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Flores a mi asesino

«Con una sonrisa de tus labios, mi alma podría salvarse. Lamentablemente, el destino te dio el papel de ser mi verdugo.» 12 historias de amor trágico. Desde hijos abandonad... Drama COMECE A LER

White Eyes

The last time Garol Pereira died, he was a hitman for God. But he didn't know it. Now he is back among mortals in the form of a priest. He doesn't like it. But it is better than being dead. Somet... Horror COMECE A LER

The Statement of Randolph Carter

"The Statement of Randolph Carter" is a short story by H. P. Lovecraft. Written in December 1919, it was first published in The Vagrant, May 1920. It tells of a traumatic event in the life of Rando... Horror COMECE A LER


From Japan to Sweden, from Tokyo to Gothenburg. One month in an alien world. Four weeks to fall in love. A Transition and Restart Sideshow. Conto COMECE A LER

The Colour Out of Space by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

"The Colour Out of Space" is a first-person narrative written from the perspective of an unnamed surveyor from Boston. In order to prepare for the construction of a new reservoir in Massachusetts, ... Horror COMECE A LER

Transition and Restart, book one: Arrivals

Ulf Hammargren transits from one world to another, from Sweden to Japan and from the peak of his career to his high school body. He must rebuild his life and live with memories that never were... Ficção adolescente COMECE A LER

Transition and Restart, book two: The Billion Dollar Empress

The billion dollar empress is back in town. Without her empire, and most definitely without a billion dollars. After her transition and arrival in a world where she was never born fifty years ea... Ficção adolescente COMECE A LER

Transition and Restart, book three: Wingman Blues

Every great hero needs a wingman. A loyal friend, someone to have your back and a voice of reason. Matsumoto Yukio is one such loyal friend, and so is Takeida Kyoko. They stay in the shadows of a ... Ficção adolescente COMECE A LER

The Crawling Chaos by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

The Crawling Chaos was written in the year 1921 by Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Horror COMECE A LER

A Comedy In Rubber

This short story narrates the love story between two rubbers, people who go to accident sites in New York City. After meeting in an accident, William Pry falls in love with Violet Seymour they part... Conto COMECE A LER

The White Ship by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

A lighthouse keeper named Basil Elton engages upon a peculiar fantasy in which a bearded man piloting a mystical white ship is found sailing upon a bridge of moonlight. Elton joins the bearded man ... Horror COMECE A LER

The Tomb by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

"The Tomb" tells of Jervas Dudley, a self-confessed day-dreamer. While still a child, he discovers the entrance to a mausoleum, belonging to the family Hyde, whose nearby family mansion had burnt d... Horror COMECE A LER

Pasillo 13

A un supermercado acude mucha gente, gente que ni de lejos sospecharía de los horrores y la negatividad que encierra uno en específico. Los trabajadores del establecimiento tendrán que enfrentarse... Horror COMECE A LER

The Cats of Ulthar by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

"The Cats of Ulthar" is a short story written by H.P. Lovecraft in June 1920. In the tale, an unnamed narrator relates the story of how a law forbidding the killing of cats came to be in a town cal... Conto COMECE A LER

Medusa's Coil by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

"Medusa's Coil" is a short story by H. P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop. It was first published in Weird Tales magazine in January 1939, two years after Lovecraft's death. Horror COMECE A LER

Love Story by Irving Cox

Everything was aimed at satisfying the whims of women. The popular cliches, the pretty romances, the catchwords of advertising became realities; and the compound kept the men enslaved. George knew ... Ficção científica COMECE A LER

White Nights

By Fyodor Dostoyevsky. "White Nights" is told in first person by a nameless narrator; the narrator is living in Saint Petersburg and suffers from loneliness. He gets to know and falls in love with... Romance COMECE A LER


Nos gusta resolver misterios. Te animas a seguirnos. Mistério COMECE A LER

Love Among the Haystacks by David Herbert Lawrence

Love Among the Haystacks is the story of two brothers, the tensions between them and the emotional fulfilment each finds one summer night after the Nottingham harvest. Romance COMECE A LER

Cada Pieza de Mi

Para Elizabeth, el amor que sentía por Daniel era tan hermoso, indescriptible. A veces, hasta lo más hermoso puede causarnos un dolor inimaginable. Romance COMECE A LER

Un intruso entre mis teclas

Luis J. Sáenz es un escritor novato que recién ha publicado su primer libro y está en vías de publicar el segundo, esto gracias a que en su camino se cruzó Sara Zavala (su editora) quien se interes... Romance COMECE A LER

For a cup of milk

A True story of my life... Não-ficção COMECE A LER

Love Or Lust

She is innocent,angelic and pure,an ordinary highschool girl with cheerful and adventurous nature. He is dangerous,unsympathetic and cold,the rightful heir to Empire group,world biggest share holdi... Romance COMECE A LER

A Journey to Adafus

An elder poet living out the rest of his days in his village goes in a flurry when a strange letter comes into his possession. Upon reading its contents he immediately sets out of his village to th... Aventura COMECE A LER

El Amor Viaja En Ferrari

Lincoln Marz es un chico de 18 años, lleno de dinero por millones debido a su invención más reciente. Zara, es una inteligencia artificial creada por Lincoln, totalmente razonable, sentimental, ló... Drama COMECE A LER

Oh God, Why it happened?

