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Beautiful and fun story of love and humor. Officially the first of a group of RLBM by Rodz music stories inspired by the world's greatest songs and music artists. Inspired by the song Unwell by alternative rock band Matchbox Twenty. Tribute to the guitarist, Kyle Cook.

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Roxy Rodz is an announcer on the Orion Radio Circuit New York, also known as ORCNY. Sheis 38 years old, still being beauty and youth but not so fortunate when talking about love. ,whichis when she takes refuge in a dream of herpast,when she platonically fellin love with Kyle Cook, from the bandMatchBox Twenty,but notthat adultman she now sees in the middle of 2018, butthe one he was in 2000, a young manno longer existingbecause twenty years have gone by. That is why she thinks of it as a harmless dream, because it is impossible to continue falling in love with the one she used to listen and cowardly chase almost twenty years ago, when she used to think that she could never seriously compete with Sandy, Kyles’s girlfriend from those days.

Rodzy was twenty years old when, at the gates of the venue wherethe boys from Matchbox Twenty would be playing a gig, she was ready to get intothe dressing rooms to meet the guys from the bandand take some photos with them. But Sandy Wilson, her classmate, whom she considered far more beautiful and with a better vocabulary than Rodzy’s, who suffered from stage fright, turned out to be the other girl who wrote to Kyle ... Sweating cold and almost stuttering, she approached the dressing room doors, asking herself thousands ofquestions in her mind, all of them bad ones ... What if they laughed at her because ofher clothes? That afternoon she was wearing worn out trendy jeans. What ifshe was already too sweaty that shewould get wet their hands, and maybe she even was smelling bad? ... She saw Sandy out of the corner of her eye and couldn't believe that she was just the other girl, the prettiest, the one that everybody preferred at school. She could not bear the pressure, turning back as she reached the door, which was being watched guarded by two towering and burly bodyguards. She ran away, arriving in her house where she locked herself upcrying in her room, because she had lost the opportunity to meet Kyle that same afternoon, which Sandy did and, by the way, first seduced him and later married him fot the years to come.

One night, after several failed love affairs, listening to Unwell, his favorite song by the band, a song that makes her dream of the perfect romance with Kyle Cook, and whatwould have happenedif shehad only been able to meet him 20 years ago, if she had entered the dressing rooms that afternoon ... Now she knew that she could have also seduced him, she was as o more beautiful than Sandy Wilson was, but being that insecure about herselfin those old days made him not noticing her.

She fell asleep and magically she wakes up in2000, with headphones and the song playing in the background... Surprised and amazed, still unable to believe it, looking much younger, she decides to look for her impossible love. Managing to sneak in after some funnysituations, finally comes to the dressing rooms beforeSandy, meetsKyle Cook in person, steals his attention and later his heart.

With that the song, listening through her headphones and falling asleep listening to it, she could move back and forward in timejust to be with him, without altering his life in the present. Thiscaused some funny confusions in herdaily life. She will only have few years to live his dream love with him, whileCook would be married to his first wife. Well, in 2015 he would fall in love again (with his current girlfriend), because the magic of the dream coming true could change Cook's first love but not the second ...

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