop shoots another one?" Timothy looked over at Anne's worried expression. He just wanted to hold her, let her know everything would be okay but he couldn't. He didn't even know himself.

He crossed his arms and swallowed. "Let's keep going." he muttered. "Why are we running? I mean can't we just throw the oxy out? Get another stash later?" Anne asked. Timothy shot her a look. "Are you kidding me? If we drop it those other cops looking for us are going to find it and use it to track us." he kicked a stone "We'll sell it." "Yeah it's worth a $20." Anne said. They pushed the branches away, slapped away bugs and kept trudging through the forest floor. Tim's anger kept rising. He was just a high school dealer. He didn't deserve this. His memory wandered... Anne handed Timothy a $20. "That's $500 we got so far." she whispered to him. Tim handed a wild eyed, skittish teenager a bag. The boy snatched it and ran off like a rabid dog. Stupid people. Tim thought. Anne smiled. "I like the alley you picked behind the school." She looked at the graffiti. "There's character here."

All the sudden, two police cars came wailing to the scene. Tim and Anne tried to run. "Hands in the air!" A woman officer yelled. Reluctantly, they both stopped and raised their hands. The second one got out the car and shot his partner. Blood went flying as the red headed woman hit the ground. "What are you doing man?" Tim screamed as they started sprinting again. Unfortunately, the older man caught up too easily. The officer pointed a gun to them. "Hand me the money." he said. They backed up against the wall in disbelief. Finally, Tim threw him the wad of $500. The bills danced around the man as he smiled an evil smile. "That's all we made before you came you freak!" Anne shouted. The officer picked up the bills off the broken sidewalk. "You girls stay good now." he grinned then he got back in the car and drove off. Anne felt a root at her foot and tripped, her head hitting a rock. “Ow!” she cried. Tim snatched her up. “Shut up.” he furiously whispered.

He pointed ahead. It was a town just a few feet away. Tim picked off a leaf from his sweater. “There’s a Motel 8 over there. Let’s go!” Anne said. They shot through and made it to the lobby. The door dinged as it opened. “Can I help you?” An older Asian man said. He adjusted the business cards and coffee cups side eyeing the young teens. “Sure,” Anne replied. “We need a room.” She plopped down a credit card. He swiped without hesitation. “Where’d you get that?” Time hissed. “My Mom,” she whispered. They reached the hotel room. There were two flimsy beds with the thinnest comforters imaginable. The dressers and a TV with three channels did nothing to impress anyone either but it was better than nothing. Suddenly, Anne’s cell phone range. “I told you to toss that out!” Tim said with anger heating up his face. “Whatever.” Anne huffed. She pressed the green button. She recognized the voice immediately. It was her ex-boyfriend’s dad. A police. “We saw the shooting on camera and we just want to get statements. You’re not in trouble.” The police said. Tim paced as Anne headed out the door. “Where are you going?” he asked. Anne shot him a look. “Hey I’m going home and reporting this.” She paused and adjusted her purse. “I’m never doing this again.” She added.

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