Love comes in all forms. It not only exists between the Wife & Husband or the Lovers, but also thrives to blossom among family and friends. Actually, you don't realize the love for your family, fr... Drama COMECE A LER

Once again

Can you really hate someone without loving them? Emma Sommer lives her life fully. Coming from a dark past, she doesn’t take anything for granted. She even questions the love people have for her. W... Romance COMECE A LER


A story of misguided love. Conto COMECE A LER

Kidnapped by the Hot Beast

(Full story on Wattpad)"I-I'm sorry", I whispered. "How can I know that you're sorry", he said placing his hand over my thigh. The sadistic smirk displaying over his lips. I could feel the heat... Erótico COMECE A LER

Mi Desventurada vida maravillosa

Una serie de sucesos lamentable que me llevaron a conocer la vida más maravillosa que alguien pueda tener. Auto Ajuda COMECE A LER

Lost... But Not Alone

After meeting a most powerful man with the ability to return lost memories, I played my part and he returned precious past memories to me that had been suppressed. As my life changes from the past ... Erótico COMECE A LER

Winter Toes: No Love

Taylor will pull you into her world where she doesn't even believe love can fit. She believes the world revolves around the pain that love brings and she wants no part of it. However, getting... Romance COMECE A LER

El baile

Tres chicos, tres chicas y un solo baile. ¿Creéis en el amor verdadero? si, ese amor que nunca vas buscando, te llega. Un amor natural sin sentimientos forzados, simplemente un chico y una chica s... Romance COMECE A LER

Сочные истории

Забавные истории о приключениях Арбузика Бузи и апельсинчика Соченя, загадки, веселые задания,для детей и их родителей Рекомендована для билингвов Книга предназначена для самых маленьких читателей ... Infância COMECE A LER


An unembelished expression of missing. Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash Poesia COMECE A LER

LOVE ........... JUST LOVE

LOVE is the most painful feeling for the heart, yet it is the sweetest thing to happen to the heart. Every story is filled with emotions. Every story has that essence of light humour that though ... Romance COMECE A LER

Down Together

Kitty and Paige fall in love. Romance COMECE A LER

To Feel

They say it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. This short account tells otherwise. Conto COMECE A LER

A veces, ella

A veces me la imagino. Imagino cómo luce, cómo camina. Me imagino su perfume. Imagino que huele a vainilla, muy dulce, pero sin empalagar. Conto COMECE A LER

Thieves' Race

A young thief thinks there's nothing more to life than proving his love for a girl who doesn't seem to feel the same. All that changes, however, when he journeys to purgatory and starts a war. All ... Fantasia COMECE A LER

Мой падший ангел



Dedicated to Adriana. Poesia COMECE A LER

Somewhere in Between

A short poem on melancholy and solace felt after great experiences. Poesia COMECE A LER

High Tides

The regretful acceptance of a love that is a bad idea... Poesia COMECE A LER

Suns and Moons

The wonder of unexpected love. Poesia COMECE A LER


The hint of vulnerability, a call for trust. Poesia COMECE A LER


Восход. Что это слово значит для вас? Восход- это начало нового дня, начало новой жизни. Натали девушка которая вышла из подросткового возраста, но еще не вошла во взрослую жизнь. У нее есть о... Romance COMECE A LER

To Love a Flower

Culture, normality, decisions, and fate all collide in this epic surrealist fantasy. The story is all about what influences certain life choices, how we have options, and how our fates rely upon ho... Conto COMECE A LER


Siempre ignorante, siempre deseoso. Muy pocas veces satisfecho. Kaled es el infinito. Fantasia COMECE A LER

How To Raise The Dead

A young witch sets about bringing back her lost love. Conto COMECE A LER

Yo soy

En el momento en que decides SER, la vida también es... Auto Ajuda COMECE A LER

Solo una

Sin poder entender como he acabado entre la espada y la pared, ahora no se hacia donde inclinarme Poesia COMECE A LER

9000 metros de altura

Mientras estamos sobre las nubes, las ideas se pasan volando. Poesia COMECE A LER

Simplemente Suya

"Simplemente Suya" es la historia de dos personas, dos mujeres que se atrevieron a enamorarse, a pesar que la época les decía que no debían. Debbie y Simone se ven envueltas no solo en una é... Romance COMECE A LER