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blue eye

As he looked through the opening of his tent, He realised he was staring at the pale skinned blue eye as he produced more gold coins.

Buying pepper. Pepper! If only he knew that if he journeyed for a ten day southward he would find it in every bazaar and he wouldn’t have to pay gold for it….gold. This strange blue eye had a lot of gold.

His hair was the colour of the sun almost golden, his eyes like topaz. He had never encountered a being like this….two arms, two hands, ten fingers from somewhere north Phranx. So much the same and yet so different…..but gold is always gold.

Shoram, the seasoned merchant, was rich, everything without spare was the best. This mysterious blue eye had taken all his pepper and made him at least ten times richer. It took all of Shoram’s years of trading, dealing and haggling not to get up and kiss the man on both cheeks. If he could get up.

A hint of a smile appeared on his lips. No more travelling, no more trading. Why bother? The journey home was a ten day south, he would buy the town build himself a palace.

The heat of the day clamped down around his girth, beads of sweat bursting in between the jowls and folds of his fat on his neck and the depression that was now his chin. His loose silk gown now clung to him and caught in the folds of fat under his breasts. Where was that bell?

He looked around for the bell that would call the slave. On a table less than a meter away he reached and rolled like a giant slug he inched towards it, even the effort of such little movement making him gasp for breath. He reached further and further fingers clawing for the handle of the bell. Almost, almost. He made a grab but only managed to knock it too the ground.

Idrallo his chief guard entered the tent, followed by Keshuka and Quatcha, the three of them were a a barely contained cocktail of aggression, testosterone and shear wilfull destruction. These men from the steppe loomed over him, a hulking menace.

“Sire” said Idrallo “let me help you”

He picked up the bell and with the gentlest of movements offered it to Shoram. Shoram picked it out of Idrallo’s massive palm.

“What need for all three of you?” said Shoram eyeing the immense sword calloused hand of Idrallo.

“Sire, we see how the blue eye trades, would we not be your guard if we were not to expect treachery from everyone? This is the last of the Blue Eye’s gold and we heard the..” he motioned to the bell in Shoram’s pudgy hand “and forgive us but we thought the worst.”

“Not to worry Idrallo, you may go please send in Azmooth, I am warm and need cooling”

The three massive men turned and with a grace deceptive of the sheer size and mass of these superbly hewed fighting machines floated out of his tent.

Again the hint of a smile played about his thick swine like lips. These barbarians of the horse tribes, have only brains for fighting and war and yet I buy them and cover them in finery, show them some gold and they are mine! To unleash upon my enemies and the world if I so have too. Idrallo and his company hang on my every word, for seven years now they had served him. Helping him trade not just with gold but with a ferocity only matched by the fires of hell. He lost count of the number of times they had saved his life now. Lucky for the blue eye, they had other skills that had helped Shoram many times before, how else would they know that this was the last of the Blue Eye’s gold?

Azmooth the chief servant entered.

“Ah my old friend, we are done, let us be packed its go home, send in the new pale skin girl to cool me”

The servant bowed his head and left.

Ten camels led by ten drivers carried the gold, everybody else was pulled by ox and cart, Idrallo and his men travelled on the short stocky horses of the Steppe. This was the homeward jag, elation of seeing their home again could not be contained even the servants were happy, the music mirth and merriment infused everyone except Idrallo and his free company.

On the second night the travelling stopped.

“Idrolla” Shoram asked “Why have you stopped us in this place – out of the way circled by cliffs on all sides, this place is so desolate!”

Idrolla turned to Shoram and eyed him with the stored up contempt of seven long hard patient years. Seven long years waiting for the right time to strip this fat, lurching vile excuse of a man of his wealth. The blue eye’s gold had changed the plan somewhat. This was the first time anybody except for the company had seen this place.

Seeing the look on Idrolla’s face a feint prick of fear scratched at Shoram’s senses.


Then there were two others in the tent Keshuka and Quatcha, moving with a speed that was almost magical these to superbly hughed fighting machines pinned Shoram to his bed of finest silk.

Now Shoram’s world moved painfully slowly, like honey.

He saw Idrolla draw his sword. Not the finely crafted jewel encrusted talwar he had given him, but the huge bastard broadsword the barbarians of the Steppe used in battle.

Strange unnerving sounds filtered in from outside.

He saw Idrolla raise the sword high.

He saw the sword come down

He saw the roof of his tent

He saw the curly towed jewelled slippers under his bed

He saw the feet of his killers

He saw nothing.

Idrolla wiped the blood off his sword, it was good to feel its weight in his hands. It had been a long time. Seven years

“Idrolla, remember when we sized him up two days ago?”


“Well I told you it wouldn’t take all three of us to kill him, he was a slug, couldn’t barely walk”

“True, but this sword has been buried here for seven years, I had to be sure”

Idrolla and his generals surveyed the small enclave, what was left of Shoram’s household was a mangled bloodied mess of bone and flesh. The company had been waiting seven years and now they had enough gold to by a kingdom.

“The gold is buried?”

“Yes Idrolla, but why? We are rich. What plans have you?” What did you speak with the Blue Eye?”

“He and his troupe are waiting for us three days north”

“But we don’t need to go back into service! Not with all this gold!”

“Don’t worry boys we will be back in 6 days, the Blue Eye has so much gold we will buy ourselves an empire!”

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