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Cough Smoke

Hi. My name is Amelie. I have a very small problem, well, it is not a little problem, rather are a two smalls problems. Well, I will not much turns to this matter, so I only tell... I love the smoke... No, I don't mean to "smoke" as the action of "smoke" or "fume" a cigarette. I mean, I love the smoke, I love the huge clouds around me and hug me while I see the smoke screen. It doesn't matter if I cough a little or so much, I really love then, and I think it is a problem... and it is for what I tell you this history.

Erótico Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

#lesbian #teen #nebulophilia #fetish #cigarettes #smoking
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Chapter #1.- A little inception: "When I was..."

When I was fourteen, in the middle school, I had a very special friend... she was very beautiful, she had long and brown hair, blue eyes and white skin... well... she had a real problem, she smokes a lot, like an old train. I can't describe the huge clods that came out from her lips, but, she locked very cool and sexy. Her name was Angie.

Well. One day she said me, she needed to approve one test from the school, and I decided to help her.

In that afternoon I knocked on the door, and she respond very fast.

—Oh! Thanks for coming. I really need your help...—she said me.

—I can't believe, she is very attractive—I though while she was talking me for her problem— It's Ok, don't worry...

She locked awesome. She was wearing a little white blouse that doesn't cover her navel, and a blue shorts... I loved her legs... well...

A few minutes later, I was sitting next to side of her, I was explaining the subject, it was history (or math (?), oh, sorry I don't remember exactly what was that, because several times I went to her help), very easy, but, the real problem appear a few seconds after that.

—Oh! Do you mind if I smoke?—she asked.

—What?! —I though inside of me—. N... no...Nothing... don't worry...—I answered.

She went to her room and returned with a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, then, she went to the kitchen to get an ashtray, a few seconds after that, while she lit her cigarette, I asked a little question.

—... and... does your parents doesn't reprimand you for smoke in the house? —She didn't started smoke and looked me very surprised by the question.

—Oh! Don't worry for that. My mom is working in the hospital, she never is at home, and my father is a leader of private accountants in a company outside the city. So, I can smoke in the house, while my mom is out.

—Oh! Ok...

She offered me a cigarette from the box.

—No thanks. I'm no smoke.

—Really? Oh my God!—she said with surprise.

—What?!... what's wrong?

—Oh! Nothing... but, I will not hold back only cause you don't smoke...

—What?! I don't understand...

—Ho! Really?... well, I explain you... I like smoke a lot, and I like to do several thick smokes clouds.

—Oh, and... what's the matter?

—Ha!, Nothing important—she said me and lit her cigarette.

When I saw the thick, (thick?... well)... huge... (no)... biggest... (noup)... the brutal smoke cloud escaping from her lips and nose I immediately held my breath. The windows of the house was closed, there wasn't air in the room in that moment, so I only can saw the smoke while I controlled my breath to not inhale much smoke (that was impossible).

While she resolved the problem, she was dangling her cigarette in her mouth. She makes a lot of smoke in the room (literally, I didn't breathe). The smoke started to irritate me, in that moment I can't held more time, I cover my face with my left hand and I started to cough... a lot...

—Oh! Sorry—Angie said me while put the cigarette in the astray.

—Cough! cough! cough!... don't worry, you advised me... do you remember? cough!* cough!* cough!*...

—Yeah!, but I didn't think that you would begin to cough...

—Oh!... Does it bother you to see me cough?

—That's the problem...

She took and pulled her cigarette with her lips, and puffed the smoke near my face (but it wasn't a puff, she only opened her mouth near my face and left me the thick smoke cloud while she moved away). Obviously I started to cough when I breathed the disgusting and stinky dense smoke.

—I like to see the people cough in my thick exhales...—she said me while smiled.

—That's the problem ... cough!* cough!* cough!*... I love your thick and stinky exhales... —I said while coughing in front of her.

—Oh my God... that's sounds really funny—She said and blows me more smoke.

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